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Auras have always been seen by people. Especially young people. What is an aura? It is an electromagnetic field or human energy around us. The physical is seen as the body, and the spiritual is the aura. Each is a different vibration. As one becomes attuned, one recognizes the different energy frequencies. The term 'clairvoyant' refers to a person who can see this energy field.


All auras have color. The 7 colors of the rainbow are the universal colors. Anything non-man-made are colors that are found within the rainbow. The sky is blue, the sun is yellow, the grass is green, clay is red and orange. We see the world around us in color. It's how people relate. People who remember their dreams always say 'I dream in color'. This is normal. Black and white dreams bring messages. Animals can only see in black and white. This is why animals are known to be intuitive. Often I ask myself who is the more intelligent being!

Technology has advanced to the state of being able to read energy and transform that into a photograph. In 1921 Kirlian photography was invented. It proved beyond a doubt that we had something else other than our physical body.


Today we have a biofeedback imaging system. Developed and patented in Germany, we have at this point in time, 12 machines in Canada. I own one. Added Note: This comment was posted in 2001 and I am sure there are more than 12 now.


The concept of the machine is based upon the art of Ayurvedic medicine, the science of biofeedback, reflexology, kinesiology, and the language of the body and color. [vibration frequencies]


Through this machine, one can get a complete overview of their entire energy. I can detect organ vitality, which in turn gives me the capability to see and analyze how your thoughts and feelings affect your health.


The hand plate accommodates 3 hand sizes, each with marked segments and biofeedback energy sensors. Every sensor corresponds to a reflexology zone on the left palm. The sensor electrodes gather the biofeedback data which is then translated to the computer program. Every 0.2 seconds it measures all biofeedback parameters from the hands, reflex points, and projects the information onto the screen.


With this machine, I can do a Full Body Aura Picture or Half Body Aura Picture. Each organ resonates and emits a vibrational pulse which we know is part of our energy field. The software program translates the energy read from each reflex point into a color.

I have a diploma in the learning of color language. Over 1,200 colors are programmed revealing the exact frequency of the energy.

Above all else, this machine gives me the ability to see the exact percentage of your chakras. What are chakras? They are the 7 spinning wheels inside your body that govern an area that is represented by various organs. Each chakra correlates to one of the 7 universal colors. I am able to check for the consistency of energy flow by using this feature.


For this Mind/Body/Soul read, please contact me, VcToria, at 780-481-7238. This is an in-person read only in conjunction with the packages offered here Info and Prices of All Readings  

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