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The Campo Santo website will cease to exist by August 2023. But with the links below you can still buy all of my late Fathers' [Geof Gray-Cobb] magic lessons that he taught in the early 1970s at his magic school The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo. Plus the Learn to Read Tarot Cards. I will not be doing any Zoom classes in this area until I stop doing my festivals and shows. You can keep up to date with all that I offer by signing up for my monthly newsletter. 

Beginners Magic classes: Neophyte and Novice as they were taught and written 50 years ago by Geof Gray-Cobb. All manuals can be bought at Information on Manuals 

Learn to Read Tarot Cards: >Information on Manuals  

In the early 1970s, The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo was created by Geof Gray Cobb and Maiya Gray Cobb. My parents. 

Meanwhile, enjoy this website and all that it offers.

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