If you are choosing a Skype read add vctoria7777777   to your 'accept' list. Order the read and then e-mail me to set up the preferred time for yourself. I book 7 days a week from 1pm MST to 10pm MST.


Skype allows me to see you and you see me. All reads are recorded via an MP3 and then e-mailed to you afterwards for you to download to a CD or computer.

Phone reads are exactly the same as Skype however I use your voice energy to read the cards as opposed to Skype where I can see your energy. 


Both readings offer a Tarot Card and Numerology chart. If you are a first time client I highly recommend that you do not request only the Tarot. The cost does not change. If you are a repeat client you may ask for the extended Tarot or have a Numerology chart done for another person.

Skype or Phone Read