Re-edited and Re-published by his daughter VcToria. Autographed by herself with a small channelled message just for you. PLUS an autograph from Geof Gray-Cobb himself.


* It is VERY rare to be able to buy a book with the autograph from the actual author who resides in the astral plane now. His daughter asked him for his autograph and words before he passed over.


These are now in his re-published books as his daughter intended them to be. ONLY if you buy from the web store. Amazon and e-books do not contain this.

In this fabulous book you will learn how to activate the energies from

a} The Golden Square of Prithivi

b} The Blue Circle of Vayu

c} The Scarlet Triangle of Tejas

d} The Silver Crescent of Apas


Please remember that these books make GREAT collector items.

In this book, my late Fathers 4th, it shows you how to use energy connected to the pyramids to change your life. These are QUICK, simple and results are almost immediate.


Do you want a ready made pyramid with the Pisces energy surrounding it? VcToria channels her Father once a month and the two of them insert the power of Pisces into the pyramids.

BOOK: Secrets From Beyond The Pyramids by Geof Gray-Cobb