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VcToria, who is the daughter of the late Geof Gray Cobb AKA Frater Malek is now offering to do the spells from his book The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals. 


Many people find that they do not have the time OR would simple like some more strengh added in performing these. 


If you would like this performed for you please order it. Please know that many of his spells ask that they are done on a Full Moon and other perfect times that line up with the comos energy. Therefore I will notify you by the e-mail you provide, as to the time I have chosen to do it. You may at that time also perform your end or just allow me to take care of it.


In the additional instructions you have been asked what type of spell you wish to create. This can be from my Fathers book, and if it is please supply the page number and title of the spell. If not, please know I will choose one for you and do the work.


Please note this is for SPELLS only not Rituals. Rituals will be listed in another section. 

Geof Gray Cobb's AKA Frater Malek - Spells done for you

  • What spell is it you require done? Please give me the page number and title from the book The Mystic Grimoire OR if you just have something you want manifested tell me and I will choose for you

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