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The Magic School is being designed and will then move to its own website.  UPDATE: DONE and is live at


Beginners Magic classes: Neophyte and Novice as they were taught and written 50 years ago by Geof Gray-Cobb. All manuals can be bought at Information on Manuals or you may purchase them both with e SPECIAL that is being offered: >2 Course PDF Special Neophyte and Novice

Learn to Read Tarot Cards: >Information on Manuals  

Classes begin with Zoom January 2022. You must have the sessions from the manuals for these classes. >Learn to Read Tarot Work Book

In the early 1970s, The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo was created by Geof Gray Cobb and Maiya Gray Cobb. My parents. 

I am now taking all their lessons from way back then and reestablishing the school.

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