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VcToria offers Reiki treatments with clearing. Approx. time 1 hour 15 minutes. One hour is spent on the healing of Reiki and the last 10-15 minutes on the personal clearing with smudging and setting the desires. Cost: $100 plus GST.


VcToria believes that before taking a Reiki class to learn this wonderful modality, you should experience it. You may also book this session just for healing and balance.



VcToria taught classes from 2001 to 2012. Then she decided to take a break from teaching Reiki. At this time she only offers private classes or if you have a group that wishes to learn she will travel to your city. Please call directly if you wish to reserve a group class. 780-481-7238

VcToria is certified to teach both the Western-style Usui Reiki and the Japanese-style Komyo Reiki.  She has been certified here in Canada in 2001 in the Usui method and also by Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto, a Japanese Buddhist Monk in 2007 in the Komyo Reiki.

She uses the western Usui Reiki method to teach and certify her students in classes. 

Reiki is the laying of one's hands upon a person's body, allowing the practitioner to connect into a healing system that is the birthright of everyone.


Mikao Usui revived the interest in Reiki in the 1800s. It is well known that he was a headmaster and bible teacher of an all-boys school. At some point in his teachings, the boys requested to be shown the method by which Jesus did his healing. So began Usui's 10-year quest to find and learn this skill.


Usui turned to Buddhism. Here Buddhist Monks told him that the ancient spiritual healing methods had been lost, and the only way to approach them was by entering the Buddhist teachings  'Path to Enlightenment'. He then left and headed for seven years into the U.S.A. Here he learned to read Sanskrit, the ancient language of India and Tibet; still, he found no answers to his search for healing. As he traveled, he was advised to fast. He was told the body connects to what you are looking for when the subconscious can speak with you. This cannot be done unless the body is silent. He then found refuge on top of a mountain and fasted for ten days. Here he was said to have fallen unconscious and been shown symbols and meanings of which, upon regaining consciousness, he recalled. Heading down the mountain, he stubbed his toe and as he reached down, and held it in his hands, the toe healed. He then knew he had found what he had been searching for. He headed out into the world to heal.


His fame grew as he moved around Japan and helped many. We know that Chujiro Hayashi received his initiation as a master at the age of 47 years, from Mikao Usui. By 1926, when the death of Mikao Usui occurred, he had initiated 16-18 Reiki Masters. By May 10, 1941, when the death of Chujiro Hayashi occurred, he had initiated another 13-16 Reiki Masters, including the first woman, his wife Chie Hayashi, and Hawayo Takata. Between 1970 and 1980, Hawayo Takata had initiated 22 Reiki Masters. Since then Reiki has been a western form of healing. It has spread rapidly and is now being hailed as the future way of healing.  It is the rediscovery of how to use one's energy in a balanced and natural way, the way the Universe intended.

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