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What is Numerology?
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The biggest misunderstanding with Numerology is that it is NOT what you are doing. It's a guide based on the hidden coded map of your birth date and birth certificate name.

A true numerologist will be able to take this information and break it into a series of numbers.

The meanings of these numbers and where they relate to in the Numerology chart will allow the numerologist to show you what you SHOULD be doing.

The numerology chart is NOT a psychic read. Once the secret hidden coded map is connected and translated, it is a map that allows you to follow the life that you chose, before allowing your soul to enter into the physical body.

Numerology is based upon a mathematical formula that allows me to read you. Upon getting your birth date and birth certificate name, I will break this into many segments. From this, I will be able to tell you what your life is supposed to be, not necessarily what you are doing. If you are looking for guidance in  'What should I be doing in my Life?' then this read is for you. I will show you what your career of choice should be. How you could express your Strengths. What are the Strengths? What type of Personality do you have? How can you use it for your potential in life? What is your Hearts Desire? Who are you? How will you change as you grow older? What is the Personal Year you are in? Want to check it? Just click here  Your Personal Year or call me, and we will do the chart together. What are your Challenges? Lastly, is your Mate/Husband/Significant Other, your 'true' Soul Mate'?  


Pythagorean Numerology dates back to 529 B.C.E.; the belief behind the number series is the basis from which God created the Universe. Many Greek symbols relate to numbers and almost any word in Greek can be calculated into a number, thus connecting the word to the number.


Numbers have power all on their own. The number 9 is one of the most powerful. Try this: Add any number to 9. IE: 9+7=16. Number crunch it to one digit. IE:1+6=7  It will always be the number you added. Multiply any number by 9, IE: 9 X 9=81, and when the answer is number crunched back to a single digit, it will always be 9.  8+1=9.  You can clearly see the power of 9. Referred to as the 'wrap it up number' as you cannot go higher.


There are many books on Numerology, and just like Astrology, not all will be the same. Use what you are comfortable with.


If you would like a Numerology Chart done for you, please e-mail me at or you may call 780-481-7238. Please be very clear that you are choosing just to do a Numerology chart.


Cost: By telephone  $125+GST = $131.25 Can. You will need to know your birth date and correct birth certificate name. If you have a significant other, please have their correct birth date ready when you call. I will show you what your life is supposed to be. We will cover your Life Path number, Your Expression number, Your Hearts Desire Number, Your Personality number, Your Maturity Number, Your Personal Year number, and lastly the compatibility of your significant other. We then will discuss your 'Challenges' in life.


Cost: On an MP3 recorded and e-mailed $125.00+GST = $131.50 Canadian

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