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Personal Year Two/Season Two


I hope that as you leave your Season One, your diary and seeding are complete. I hope that you looked to the future as you looked at the organic patch of soil.  I hope you planted well.

This season is called the Soul Mate year along with ‘you’ll see what the Universe has in store for you’. The seeds have now germinated and will start to poke their heads above the soil. Your seeds from your diary will now start to stir in life. However, much like the germination of the tomato seed, as it sticks its head above the soil it still needs to be tended to.  It’s not strong enough yet to be transplanted. As your growth is developing much of that is similar.  


It’s a quiet, meditative year with a feeling of pleasantry in the air. As one looks at the tomato seed break ground they think to themselves ‘oh look it's growing’. The same will apply here. Expect a big grin on your face as the year shows the development of your wants/needs/ideas and thoughts that are now words. Bring out the diary as the wants and ideas start to show themselves. Write about how you feel.

IE: An example would be. In your diary, you wrote that you wanted to be a chiropractor and be finished school and have a business running by the end of the nine-year seasons/cycle. You described this all in GREAT detail in the diary. During Season One the neighbor’s house goes up for sale. In your Season Two, it sells. They move and along come the new neighbors. Once they are settled you go over and introduce yourself and the friendship begins. You find out that they own a chiropractic school and business.  You smile as they tell you this. Later the wife gets pregnant and of course, by now they know how interested you are in this business. The husband and wife sit you down one day and ask if you would be interested in starting to take your training, as the wife would like to stay home after the baby is born. Oh yes, they say, just do some extra work around the clinic and we can give you a reduction in the schooling costs. Your heart beats fast; you thank the Universe and know that a seed has given itself VERY strong roots. You see your plan starting.


If you are single, this is the year that often the soul mate pops up in. Soul mates are met in strange ways and you will feel an instant attraction to them. Talking and moving towards the relationship feels like you have known each other forever. If you are not single, this is a great year to work on the relationship and see if you wish to keep it.


Keep in mind that humans are by nature impatient. Thus if you use this emotion this year it will backfire and you may find yourself feeling anguish, depression, and frustration. Remember that most people develop these feelings because they think life is not right. If you are following your plans then life is right. Give it a chance to show you and enjoy the quiet times. Later you will reflect back on this journey and you do not want to store up bad memories.


This year add your thoughts to your journal as the seeds of energy start to show. Oh, they will trust me. You’ll get excited and once you do know that great things lie ahead for you. Patience.  Enjoy the tranquility and the knowing of the times to come. Meditation is a huge energy builder, particularly in this Season 2 energy. Do this daily. RPM= Rise, Pee, Meditate.


You may do anything at any time in life, but when you do it under the correct season/energy it is always successful. I know as I follow my seasons in their correct sequence. To me a life of peace, happiness, spirituality, good health, and comfort with the material is a success. You may think success is something else and that is your right, but know whatever it is, you need to wake up wanting to get up. If not, change your life.

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