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Please do not mistake spells for rituals. Rituals are the ultimate in Magic. My late Fathers book The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals has 27 powerful Rituals. Note that the number 27 adds to the number 9. In Numerology this is considered to be the 'number of completion' hence the power in this number.


Rituals are longer and more complex than spells to create and work their magic. Sometimes this involves fasting for several hours. You need the  four amulets for Rituals and these come with his book. You may order the Amulets from my website if you have the book. You need magical oil made from grapes, you need  a psychic cloak. You need to build an altar. You need candles and incense. All of this I own and use to work your Rituals.  


If you do not have the time, I will fast for you, I will find the EXACT time that is recommended to do this. You may join me with the Ritual at the time I supply to enhance the strength, or just leave it in my experienced hands.

Geof Gray Cobb's AKA Frater Malak Rituals - done for you

  • What Ritual is it you require done? Please give me the page number and title from the book The Mystic Grimoire OR if you just ave something you want manifested tell me and I will choose for you.

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