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( with Personal Cleanse $300 plus GST)

Do NOT text or email please. Call directly. 780-481-7238
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This read is designed for the client who wishes to understand their own intuition or learn how to increase it. I will also tell you if you are at the enlightened point of energy to be able to take yourself into this profession. 


Once you book this reading please make a list of questions that you would like answers to. IE:

Why do I see number 11 all the time? IE: Why do I dream strongly? IE: Why do I hear things?

What VcToria will need for information before you arrive?


A} Your date of birth/time and location. Why? This will allow her to look at your astrology chart to see where the Moon lies and other planets that connect to the intuitive side. From this location, she can advise you on how to strengthen the 3rd eye. From your North Node, she will look at your Past Life to see if the intuitive areas started there, or actions closed this area. She will also be able to see if you have any Master Numbers in your Life Path from Numerology.


B} A credit card number to hold this read, knowing that a $50 fee will apply if you do not show up or cancel. Why? VcToria puts a lot of work into this read prior to your arrival.


What can you expect from this reading?

A} VcToria will sit down with you in the reading room and review your questions. She will then answer each and every one adding in her own advice.  Her findings from the Past Life and other information she has taken from your birth chart will enable her to add more clarification to your questions.


B} If you have a reoccurring dream please bring it along so we may dissect its meaning for you.


C} You will go home with 3 MP3 files. Relaxation and Meditation Journey to Awareness: Attracting Money and lastly a Psychic Energy Clearance to help with your psychic work. [ A $60 value included in the cost]


D} You will receive a personal clearing so that you leave with your chakras balanced and your aura strong.


E} Meditation is an important part of learning the 3rd eye abilities so VcToria will make sure you understand this.


F} This reading is approximately 1 to 2 hours long. Determining what you ask and what VcToria reads from your energy will determine what else the reading has in store for you. Many ask for a demonstration of how to read the Tarot cards: therefore VcToria will demonstrate using your energy for answers. 


G} If you feel that you are able to receive messages from the other side or do readings yourself and wish to ask VcToria's opinion of your abilities, you may practice on her and hear what she says. Please make sure you advise her of this when you book so she is prepared.

All reads are recorded and downloaded to a CD for you to take home with you. Or you may request an MP3 recording that would be emailed to you after the reading. The duration of the complete read is 30 to 50 minutes. Some people have more to hear than others.


This reading may be booked as many times as you like to increase your psychic ability and help you learn to live the life you are here to live. All of VcToria's readings are strictly confidential so please feel free to ask anything. VcToria believes there is no such thing as a question you feel you cannot ask.

To reserve: Do NOT text or email please. Call directly. 780-481-7238

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