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Why do we find the lines on the hands so fascinating? Because they tell a story about our lives. The lines change all the time. The more you focus upon your map of life and go where the Universe wants you to go, the quicker the lines come and go.


LEFT HAND: The map of life. We look to this hand to show you who you are. What you can become, what the challenges are.


RIGHT HAND: We look to this hand to see if you are following the map that you have been presented with.


A good palmist will always read both hands, as one will tell you WHY and WHAT you are here to do, and the other will tell you if you are doing the correct path. Normally we start with the length of the fingers. Are they short, long, or the exact length of the palm? We measure from Mars negative to Mars positive. Then we measure the Saturn [middle] finger. If the Saturn finger is the same length, then you have the ability to use both creative actions and thought.

If the measurement is longer than the finger you have 'long' fingers, telling me that you need time to process information. You tend to lack spontaneity. You find it difficult to make quick decisions. Your challenge? You need to learn to process and act quicker.


If the measurement is shorter than the Saturn finger then you have short fingers. This tells me your actions override your thinking. You have a spontaneous nature. You respond promptly to tasks, challenges, and problems. You tend to be impulsive and impatient with detail and intolerant of ‘others’ slowness. You need to slow down and think about the implications of the action ‘before’ you act. Watch your speech as you tend to hurt other people's feelings.


All the lines in the hands tell a story from the Lifeline, Headline, Heartline, and Destiny line. From the mounts, you can see the actions happening. From the smaller lines, as they intersect with the main lines, you can see a pattern of movement.


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