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PAYMENT: If you wish to etransfer please make sure you add the GST. TOTAL $157.50 to Once sent, email me right away and I will set up the time and date.


Zoom: Once paid I send a link from Zoom for your reading. Please email once you have paid and we can set up the day and time. Or you may call after you have placed the order. 


Phone: These reads are exactly the same as Zoom or Skype however I use your voice energy to read the cards, as opposed to Zoom or Skype where I can see your energy. 


I book 7 days a week from 1 pm MST to 10 pm MST.


All these readings offer a Tarot Card and Numerology chart. If you are a first-time client I highly recommend that you do not request only the Tarot. The cost does not change. If you are a repeat client you may ask for the extended Tarot or have a Numerology chart done for another person.

Zoom or Phone Read

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