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NOTE: All 3 MP3, when bought at the same time, will save you $15. [All CD's are sold out] 


My Father, Geof Gray Cobb created this positive energy cassette, now only availble in MP3 form. He believed, as I do, that you can attract all you want into life. 


This MP3 when dowloaded, and listened to will attract powerful waves of energy that will bring the desired frequency to you. This being in the form of currency.


My Father found this to be a very profound way of producing more of the physical life. He used this a lot and claimed it never failed him. I use it in my slower times and lo and behold the phone will always ring with a request for an appointment within an hour of listening to this recording. 


As you check out please hit the PayPal button even if you do not have an account. Then hit the link that says 'you do not have a PayPal account' and you have the option of using your credit cards there.

Geof Gray-Cobb Attracting Money and All it Can Buy ONLY AVAILABLE in MP3

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