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READ CAREFULLY In the book 'The Encyclopedia of Fifty Year Old Magic' by Geof Gray-Cobb VcToria Gray-Cobb and Maiya Gray-Cobb this booklet is re-published. The 'cue cards' that Geof Gray-Cobb suggests to use for the beginner trying to master this technique is what you are receiving. NOT the booklet, the 3 cue cards.


The 3 cue cards will come by e-mail . One set in black and white and one in color. This way if you wish to color them yourself you have that option or simply print them out if you have a color printer. 


There are 'no returns' on this. Please make sure you add the e-mail that you wish them addressed to in the question below on the order form. 

Cue Cards - for The Encyclopedia of Fifty Year Old Magic by Geof Gray-Cobb

  • This product is sent by email only, please provide me with the email address you would like this purchase sent to.

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