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This is NOT a full astrological chart. If you are looking for that please go back to the web store and choose Astrological Chart.


This chart is being offered to further your dates and times to gamble. This is for lottery tickets, casino visits and any other times you are choosing to buy any type of gambling choices.


I need your TIME of birth along with your birth location and date of birth. This will give me a much better accuracy with the planetary aspects.

If you do not know your time of birth I will give you an estimated time for gambling. 

E-MAIL: Your numbers and dates will be sent to the e-mail on the order form. If you wish to have it sent to another e-mail please add that in 'Additional Instructions' below.


DISCLAIMER: This chart is for enjoyment only. VcToria does not take any responsibility if you use the dates and numbers and do not win. Sometimes the Universe just does not cooperate at all.


VcToria does not want any of your winnings, nor will she take responsibility for any losses.


TIME? Location and date of birth. It is needed to look for planets that can create a better energy for your luck

Lucky Gambling Chart

  • This product is send by email only - please provide me with your email address you wish this purchase sent.

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