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This is a memoir about VcToria's life, starting in 1975 when she fell in love with a bank robber. It takes you through the twists and turns that brought her to 2023.  This book takes you through true love, prison, drug addictions, depression and finally fighting to find her true self who now understands and loves life.


I did not write this book to share my life. I wrote it to show others, that no matter how you see life, if you allow the emotions inside to rule you it will take you to many highs and many lows. Once you understand that, you can find it inside of yourself to see life as a blessing, not a series of dependence on others to keep you happy. Follow VcToria as she decides to swim after sinking for so many years.


Once you commit to asking the Universe for change, that is what will be offered. Read about all the 'miracles of magic' that happened when VcToria allowed the Universe to take the reins.


If you order here it will be autographed personally with a small channeled message. There is no other way to get an autographed book unless you are attending an event that I would be promoting the book at.

BOOK: Then Now And Forever by VcToria Gray Cobb

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