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Your Personal Years in Numerology or "your seasons" as I like to refer to them
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If you look at the Universe for clues to survival, you find that for billions of years the seasons of life have allowed everything on Earth to flow. Since we are non-man-made, we are a part of this 'flow'. If we choose to recognize that we too have 'seasons' and if we adhere to the rules of the seasons we find our own lives flowing along. This is of course your own choice. However, I have always walked the talk so to speak and all those who know me well know I use the 'personal seasons' to create an ebb and flow that brings me peace.


You may do anything at any time in life, but when you do it under the correct season/energy it is always successful. I know as I follow my seasons in their correct sequence. To me, a life of peace, happiness, spirituality, good health, and comfort with the material is a success. You may think success is something else and that is your right, but know whatever it is, you need to wake up wanting to get up. If not, change your life.

Technically the seasons are called Your Personal Years but I prefer to use 'seasons' as it's a word that is understood as 'change'


We live within our own seasons. Ours is 365 days. There are nine of them. So every nine years we move to restart the process of change. It's a calendar year, not a fiscal year. In Numerology, we learn this. Please remember that I use the Pythagorean method, which like Eastern and Western astrology, differs from other methods. Mine is the most commonly used. To find the season that you are going into is VERY SIMPLE.


Take your day of birth, [mine is a 12]. If it is a single digit, then put it in a column like you would to add a math calculation. If it is a double-digit, like mine, add it together 1 + 2 =3.


Now take the month [mine is a 4] and move that number under the first number you have put in the column. Again, if you have a double-digit number, add it to a single digit. Example: October is a 10: 1 + 0 =1.


Add the two numbers together. 3 + 4 =7


Now we are all entering 2024, which when added together is a 8.  We all add the 8 to the previous number that you obtained for yourself. I add my 7+8 =15. Then 1+5=6. My personal year is 6. Look below and click the link to read the season you are in.  Follow the advice and I can assure you life will provide what is here for you on your personal journey.


Personal Year One/Season One

Personal Year Two/Season Two

Personal Year Three/Season Three

Personal Year Four/Season Four

Personal Year Five/Season Five

Personal Year Six/Season Six 

Personal Year Seven/ Season Seven

Personal Year Eight/ Season Eight

Personal Year Nine/Season Nine

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