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This is Geof Gray Cobb's [my father, deceased May 12th 2009] original work. No words have been changed as I updated the cassettes to CD's and MP3 files. You are hearing his voice. 


Side One: Meditation with Relaxation: Relax and unwind as the recording states throughout. Use this side to simply lay down and listen to the hypnotic voice of Geof Gray-Cobb. As side one completes, you may either stay in this totally relaxed state and enjoy the energy, or move right into side two. Approx: 30 minutes.


Side Two: Journey to Your Awareness: This journey will take you into an lovely altered state. Use the images given to you by Geof Gray-Cobb and his hypnotic voice, as he takes you through to your awareness and brings you back to reality.

Not only is his work out of print, you cannot buy these CD's, nor obtain the MP3 files in any retail store. Well worth adding to your collection and spiritual journeys. CD's sold out. Available only  in MP3. Approx 30 mins.

Geof Gray-Cobb Meditation/Relaxation ONLY available in MP3

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