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Personal Year One/Season One


This is a wonderful year to enter. It gives you the freedom to think about how you would like life to flow and what memories you would like to create. All of life is memories so make them positive and powerful.


I liken the energy of the One season to being offered a patch of organic, perfectly prepared soil in which I am told that if I wish to eat I need to seed.  I am then led to a cupboard that is filled with every seed known to man.  ‘Choose’ says the season ‘that of which you wish to plant and eat later.’  My eyes fill with joy and my mindsets about planning. Should I be lazy and do this later? Should I get on with it and just plant what I know is simple and easy to grow? Should I plant it all and then know that I would not only have a great harvest but could share and exchange and eat well and feel good. You choose.

Now the seeding that we as humans will do with these seasons is the same, but with a different setting. You need a diary. Preferable one with lines but not dates, as some days you may write more than other days. Sit quietly on January 1st or as close to the New Year as you can get and think carefully. What brings you joy in life? What do you still wish to accomplish?  You are seeding your desires for a 9-year outcome.

I suggest you make headings. IE: Business, Home, Relationships, Schooling, Spirituality, and any other headings you wish to add. Under these headings add the successes you wish to have enjoyed, accomplished, have grown, or any other word you need to describe the memories of these thoughts and accomplishments in nine years’ time.  Keep in mind that what you do with this year will eventually be your Harvest. [Season Eight]


This diary is your own organic garden. You are now ‘seeding’. Know that as in all seeds, not all grow. So plant away. Plant what you wish to have life bring you.  You have all year to seed into the diary. As ideas come along, write them down under the correct heading.  As the year ends review the diary as you will not be seeding at the correct time if you add after this year is over.


Season One is a very high-energy year. Tough for many as they wish to see growth. Have patience with this year. If you plant a tomato seed you do not expect to see tomatoes on the plant the next day.  So it will be with your own seedlings.  Your writings in the diary. They need time to immerse themselves in growth. You now will need to nurture and help them along. Meditate on the seeding of your life. See Season Two for the next steps of your seeding.


In life, we can do anything we choose to do. However, if you seed at the correct time, just like seeding in your garden the seeds of your personal life will grow properly. Most people do not seed at the correct time and that is why most find the stress of life overbearing and create their own emotions to make them think life is hard. Life is wonderful if you follow the plan. The plan is there if you accept that it is. I can assure you that the map of life and the wonders of the Universe are all mapped out. Enjoy your seeding.


Added Notes: In reference to paragraph two above, if you choose not to seed then do not expect a wonderful harvest. If you choose to only add a few quick thoughts then a meager harvest it will be. See this year as a gift as you will not see this energy opportunity for nine more years. Give this a shot, trust me it works. I use it for growth and peace and anyone who knows me knows I have all I need and desire. I received this by seeding in my correct season.


You may do anything at any time in life, but when you do it under the correct season/energy it is always successful. I know as I follow my seasons in their correct sequence. To me, a life of peace, happiness, spirituality, good health, and comfort with the material is a success. You may think success is something else and that is your right, but know whatever it is, you need to wake up wanting to get up. If not, change your life.  

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