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House Party Information

Minimum 6 guests Maximum 15: If you have more I will bring another psychic with me.


Cost: $45 per person and that includes the read being recorded to an MP3 file and emailed to you to download. Or you may choose an SD card that is directly recorded upon and you take it home. 

More than 60 km from Edmonton? $50 per guest.


Types of Reads: VcToria offers Tarot Cards, Palmistry or Numerology.


Duration: Guests choose ONE type of reading. The time for this read is roughly 10-15 minutes long. Prior to beginning the reads I do a small introduction talk, handing out a pamphlet with information and what to expect from each read. 


Instructions for Host:  I read each of your guests privately therefore I do need a private room with 2 chairs and a table with a door that closes. If you are paying for the guests I do not mention the cost while introducing myself and explaining the reads. Otherwise, I do mention the cost to the guests. I carry a portable merchant machine so everyone may pay via Debit, M/C, Visa, Amex, Discover, and of course cash.


To Book: 780-481-7238 Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

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