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Think of your astrology chart as a piece of pie that is sliced into twelve pieces. This is the number of houses that are represented while doing the interpretation of your personal chart. No two charts are ever alike. To be able to do an EXACT reading one must know their exact time of birth. Along with the date and location.


Now picture yourself being born and a picture of the sky being taken at that exact moment. That is your birth chart. 


Then the planets keep moving. As they move into each house, so the energy of each planet connects to the house intention and gives you that opportunity to make shifts and changes. 

The birth chart allows VcToria to tell you what your strengths are and how these can work with change and growth as you live the life you are supposed to. 


The nodes tell another story.  What was your past life and why are you here? Are you repeating the same old stuff, or are you connecting to the south node and taking on your new duties? 


VcToria does a FULL analysis of your chart. You must know your exact birth time or she will not take your order. Sorry, she does not believe in taking peoples hard earned cash and not doing a great job. She will do your chart and either phone you and discuss this, or use Skype if you are out of the country.You may also have this sent to you via an MP3 file to download and listen to. 

Astrology Charts

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