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VIP: If you order this book OUTSIDE of the United States there is no tracking number. Unless you order multiple books the cost of tracking is extremely high. Please order via Amazon OR know I cannot be held responsible for non-delivery. I do not take orders from India at all.  


NOTE: Prices are all in Canadian dollars. The Amulet Kit that is needed to work the ritual in this book and its magic are included in the cost.


Frater Malak AKA Geof Gray Cobb. Slightly re-edited. Re-published by his daughter VcToria Gray-Cobb. 


This book was published in 1980. VcToria has all the rights to her late Fathers' work. Due to the high demand and asking to re-publish this book she has done so. You may now buy this book at a price that is not off the charts, just because it is out of print. No longer is it 'out of print'. 


I have kept 99% of the book exactly as my dad wrote it. What I have done is taken out all the excerpts and just left all the magic that one will attain from following the instructions for the Spells and Rituals.


Lastly, I have added one positive spell of my own at the back of the book. Autographed with a small message from myself. Plus one photo of my Father working his magic at the altar.


If you wish to have help with the spells or rituals you may go back on the web store and order the help. See Spells and Rituals. 


BOOK: The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals by Frater Malak

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