For this chart to be accurate you will need to know your birth date and correct birth certificate name. No time is needed or location. If you have had a name change I will need both names.


If you have a significant other, please have their correct birth date. 


This chart will show you what your life is supposed to be. We will cover your Life Path number, Your Expression number, Your Hearts Desire number, Your Personality number, Karmic Debt number, Hidden Passion number, The Rational Thought number and Your Maturity number.

Your Personal Year number wil be discussed in great detail and lastly the compatibility of your significant other. We then will discuss your 'Challenges' in life.


This chart can be done via e-mail with an MP3 recording sent to you or on the phone as I speak with you.


I highly recommend that you read about Numerology on the website so you understand it is not predictions. The chart shows what you are capable of doing, how to do it and when to do it.

Numerology is VcToria's passion and she follows it as her map of life. Her life to her is perfect because of this.

Please note this is a Numerology NOT an astrology chart..


Numerology Chart

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