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April 19th/20th and 21st 2024.  St. Albert Lifestyle and Expo. Location: Servus Credit Union Place. 400 Campbell Road, St. Albert. Friday, April 19: 2-8 pm Saturday, April 20: 10 am - 6 pm Sunday, April 21: 11 am - 4 pm

April 26th/27th and 28th 2024 Fort McMurry Alberta. If you are on my email list, you will get a personal email with times etc. MacDonald Island. Friday 1pm to 9pm Saturday 10am to 7pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm.


LET’S COVER APRIL 8th, 2024, before I start into actual CHAT 😊 No one who reads my newsletter will be alive for the next Full Solar Eclipse as the next one takes place in 2061. I kid you not 😊 Use APRIL 8th, 2024, as a power day. Take the OFFERINGS of this energy.

First, we have a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 19-degree Aries at 12.21 pm MST. [you figure out your time zone] It will be able to be seen in the east of Canada at 100% Ontario roughly 85%. Manitoba at about 60% Saskatchewan at about 40% Alberta 20% and BC [oh boo hoo] at 0%. All other countries google it


This is where the Moon aligns perfectly between the Earth and the Sun. This causes complete darkness for roughly 4 minutes and some seconds in the 100% areas.


Quebec has not witnessed since this since 1972 and there will not be another TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE till 2106. That's 80 years from now and most of us will be dead or should I say departed for home and left the physical body here There will be other eclipses as they are quite common, just not a TOTAL one So this answers all the excitement.


NOW!! the Sun and the Moon are in the astrological sign of Aries on this fine day of April 8, 2024. The power packed fiery energy. BUT!! determining what HOUSE in your 'birth chart' is Aries, will determine where you feel this power. Connected to this post is my chart. You can clearly see I have a power packed first house with Moon and Sun Nobody had better piss me off on April 8th LOL. Plus, this falls four days before my birthday


Now to answer why these security warnings are all over the internet please calm down with your theory's. If you look at 2017 you would see how we ran out of gas and traffic was backed up as people headed to the best views as we had a rare eclipse, then. Same thing is happening here. People are being asked to stock up on food, gas and sometimes, if the cell towers are overloaded, phones will not work and therefore google maps will not show. Make sure you write the directions out if you are heading to a new city to watch this.


Sadly, and oh so sadly my wonderful hibernation is OVER 😊 The shows start up this month and will continue at certain times till early December.

BUT 😊 lets us cover March which was quite an interesting month. First, I went to three, yup three sound baths. As I mentioned last month, I was supposed to attend one in February, but it was cancelled so we signed up for the first March one at my yoga place. Now fads come and go I find. Back when I had my metaphysical store off Whyte Avenue, I had a person I knew back then come in and do what was called ‘Crystal Bowl Ceremonies’. We did them on the Full Moon every month. Now they have been renamed with a few more gongs and flutes or drums added to the mix. They are OK. The first one I found the person created singing and it went on for far to long. Music was fine, but the vocabulary with UM and ER throughout the speaking part? NA!! not for me. If you cannot speak properly do not do public venues.


Second one was at the Westin Hotel downtown. Very nice person leading this one and next year I intend to take her ‘learning to play crystal bowls’ so I can add that to my clearings I offer with my full reads [more on the learning later]. The room was large and quite cold, so I borrowed my friends blanket as she was nice enough to hand it to me. I enjoyed this one as the music part was a nice long-time length.

The third sound bath was a last minute one as my friend was supposed to go with another person and he backed out. As I am VERY flexible in my personal life [ meaning unlike business that I plan to the second LOL, personal is spur of the moment at times] I said “yes” to her “do I want to go” and we headed downtown. I found the lady who was putting it on spoke again for far too long with punctuations of “UM” as she talked about the eclipse that had passed over us at 1am. The bowls as she played them were excellent, BUT the timing was way too short. My overview of three different sound baths was since each was around $40 to $43 per session that the cost is way to high. I have CDs with crystal bowl playing on them and if I shut my lights out, lit incense and went into meditation energy it would be the exact same. So sadly, no more sound baths for me 😊

And back to March that on the reading side was again quite slow, but what is interesting is that on ALL the days that I did not have clients my store had an order. I kid you not. My late Father and brother sure do look out for me. Yes, I consider my younger brother [who died very early in life] and my father who passed in 2009 to keep me on the right track and oversee the material needs 😊

I know last month I said I cancelled my yoga membership as they raised the cost BUT!!! I really did not want to stop yoga until June, so I went over and talked with them. I reinstated my membership for 3 more months with the original cost 😊 Thus this month I have not missed my Friday in person yin yoga and meditation. My online, that I do on Saturday and Sunday, has been kept up to the best of my ability as sometimes I have clients that needed to have the time that yoga was being done. Nevertheless, yoga was enjoyed all month 😊

On March 4th I went to Watari with my son and had the monthly dinner that we always do unless I am in my extreme busy time. He left for Mexico and a two-week vacation shortly after that. I will see him soon and no doubt hear all about the fun.


On the 12th of March I went out with my only grandson to Earls where they have the plant-based menu now. I really enjoyed hearing all about his life as he heads towards being a traffic controller. He has now taken the in-person tests and we await the results. These tests are NOT easy 😊 He is also coming here with his girlfriend for Easter dinner, but the newsletter goes out that day so too late to talk about it. 😊 I will comment on it next month.

Sadly, my granddaughter will not attend as she first lives in Vancouver and secondly, I have massive news there. Her boyfriend and her also went to Mexico at a different time than her father and Igor her boyfriend, proposed to her 😊 he got down on one knee on the beach and asked her to marry him 😊 She said “yes” and secondly, they bought a wonderful NEW 2023 condo together this month in Port Coquitlam. BUT!!!!!! They were poorly advised by the lawyer who had informed them they did NOT have to pay the transfer taxes and to make a long story short some law was being changed in April regarding this area so they moved the signing date up from March 17 to SADLY April 12th [my birthday] and that means they will not be coming here for my birthday as planned. BUT 😊 May 3rd they will come to Edmonton for my birthday, her father’s birthday [May 1st] and their engagement party. I look forward to it 😊

OH, TELUS screwed up again this month and based on that [the tech not showing up] I got more of my bill refunded for the screw up. Let’s just say that was dandy LOL because I mentioned last month I thought I owed $660 on the iPhone since I did not flip to a new one and was on a contract that offered that. My bill had lowered to $85, and I was very happy. BUT!! Either I have a rat reading my newsletters who works for Telus OR I got a reprieve for two months!! ‘Cos lo and behold the March bill included the $660 that I paid, and I now will keep the phone I have for two years more. That will make up for the savings. But on the internet/TV etc. side I got massive deductions after I made complaints. 😊 Also helping with that. Oh, and the tech arrived finally after the complaint of his not showing and I now have my land line working.

March 10th, I paid my Federal and Provincial business taxes as they were filed early March or even February. Glad that is over and early April I will see my accountant and get my personal taxes signed and paid. More on that next month 😊

I had a TON of free time this month and I tell you I love free time. I have tons of stuff I LOVE doing. I work out almost every day to keep in shape, not because I love it LOL, but after that I sit in my massage chair and have my daily massage [that I LOVE] and then lean back and do my 30–45-minute meditation that I LOVE. Then whatever else needs to be taken care of I attend to. This month I did a ton more cooking, [do make the cookies in the Vegan recipe column below 😊 YUM]. Kitchen floor was washed, the office carpet was steamed clean, groceries were done and talking about them I bought this month asparagus, pickled beets, Brussel sprouts, tons of cauliflower, celery, green apples, mangoes, tons of lemons [for my green juice] cucumbers, onion powder, orange juice, vanilla extract, sea salt, apricot jam, red grapes, vegan smoked salmon, basil, white pepper, green onions, yellow onions, vegan condensed milk [for the cookies below 😊 ]laundry detergent, silk creamer, nutritional yeast, broccoli, cabbage, vegan bouillon, vegetable oil, spinach, bag of rice, tomatoes, frozen peas, oyster mushrooms, red onion, potatoes, sweet potato, turnips, raisins, cranberries and coconut flakes. I also bought 3 bottles of wine for our Easter dinner coming up, the kids food and even though I now make my own butter and milks I did purchase the vegan ones as I have not experimented enough to make sure the potatoes would be creamy and fluffy with home made butters and milk 😊 Groceries came to : $480.85 That is without the wine that was about $35 for the three bottle of Moscato.

Now the head of my Dyson vacuum came unattached and for the life of me I could not get it back into alignment nor could my son who I watch gallantly try and left it so that I could not unhook the garbage lid to empty it. Off I went to the vacuum repair shop on Stony Plain Road. Man, he was GREAT. He looked at, took a screwdriver and did a few turns here and there and BOOM lined it up fixed and charged me $20. Thank You for this fine job Vacuum Central.

BUT 😊 I realised that I was very close to my natural health pet store, and I would need raw meat for my precious baby China soon. So, I headed there and stocked for the next 4 months. $230.33 but read my cat cost column for all the expense there.

Netflix: Ahhhhhh as I settle down each and every night to either my recorded programs or Netflix or a combo of both I LOVE it. What did I watch this month? Finished The Marked Heart both episodes.  I really enjoyed it. That actually took me till March 9th to complete. I NEVER watch two things at the same time. I like to complete things before I go to the next. I am the same way with books, I read one at a time. Next, I watch Interstellar. I thought I had watched it, as it was one of the subject matters my grandson talked about and to my delight, I had not seen it. Very enjoyable. Next was Irish Wish one of the chick flick movies as they are called LOL. Lindsay Lohan is in this latest movie. Nice, but you know how it will turn out in the beginning 😊 Sadly I had watched Buying Beverly Hills a long time ago and the second series came out and so I watched it. Bit boring, not recommended really.  Took me three days to finish it. Now I am in the middle of New York Homicide.

And lastly for eating out I hit up Die Pie after the second sound bath with my buddy. This is a vegan pizza place and I have to say HMMM!! No cash till??? No paper menu? you have to go into your iPhone to dig up the menu. The waiter was surly, and I cannot blame him as people who brings kids to eat always let them run around. Twice these kids ran in front of the waiter as he was carrying food and then as we were leaving one of them chose to run in front of me. Mother says, ‘do not run, stop that’. Well maybe do not bring kids who are 8 to 10 years old if they cannot sit still?? And then we have the two-year-old running around from another table. Have you heard of a babysitter? The restaurant folks should not be the babysitter. And lastly Die Pie you may wish to move the VERY loud music speaker that sits over a table, change the VERY uncomfortable white iron chairs to the nice cushioned ones that you have only a few tables at, and lastly get a cash register for people who want to pay cash and need change.

And that brings my month to an end. Insurance is sent to ALL my shows who have accepted me, and I am now only waiting on two more to let me know. By the end of April my entire year will be solidified for work purposes 😊 My hotel is booked for my out-of-town show in April, and all is well. My drivers license was renewed for four years and my license plate for two years. The yearly incoration paper was once again renewed. 

I will have May off, so I look forward to planting my vegetable garden then. More on that later 😊

I bid you all a FANTASTIC April and pay attention to the TOTAL Solar Eclipse even if it is to test your own emotions. But better still watch it [and watch it WITH eclipse glasses, not bare eyes please] then meditate under the power. For Edmonton it at will be at 12.21 pm [MST} April 8th, 2024. 

Use the power of daily energies to inform YOURSELF what path you wish to take in life. If you are not seeing a path that is leading you somewhere in a happy daily state, then change direction. You should not be relying on other people to keep you happy. Happiness resides inside and the balance of emotions provides this. If you need someone else to feel the balance of emotions, then you are not being yourself. You are relying on others to provide your path and that is not how your singular life should be played out. 😊

Remember enjoy the material BUT do not get attached to it. Enjoy nature as we need it to provide life. Have gratitude there. Meditate daily as eventually you will see the rewards. For some it takes longer, but if you do not give up [as many do] you will see what I speak about. It works for EVERYONE; you just have to believe and keep activating the energy shifts. Doors will open, but YOU have to step through them. Sometimes leaving behind what you thought was making you live life, but yet only existing.

PS: The blue cheese that I made was nothing short of AWESOME and I am about to embark on making more. Unbelievable how it tasted.

Positive Thoughts To All till next month 😊





May the HEALTHY survive.

Another column this month where some will not agree but what is more interesting is the fact that most do agree but never post or talk about their true feelings.

What subject is this? People who decided that having four to eight kids is not enough and just keep having them.

Our population is exploding and based upon the fear of most of the citizens of other countries they are leaving and coming to Canada or the USA. Some legally and some not legally. But once here they discover that having kids pays a phenomenal amount per month. Especially in Canada. So along with the 4-8 kids that arrived with their parents they decide to have more. Why?

I can assure you if we did NOT have the child allowance many would not have as many kids. I have proof!! Around the corner from me is or was a pregnant lady. Her fifth kid. Her child allowance for 18 years will pay her mortgage she says. Her hubby works and they save so that in 18 years they can pay off the balance. WOW!! Almost a free home. Her words. I kid you not. This is how people think.  

First, I am not blaming anyone for leaving their country when the economy causes massive amounts of gangs and violence.

[Looking at Haiti as an example] but what I do ask is this. You already have lived in a country with much violence, poverty, and fear. Why are you even bringing in one child to this type of world? To bring in a child and allow the child to starve, taken on violent trips to get to another so called safe country etc. etc. I fail to realise why anyone would allow themselves to get pregnant and cause suffering in this massive way? And these woman do not stop at one child they keep having them. Why?

Next, many have escaped their countries where violence is prominent. BUT??? Now we have massive crowds of people causing street riots standing up for the countries they left. If you care so much about the country you left, why did you leave? Our countries, that have offered safe havens to many, are now witnessing the very same violence within these protests that are taking place. We do not want this in Canada.

Now I realise that I do not speak for all who have escaped and come to our safe countries but as we watch the news and the coverage of these protests for Gaza and Israel, we see these two sides fighting against each other in our streets when they protest on the same days.

As Canadians we do not wish our country to become like the ones you felt you needed to escape from because of the violence. Protests do nothing here that will change leadership minds in other countries. Protests should be for things we want in our own countries.

Please learn that we like our peaceful land, and it is becoming a jungle of fear out there with the crime that is taking place now.

Most people are happy to help those who left their homes and wish to live a peaceful life but please do not see our tax dollars that support the child benefit as a way to get a free home, free everything. This massive influx of population as it continues to grow is causing a homeless population due to not having enough homes built, food is becoming either scarce or extremely high in cost and the noise factor when neighborhoods are overloaded with people? Need I go into that?

So please I speak to ALL ,not just newcomers: THINK before you choose to leave a child in this forever growing world of fear, hunger, homelessness, and control. I say to people who are having kids now “gee you must hate children to want to leave them in this world of violence”. Because sadly as anyone can see when countries become controlled, economy drops and people become so desperate that they become violent.

The world is becoming machine man made. THINK 🤔. You keep bringing in kids who will suffer tremendously later on. What currency will we have? How will anyone find what we call ‘work’ that covers the need to create currency to just be comfortable? Look at countries that have explosive populations and see the way they live. Is that what you wish for those you claim to love?  

I leave this here with one remark. I CANNOT believe how asleep many are and just keep thinking the world is fine as it is. It is NOT. The population explosion needs to stop.   

May the HEALTHY survive.



And this month the expense was quite high for my baby. She developed a rash on her inner thigh on her right leg and no matter what cream I used on it, the rash would not go away and she was licking at it till it bled. So, off to the doctors we went. After a brief recheck at the cost of $70.00, she was prescribed Viaderm cream at $30.22.

I also asked them to trim ONE nail that was growing into her skin on her front toe that she would not let me get at. Cost $5.50 and lastly while I was there, I picked up March and Aprils Solensia that she now seems to be doing quite nicely on. She runs a lot now!! Cost of that was $186.88. With $14.63 GST added that bill came to $307.23.

The rash appears to have cleared up, but they still would like to test her urine as this rash was right below her bladder and the vet said she may be licking it because of pain. HOWEVER!!!! It appears that she will not pee while I am around. One week has passed and I cannot retrieve any pee. Hopefully soon.

UPDATE: She got up from her nap and I patiently sat on the stairs while she sat on her heated tourmaline mat and finally, she got up and went to her litter box. I grabbed the cup and she pee’d right into it 😊 I drove it straight down to the vets and paid the cost of $100.50 [YUP!!] and am now awaiting the results. RESULTS: Because I used a cup of my own to catch the pee, the vet says that perhaps the small amount of bacteria in the pee may have come from that. They asked me to wait one month and re-do the test and clean the cup in the dishwasher and then keep it in a sealed baggie till I am ready to catch the pee. Then transfer it to the plastic container that I have to pick up at the vets before the month is up :) 


Next, while I was at Bulk Barn I noticed that Pet Land was next door. Well now no need to keep driving as Pet Smart was next on my to do list. I went in and bought a new kitty litter as I am super duper tired of kitty litter being tracked into my bed. I bought the Worlds Best Kitty Litter. She appears to like it, so I am going to switch her second box over to it shortly. A little hike in cost I might add. One pack was $34.93. Then I bought a new kitty litter box and failed to notice it did not have a drop-down opening. So, she will not step over the high sides. Cost: $26.93 and then I loaded up with treats at the cost of $55.38 and with GST of $5.85 that bill came to $123.10.


Lastly as I was having to get my vacuum cleaner head aligned at the vacuum store, I took note that I was only 7 blocks away from her health store for raw meat and I would have had to have bought some soon. So, I headed there and stocked up for at least 4 months. Cost of that raw food was $230.33.

Hopefully other than kitty litter next month the total will be a lot less 😊

The Total cost for March was $761.16.

If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with a personality to the adult stage. Animals feel unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, or decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a companion for life. They also need dental care, checkups, and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no-nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason, older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.

Screenshot 2020-09-24 112542.png

April 1st, 2024: Mercury goes retrograde at 4.14 pm MST. Until April 25th at 6.54 am MST when he goes direct again.

April 2nd, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 11.40 pm MST and moves into Aquarius at on April 3rd MST at 3.08 am MST.

April 4th, 2024: Venus moves into Aries at 10.00 pm MST.

April 4th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 11.40 pm MST and moves into Pisces on April 5th, at 5.13 am MST.

April 7th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 2.27 am MST and moves into Aries at 5.25 am MST.

April 8th, 2024: TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW MOON in Aries at 12.21 pm MST. [This will be an exceedingly powerful time. The next TOTAL solar eclipse will not be seen until 2106 when most of us will not be here OR reincarnated for those who still need earthly lessons LOL]

April 8th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 8.39 pm MST and moves into Taurus on April 9th MST at 5.23 am MST.

April 11th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 4.04 am MST and moves into Gemini at 6.59 am MST.

April 13th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 8.46 am MST and moves into Cancer on

at 11.45 am MST.

April 15th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 5.22 pm MST and moves into Leo at 10.24 pm MST.

April 18th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 6.02 am MST and moves into Virgo at 8.10 am MST.

April 19th, 2024: Sun moves into Taurus at 8.00 am MST.

April 20th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 6.20 pm MST and moves into Libra at 9.08 pm MST.

April 22nd, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 5.24 pm MST and moves into Scorpio on April 23rd, 2024, at 9.20 am MST.

April 25th, 2024: FULL MOON in Scorpio at 5.49 pm MST.

April 25th, 2024: Mercury goes direct at 6.54 am MST.

April 25th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 5.17 pm MST and moves into Sagittarius at 7.37 pm MST.

April 28th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 1.31 am MST and moves into Capricorn at 3.37 am MST.

April 29th, 2024: Venus moves into Taurus at 5.31 am MST.

April 30th, 2024: Moon goes void of course at 9.19 pm MST and moves into Aquarius at 9.20 am MST. [ a one-minute void of course]

April 30th, 2024: Mars moves into Aries at 9.33 am MST.

VcToria's Spiritual Advice


Dreams are personal and although this is my opinion I think many will agree. It is useless to run to a book or the internet and look up what you dreamed about.
Let us look at how we sleep. We cannot deny that the body goes into what is called ‘sleep paralyses’. This is when the soul or as I like to call the energy form ‘my real self’ leaves the body and off we go.
There are so many types of dreaming. The best of course are the ones referred to as ‘astral traveling’. These are the ones that when you return to the physical body you are shocked that it was not a life of physical being LOL. Better than that, while in the astral traveling if you can realise you are dreaming and take control of the dream you can make yourself fly, or travel where you wish just by flapping your arms. However in my astral traveling dreams, that I have been fortunate enough to figure out that I am dreaming they do not last long for some reason.

However, let's take people who watch TV in their bedrooms. [I am one of these folks 😊] Have you ever noticed that your dream will coincide with what you watched? This is why you need to be careful with what you do at the very last moments before you drift off, as the mind has been programmed with the actions. [and we all know how easy it is to program the majority of folks LOL]
Before I launch into more of the dream state lets address folks who DO NOT dream or at least say either “I do not dream" or they say, “I cannot recall my dreams”. I get quite a few clients who state this. I had one last week 😊 I always ask, "WHEN did you stop dreaming”? And sometimes they can recall it. “Oh, I got divorced”. “Oh, I moved”. “Oh, I changed jobs”. Then I investigate what these changes have created in their lives that stopped them from dreaming. Most seem to come to "I have no more time to relax”. Thus, I offer my BEST BEST advice. Get a guided meditation and make it the last thing you listen to at night. I always recommend The Healing Waterfall [obtainable on Amazon] as it is to the point, short and easy to listen and visualize as the voice instructs.
NOW!! You say ‘how can that create the dreamless folks to get back into dreaming? Well first everyone dreams and all we are doing here is relaxing the subconscious and once we can stop the worry that they go to bed with, or the mind that is already thinking about what to do tomorrow, then the energy changes while they sleep. So, if you are one of the folks who say ‘I cannot dream or recall them’ try this. Thank me later 😊
Next, ALL answers to life can be found within the dream state. How? First see it as a new language to learn. Most dreams are in pictures, correct? I think most will agree with this. Also, numbers often appear but, in a picture, funnily enough. Not framed pictures but in a story line. So slowly you will begin to understand them in the correlation of ‘warning’ ‘future’ ‘answer’ ‘past life’ and many other interesting answers.
How? As I stated above first watch the last actions you choose to see and listen to. Meditation is the alternative to relaxing the mind. If you have a question, and you can test this, write in on a paper and ask it out loud three times and then place it under your pillow and drift off to sleep. BUT!!! And here is where most folks make errors in life believe it or not. They schedule their bedtime. This is the worst thing you can do as the body does not always want to listen!! Go to bed ONLY when you are tired and will fall asleep quickly. If you are tossing and turning it is not bedtime yet. If you are tossing and turning you are keeping the mind active in the physical world and that is not where we want or need to be. Conquer this first.
Another VIP problem that prevents dreaming are sleeping pills and other forms of medications. This blocks the energy. Food is thy medicine, but I digress LOL. Lastly any type of drugs no matter how legal this idiot PM has made them, block the TRUE source of dreaming that allows you to find the answers to what and why we are here.
UPDATE: Having dinner with my grandson this month somehow, we start talking about dreams. Here are his exact words ‘since I stopped smoking pot, I dream all night and I cannot make out what is real and what is not once I wake up. When I smoked pot I never ever dreamt!!"  He actually told me that him and his girlfriend had [while awake] a fight, an argument. Then he said he went to sleep and had another argument just as real in his dream. When he woke up, he could not figure out which one was the actual argument they had in the physical world. I asked him "why not ask her"? he laughed and said “No, I don’t want to bring up either one of those arguments” LOL.
And that is how dreams are meant to be with no interference from legal or illegal substances, alcohol or medications.
So, barring you worrying, taking medications or drugs lets move to night one of an experiment and make it easy. Choose someone in your life that either gives you issues, is a past life lover, husband etc. that you still think about. Put the name on the paper. Now think about this person for a few minutes. Incidents you traveled together or issues that will not go away. Now write on the paper ‘where have I lived in previous lives with this person’. Read it out loud three times and go RIGHT TO SLEEP. If you cannot sleep right away it will not work. The body needs to be fatigued 😊
I promise you that you will dream about this person and know one of your past lives. Will it answer why you here again with this person? Not yet, we just want to view or know a past life. Later you can ask more questions as you now know the lifetime.
BUT!!! Here again we run into the issue of ‘I know I dream but as I awoke it drifted away'. So, awaken SLOWLY and have a pen/paper or recorder handy. I find paper and pen easier as using a recorder seems to bring the actions back to the physical world and leave the dream state. But it is your choice. You can always leave an MP3 recorder open and just talk. MP3 recorders pick up sound strongly.
Now we will not dream all the time in ‘answers’ Sometimes dreams give you ‘warnings’. Let’s say you dream of your hat being blown off and that day you get a speeding or parking ticket. You have that same dream months later and the same thing happens. Now these warnings can be avoided as you simply watch the speedometer and read the signs when you park. Also note the time frame from when you dream about the hat and when the ticket is given.

An example I can give is this: I am on a ship, on the deck and a MASSIVE tidal wave is approaching and it is so big that it will take out the ship. I always wake up before it hits 😊 BUT!! Within days the stock market takes a MASSIVE drop. It never fails. If there are people from this lifetime with me on the deck then I will have an issue with these people. If I am alone it is always the market. 

I have many dreams that would not mean the same thing to another person. When my mother was alive [who was quite the hypochondriac] I would dream of insects and the bigger the insect the bigger the malady she claimed to have. I always called down and asked what is wrong this time and it never failed that she has some sort of ailment. My father actually wrote about this in one of his books.
Now this is interesting; I always ask this of my clients when and if dream areas show in their charts. “Have you ever had sleep paralysis still existing as you wake up”? Now for those who have, your body is unable to move, your mouth is dry, dry, dry and you cannot move it. You are between the soul coming back into the body and waking up prematurely. You are aware of this and try to speak. At least I do 😊 Now a few months ago this happened again to me. BUT!! Believe it or not I was well aware there was someone in my room next to my bed. I tried to get my mouth to move and finally I was able to get out the words "is someone there"? and a RESOUNDINGLY loud whisper type voice said back “YES” !! And naturally the heart beats with energy and the soul arrives quickly and then you are back to what is considered the normal physical body. So based upon this I feel that my guide or whoever keeps watch over me arrives with the soul to make sure we are OK. Heck what a trip though to hear that.
Sleep paralysis as I have described here does not happen to me often, but I have experienced it at least a dozen times but this is the first time I have held the soul at bay and been able to ask a question. I wish the shock of hearing back a distinguished voice beside me did not shock me into physical awareness as I would LOVED to have asked another question 😊 Like ‘who are you’?
Things that I have noted in dreams are this a] you cannot see yourself and b] you CANNOT lie when asked a question!!!
I could tell you about many dreams that I have had, but dreams are personal to each and every one of us. Not that I would not share them with anyone just that it is not really of interest to many LOL. The only other interesting fact that I have found is once you can wake up in a dream LOL you can search for what is not shown to you. What do I mean by that? I took control once and saw a lake in the distance. I knew if I could reach the lake, I could see myself and I really wanted to. I literally dragged my body to the lake. I was lying down digging my fingernails into the grass and believe it or not it hurt like heck. I finally after much, much, much effort and focus pulled myself up and over the water and there I was. Female, short hair with the most bluest eyes I had ever seen, and I was GORGEOUS. I have always wondered if I look like that in the after life 😊
Well, I think I have written enough to get you interested or at least I hope so. Try out a month of experimenting and then read back your dreams. Do not think you will remember them even if they are the most profound and realistic ones. You will not!

VcToria's Vegan Kitchen 

Coconut and Cranberry Cookies


As I stated last month, please grab a tin of vegan coconut condensed milk and cranberries if you do not stock them. I use dried cranberries from Bulk Barn.


RECIPE. NOTE: If you do NOT like ultra sweet do not make these 😊 If you have a sweet tooth these are the best.

In a bowl mix the can of vegan coconut condensed milk, 1 cup of dried cranberries, 1 cup of large oat flakes, [ I use Rogers brand]  ½ cup of unsweetened coconut flakes and a cup of chocolate chips. [make sure they are vegan, also available in the same aisle as the coconut milk.] Mix thoroughly.


* You do not have to use chocolate chips. They are DELICIOUS with or without them.


Heat the oven to 350F while you are preparing the batch and then take a flat cookie baking tray and cover with parchment paper. Lay the mixture out on the parchment paper and flatten it out. You can either make knife cuts for squares or wait till they are cooked to cut them up.   Place the tray in the oven for 15 minutes. [NO LONGER]


Once they are out, DO NOT touch them. You need to allow the batch to cool so the milk sets. Cut them up anyway you like and enjoy. Best to keep them in the fridge. I prefer to eat them from the fridge, or you can bring them to room temperature. Your choice.  


Next Month: ANOTHER off the chart orange sauce and soy curl recipe. Please pick up sesame oil this month as this oil makes the sauce 😊


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