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Personal Year Nine/Season Nine


 After your Harvest Year last year, you should be feeling on top of the world. After all, if you are following the seasons and the growth of the seeds that you planted eight years ago, you should have had a tremendous harvest and be feeling very satisfied with life.


Now is the time to let go. You will be letting go of all that is no longer needed in your life. Just as at some point in time you let go of your dolls and trucks. You let go of the belief in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. Many friendships and relationships will have passed through your life. Sure you may think of the past that you let go of every so often, but it’s no longer needed to keep you growing. This is what this year is all about. Referred to as ‘The Wrap It Up Year’.


Early in the New Year, or as soon as you read this and say oh my I’m in a Season Nine, get some paper and pen. Now start with the material and go around your house and write every item down. Toothbrush, lamps, bed, stove, fridge, from big to small, write it down. Then into the garage, if you have one and so on and so on.

Once you are done writing down the entire material area look at the rest of your life. What is it all about? Job, weight, smoking, drinking, meditation, yoga, gym, pets, parents, kids, husband, and so on. Write it all down. Now sit down with your paper and read it. This is how you have created your life. Note that most of it will go back about eight to nine years. Next, you take another sheet of paper and make three columns. Title these columns ‘Give’ ‘Keep’ and ‘I Do Not Know’. Start with the material that you have written on your ‘life’ paper and put each item in each column. Cannot live without it? Put it in the ‘Keep’ column. Hate it and its taking up space? Will not fit? Put it in the ‘Give’ column. If you pause more than five seconds on the decision then put it in the ‘I Do Not Know’ column. As the year progresses the ‘I Do Not Know’ column will show you what you need to do with it. By the end of the year, that column needs to empty. Any items need to be in the ‘Give’ or ‘Keep’ column.


IE: Let’s say you are 50lbs overweight. The overweight would be in the ‘Give’ column if you wanted to lose it. All year you would make it a point to lose one pound a week. By the end of the year, you will have lost the entire fifty pounds. What you leave in the Nine Season never returns.


The entire material column that is now in the ‘Give’ area you take to your nearest charity and donate it. What you give away in the nine-season comes back fiftyfold in your Harvest Year. Be generous this year and see the karma return. It’s good to be generous if you can afford it every year, but this year has a particular energy to it that makes the giving more prosperous later on.


Look at your life from the past eight years and scrub it clean. What has been outgrown? What part of the business is no longer needed? What have you progressed to? I think you understand the season’s energy by now if you are following it each year. This is not a year to start anything new, it’s a year to clear clutter and anything unwanted to make room for the Season One again that will be arriving next year.


How I like to describe this year to folks is: Pretend that on December 31st of this Season Nine a little spaceship will be coming to get you. You are leaving planet Earth and can only take so much with you. What would you take? Well, the spaceship is not coming, but the opportunity to leave it all behind is. Clear the clutter well.


If you have not been following the seasons in sequence then my advice to those who have just said ‘I am in a Season Nine’ then use the clearing of the clutter advice as above. Do not buy a house this year, do not open a business this year, and do not apply for credit cards. If you are in the middle of divorce get it done by the end of the year. Clear your life of anything that does not make you happy or is just taking up space.


Please remember that anything you take to Season One for next year will stay with you somehow for the next nine years. Clean up your life properly so you have no regrets.  


You may do anything at any time in life, but when you do it under the correct season/energy it is always successful. I know as I follow my seasons in their correct sequence. To me, a life of peace, happiness, spirituality, good health, and comfort with the material is a success. You may think success is something else and that is your right, but know whatever it is, you need to wake up wanting to get up. If not, change your life.  

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