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Personal Year Three/Season Three

By now, as you will find, the energy of the seasons goes back and forth as they approach each other. Just like the Universal seasons.  Keep in mind though, that each season begins on the calendar year of January and ends on the last day of December. The strongest point of the energy season is around your birthday.


As we enter into Season 3 it is called The Creative Year. I like to refer to it as the transplanting year. The seeds of your journal are now becoming highly effective. You are recognizing what is allowing itself to be created. Get cracking this year, as this year and the following one will wear you out if you apply the energy that is offered to your plans that are now on the table.


Remember Season Two and my example of chiropractor schooling? Well, this is the year that you start to feel the creating force of that. This would the year the baby was being born and you start to set your schedule up to incorporate the time needed and getting any funds [if you even find funds are now asked for] ready. Creating your life plans on a bigger scale.


Are you looking at getting engaged? The Personal/Season Three is the year to create this. Thinking of writing a book? Again, this is the creative year to do this. Thinking of buying land and building a house? This is the year to purchase and draw up those plans and get building. Want to open your own business? Now is the time to create the financial plans, marketing plan and move towards the idea. So many things in life are creative but always go back to the seeding diary. What plans are coming to fruition? Work on the creative side of them this year.


Does your diary have travel written it? This is the ABSOLUTE best year to do this in.  Take note of this in the nine-year cycle, as many folks travel yearly. Watch, when you look back in time you will say, ‘I had the best travel year in my Season 3. Why is this? 'Tis the season to travel! For those who do not travel a lot, or who have saved up for the big ‘I have been waiting all my life to do this trip’ make it in Season 3. Many meet parts of their soul groups while traveling this year.


High exciting energy this year. Sit quietly in the New Year and review your nine year life plan. Look at your writings from the two previous years. Focus on the creative areas and make a list if you like. You will not see this year for another nine years, so use it well.


I know many people have not started the Seasons and have not used the energy of Season One and Two. This does not mean you cannot begin now. Look to your life and start ‘creating’ this year.


Again, as I need to reiterate this, please note the two years [seasons 3 and 4] are profoundly powerful. They set you up to breeze through the last 5 years.  Make sure you find time to rest this year and do not forget the Universe hears the THANK YOU so do it a lot. Meditate daily, as the power of those words 'thank you' said aloud resonates back with the magnetic field you are building via the aura energy every day. 


You may do anything at any time in life, but when you do it under the correct season/energy it is always successful. I know as I follow my seasons in their correct sequence. To me a life of peace, happiness, spirituality, good health and comfort with the material is success. You may think success is something else and that is your right, but know whatever it is, you need to wake up wanting to get up. If not, change your life.


Have a FABULOUS time this year.

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