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Psychic Reads With VcToria 780-481-7238
Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Meet VcToria
Me in 2023 working away :)

Want to study my late Father's works? Beginners Tarot OR Neophyte Magic? Click here>Geof Gray Cobbs 50 Year Old Manuals. 


In 2022 I taught Neophyte in the Spring [beginners Magic] and Novice in the Fall. Students were initiated into The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo.


I I also taught Beginners Tarot and certified all students who did the private test.


In the Fall of 2022, I did an 11-week course on numerology. My favorite subject. 

UPDATING:  As I follow Numerology and the proper times to incorporate life, I have chosen to sit back, and when I retire from the shows set up classes. That will be in 2028. :) Please sign up for my Newsletters to keep up to date. 

VcToria was born in London, England in 1953. Her Sun sign is Aries [1st house] Pisces Rising, Moon in Pisces [1st house] Mercury in Pisces [1st house] Venus Retrograde in Aries [1st house] Mars in Taurus [2nd house] Jupiter [2nd house] Uranus in Cancer [4th house] Pluto Retrograde in Leo [6th house] Saturn Retrograde in Libra [7th house] Neptune Retrograde in Libra [7th house] Nodes in Aquarius [12th house] and Chiron in Capricorn [11th house]


Having grown up in a household of believers that used energy to create life, it was not unusual for VcToria to eventually follow into this lifestyle. VcToria’s Father, Geof Gray-Cobb [deceased May 12th, 2009] made his claim to fame with the TV show Beyond Reason back in the late ’70s. You may Google this show and still see him doing his best work. Both Mother and Father owned The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo and taught many students the inner workings of life.


Geof Gray Cobb designed three powerful works and at the time he put them on cassettes. 'Journeys of The Mind' is a meditation and relaxation work of art. 'Attracting Money and All It can Buy': a tremendous work of art that allows money to flow to you. Lastly, a very powerful draft of words the 'Psychic Energy Remover' that pulls in the Angels to protect, and the guides to clear all negativity in your home. Today, as VcToria has all the rights to his works, these cassettes were put onto CDs and MP3 files with no changes. You may purchase these on the website.  Click on this link  Website Store


Due to so many requests, I have re-published all of my Dad's books that were written 45-50 years ago.

The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals by Frater Malak AKA Geof Gray-Cobb is now ready to be ordered. I have re-edited the books slightly, however keeping all his original work intact.  I have added a special spell in the back, PLUS inserted a wonderful photo of my Dad doing his own white Magic. To order  Order for The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals OR you may buy it from Amazon.


NAP: The Miracle of New Avatar Power by Geof Gray-Cobb is up for sale now plus Helping Yourself with Acupineology. Secrets From Beyond the Pyramids has also been re-released. His 5th book Amazing Secrets of New Avatar the follow-up to NAP was released in January 2020. All books come autographed with a genuine autograph from my late father, PLUS a small channeled message and autograph from myself IF you purchase directly from my web store. 

All the books are available on Amazon in paperback plus Kindle. 


MY LAST BOOK: The Encyclopedia of Fifty Year Old Magic by Geof Gray-Cobb, Maiya Gray-Cobb, and VcToria Gray-Cobb was released in April 2020. VcToria took the best of the best from her late mother's and late father's books, PLUS her take on life, and created this book. She also designed Angel cards to allow you to enhance the energy of your own work. PLUS your own seven Angels that come from your date of birth, day, time, and date are shown to you. To order click here

The Encyclopedia of Fifty Year Old Magic by Geof Gray-Cobb Maiya Gray-Cobb and VcToria Gray-Cobb


My mother was an astrologer and while my Father was on Beyond Reason she developed the astrological charts for him. Back then there were no computers and charts were done in an old-fashioned way. It took ten to twelve hours just to erect the chart let alone interpret it. Today, with the coding of computers we are fortunate to be able to just enter data and have the chart in front of us. Before my Mother passed on April 15th, 2012 she had four books published herself. It was her dream to have a book published before she left this physical world. Interestingly enough she wrote all her life but it was only after my Father passed that her books were published. Maybe he helped her accomplish this dream from Beyond.


VcToria's memoir, Then Now and Forever was released on April 22nd, 2018. Falling in love with a bank robber at the age of 21 changed much of her life. At the age of 64, she chose to write a memoir. 

To order an AUTOGRAPHED copy, with a small message from VcToria, you may do so from this website on the store. Click Here Then Now and Forever Book Order


This book left readers in suspense in the final chapter. It was revised in 2020 with the final chapter added and the cover changed. VcToria also reverted to her full VcToria Gray-Cobb. To order the revised book Click Here > Then Now and Forever Book Order

Also available on Amazon and e-book. No autograph or channeled message with an Amazon order. 


With all of VcToria’s background, it was no wonder that she would eventually come to the point in time where spirituality showed her the path to peace, tranquility, and success.


In 1966 VcToria and her family arrived in Montreal, Quebec. Her parents moved from there in 1973 to British Columbia, Canada. VcToria chose to stay. In 1998 she decided that life was leading her elsewhere and packed up her 3 beautiful Siamese cats, her box of tarot cards and books, and her clothes, and drove across Canada to land in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This is where she lives today.


VcToria is a Reiki/Master/Teacher. She has taught Reiki, Tarot, Numerology, Tea Cup, Raw foods, and many other aspects of the inner spiritual journey. Today she no longer arranges classes as she enjoys the slow down of time. Today she does private readings at her home office,  does many local shows during the summer, and travels to towns in Alberta where a lot of her client base lives. If you are thinking of booking a reading with her please click here for information  Info and Prices of All Readings


VcToria realizes that some people cannot afford her private readings. Therefore if you wait till the local shows appear she is always there offering mini-reads. She does not do full in-depth reads at shows, nor does she do mini reads at home. Shows= mini reads. Office= In-depth full reads. 

When you meet VcToria you will understand that she has a deep passion for her work. She believes that Numerology is the key to the balance of energy one needs to find to bring the magnet of life to you. She believes that by keeping the body healthy you feel the energy of life. Therefore she is vegan and mostly into raw foods. By feeding the body pure foods you find the essence of life, your inner psychic self.

VcToria believes that change is growth, so she is always changing some parts of her life. Since her life is her beliefs, her business and life are one. She finds passion in waking up and an even bigger passion for her 18-year-old Siamese cat named China. 


VcToria writes a monthly Newsletter and has done so since 1999 when she designed her website and put it on the internet. Many stories are told about her last cat China and her passion for her work in the Newsletter.  Read about the monthly planets and where they sit, try a vegan recipe, read her Spiritual Advice column and so much more. VcToria works on the Newsletter all month so that readers will find some, or all of it interesting and informative for themselves. If you would like to read the current Newsletter click on this link > The Alternative Universe July 2024 Newsletter

Positive Thoughts to Everyone and may life be as you wish it to be, VcToria.

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