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Within the book ‘THE ENCYCLOPEDIA of FIFTY YEAR OLD MAGIC’ by Geof Gray-Cobb, Maiya Gray-Cobb and VcToria Gray-Cobb there are suggestions to activate under certain Sun and Moon signs.


First though, we find your Personal Seven Angels. This is done with your birth date and time. Theses Angels are always present at your time of working anything in the book.


Now, when we work we will also choose the day, date, time and zodiac cards that match with the present. These Angels are now called upon to create the energy of the workings.


These cards may also be used with any other circumstances surrounding magic workings or energy shifts or simply calling on them to sending the daily energy of joy.

I, VcToria, designed these cards to create a beautiful setting that enhances all energies that choose to be present. The book is designed around this and the cards are easy to use.


The deck is created with 86 cards with 122 Angels names that are used and connected to every single day, time zone, date and zodiac sign. A lovely addition to your life and its journey


Angel Cards - International Orders

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