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Package Four - Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, The Mind, Body, Soul Read plus your Astrological Chart with transits: $275.00 plus GST
(with Personal Clearing $300.00 plus GST)

Do NOT text or email please. Call directly. 780-481-7238

VcToria does not do her reads by time. She allows you to listen to the read, understand it, and process, it as she talks. She starts with the ‘intuitive’ Tarot cards and allows messages to come in. These messages come as she merges her energy with yours. You will be asked to hold a clear quartz crystal in your hand.

This collects your energy and allows it to flow to VcToria’s crystals, as she taps into the flow of the read. You will then be asked to shuffle and think of your questions.

As you place the cards down, VcToria will pick them up and interpret what your energy and hers have chosen to have you hear. These predictions usually cover anything from love life, work, family, money, and advice plus more.

Upon completion of the Tarot, she will erect the Numerology Chart. From this, your ‘factual’ read is attained. Who are you? What type of Life Path ‘should’ you be on? How ‘should’ you express this? What type of personality do you have? What is your true Heart's Desire? As you age and step into maturity, will you change? Are you an Old Soul? What ‘can’ you accomplish in your time frame, that we call Life? What Personal Year are you in? What goals should you set this year? Is your significant other your Soul Mate?

Listen, as VcToria takes the birth date and birth certificate name, translates this to your own personal chart and advises you to be the best that you can be. 


VcToria then moves on to palmistry. She reads both hands. The left hand represents the Life that is mapped out for you. The right-hand shows how you are traveling on this map. Let her look at the depth of the lines. This will tell her a lot about your mind. How long is your life? How many children? How many marriages? Health? What ages will you be, as the changes take place? How much travel will you encounter? What type of emotions do you have? How creative are you? Will you be self-employed? The hands tell much about you, and as VcToria translates this to you, you can be assured you will be able to understand the Path of Life that awaits you.


Once you arrive and are settled into the reading room your Aura is recorded.  After your Tarot, Numerology and Palmistry are done this will be explained to you. All of us have an Aura. The word Aura refers to the energy field around the body.  We create it ourselves by how we think, feel, and act. Hence the title of the read, Mind, Body, and Soul. VcToria will place your left hand upon a biodata feedback machine. The machine will measure the energy field of your organs that are all connected to the reflex points of the hand. The left hand is the energy of the subconscious side. From this, we see the full body Aura. To create the Aura, we have seven vital energy points in the body, referred to as “Chakras.” With the percentage points of these chakras, VcToria explains to you how to change them if needed. She then prints out your Full Body Aura photo.

If you have any spirit guides, she points them out to you, so that you can acknowledge them.


This machine is medically accepted in Europe, but not in Canada. As VcToria is not a medical practitioner she is not allowed and does not try to diagnose you. What she tells you is the translation of the colors and how they apply to you in a Mind, Body, and Soul connection. For a picture and more translation on the machine please click here > Aura


As the read nears to a close, she takes your hands in hers and connects to your guides only. This allows her to bring in a brief channeled message sent to you, and only you. Listen and Learn.


If, by any chance, she has not answered any of the questions you 'thought' about, you may then ask them at the end. Most people have had them all answered within the readings.

All reads are recorded and downloaded to a CD for you to take home with you. Or you may request an MP3 recording that would be emailed to you after the reading. The duration of the complete read is 30 to 50 minutes. Some people have more to hear than others.


To reserve: Do NOT text or email please. Call directly. 780-481-7238 Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


PERSONAL CLEARINGS: VcToria offers a personal clearing after your reading. This clearing is done fully clothed laying on a massage table. VcToria will open up your chakra's using her Tibetan bell. She will then activate her Reiki knowledge and ask your guides to be present. As she clears the energy she asks for your healing gifts. Once that is completed she then smudges the aura with sage to make sure no negative energy is left. She will then align your chakras and leave you to rest for as long as you like.  The duration of a personal cleanse is 10-15 minutes. Only available in conjunction with a reading. Additional $25.00 cost

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