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The Magic School is being designed and will then move to its own website. 

UPDATE: As of mid-April 2021 I have completed the Learn to Read Tarot Cards and it is being edited and uploaded to the web store on the new Campo Santo site.  It will be released with the Neophyte and Novice Magic School learnings so that a 'special' may take place. Expected released: Mid June 2021.

In the early 1970s, The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo was created by Geof Gray Cobb and Maiya Gray Cobb. My parents. 

I am now taking all their lessons from way back then and reestablishing the school.


I will be hosting classes in Learn To Read Tarot Cards. Beginners Magic and Novice Magic.  PLUS so much more. 

This is not an overnight task :) I am working on it now and then announcing the opening and how it will work. 

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