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Adding to my list HOUSE PARTIES: Since all the festivals have been canceled in Alberta and Saskatchewan please remember that I do offer house parties at the same cost per person that were offered at the festivals with my Show Specials. Click on this link to read the complete information and requirements  HOUSE PARTIES


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And as I predicted, this month did have a slow down and a mixture of things that go on in my life 😊 It started out extremely busy with reads and a lovely new home clearing for one of my clients. By the 5th of August, I was ready to rest and my lovely granddaughter came over for a visit.


The following evening my neighbor and I took the evening off and headed to the monthly review that I do for restaurants that serve vegan food. This month we went to The Nosh café an Indian place that I covered in the column below. Then we sat on my patio once getting back to our respective homes and drank some wine.


Talking about wine, I had always thought that wine was vegan and to my absolute horror, I discovered while doing some research that it is not. I only drink Moscato’s and now I come to find out that they are made with gelatin that is created from pigs’ skins. Yup. Thus, I did a ton of research to track down vegan wine and to my delight, I found a TON of them. So, my brands of Moscato have changed, and also my knowledge 😊


Another couple of busy days with reads leading up to the 10th where I went for my final dentist appointment. The temporary caps that had been inserted last month were removed and the permanent ones replaced. I now have solid, firm back teeth, and as I mentioned last month a $4,000 payout that created a lot less in my bank account. But health is important to me and I give up other things to have strong teeth.


My granddaughters 23rd birthday arrived and I took her out for Famoso pizza and of course a cash gift. Time flies so quickly. I cannot believe she is grown and making her own decisions in life.


The next evening my friend Jackie came over with the news that KFC now was doing vegan ‘chickn’ popcorn etc. That was news to me but hey I was happy to have company and more food to explore. We had the vegan chickn’ sandwich and the popcorn thingies. It was OK, but to tell you the truth I thought they would come with the skin that is around their own chicken. It did not. Jackie seems to think that the crunchy tasty batter outside of the actual meat is the skin of the animal. So, unfortunately, KFC is off my eating places. I never really liked fast food growing up anyway. Plus, we again invested in wine on the patio whilst eating the feast 😊 I love my patio that’s for sure. Summer evenings watching the sunset.


One more read and then four straight days in a row with none. During those times I do some housework, keep up my astrology forecasts on Facebook, and in general amuse myself with TV and Candy Crush. BUT!!! This month, as I mentioned last month, I had bought a new computer and a laser printer. I bought the laser printer as the ink now is powder and will not dry up as liquid ink tends to do. I am VERY pleased with it as I do not have to run and turn it on every time I need to use it. Once I had figured out how to add the drivers, add the wireless, and set the entire machine up it has so far worked extremely well.


Now the computer has a VERY touchy mouse, and at times I have thought of buying a side wireless mouse but I do prefer to use the pad. So, I have diligently made myself get used to it. Next, I had been using windows mail for my e-mail program and I knew that upgrading my computer would also mean getting to use another e-mail program. Outlook was installed and as I had set my mind to the point of ‘we are learning’ I then undertook to get used to Outlook. Then I created all my shortcuts, added in my passwords to websites and ‘saved’ them, dragged, and dropped to DropBox. Copied and pasted the signatures I use for the books and all that was needed on the old computer that I use daily to the new computer. Finally, I was happy and moved the old computer downstairs into storage.


NEXT!!! Facebook upgraded the pages to a brand-new look. This I was not expecting, but I took it in stride and have actually enjoyed the new look once I explored it and found all the gadgets and new links.


I always feel sorry for people who will not get used to new tech areas. With new tech, areas come new upgrades and if you do not learn them alongside the changes then you will be left behind when the old becomes obsolete. Just a tip for those who cannot take the time to explore and change the habits of comfort.


Next, I also bought the ‘office word’ that was extremely different from the old system that I no longer wanted. This too has been a learning area for me.


LASTLY!!! My website server informed me that ALL websites are being moved to their new look. I was offered the new look right away or able to defer for 3 months. I chose the deferral as I felt that I already had enough learning to do.

Luckily, I learn quickly and enjoy tech so all is GREAT so far and I look forward to learning more of all of the in and outs of my tech toys.


Also, whilst on quiet time I am reading a book called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. If you choose to buy it [Amazon stocks it] buy the one where the front cover has ‘introduction by Margaret Atwood’. This was re-published in 1991 BUT the book was written in 1942. I am astounded as the futuristic picture of what he wrote about back in the time frame that it was written in. One has to wonder if he came from the future. It is a book that you need to read from page one and not skip chapters or words. I highly recommend that you either go to the library or order it. It is not expensive and will astound you.


The 19th arrived and once again my neighbor and I went off to eat. This time just for a fun evening. I chose Padmandi’s as I feel that is our best vegan restaurant in town. As usual, my neighbor was full of expressive delight over the tasty food. She truly loves these outings of vegan delights. AND!! I do have to say I enjoy a person who delights in new explorations of different foods.


Then back to busy 😊 Some Skype calls and an awesome house party that had great people to read and a lovely host.


More reads, which I always thank the Universe for as I partake in them, and then as the month neared to an end my son and I went out to Watari. Here they have an array of Japanese food dishes that my son truly loves and I am able to get a separate menu of vegan sushi and other vegan delights. It seems during my ‘non-work days’ that eating, wine, and sitting on my patio fill up my time LOL.


Lastly again my friend Jackie came over for dinner. This time she was flying to New York and I was driving her to the airport so she came over early and we had a vegan bottle of wine as I had ordered the brands at my local winery store and along with that, I made my pea soup, potato salad, chickpea tomatoes, and mint salad plus my mushroom. cheese. veggie puff pastry wraps. She brought chocolate cupcakes and cake for dessert and we dug in and ate and drank 😊 at 10 pm I drove her out to the airport and then returned home to my bed, TV, and such. Awaking in the morning she had arrived safely in New York so I will be picking her back up on September 10th.


I do have to say that sadly the Fort McMurray Fall and Christmas shows have both been canceled. I am still waiting for updates on two of my other Christmas shows that at this time have to show their plans to the health department and are given the ‘rules’ as to how many of the pubic will be allowed in at the same time. One of my shows will make their decision on that number and the other I am waiting to hear back. 


UPDATE: Grand Prairie Christmas Show at Evergreen Centre on the first weekend of December [Thurs/Fri/ Sat] will be going ahead. I will notify all of my GP clients and hope to see you there. I will be doing reads at the same spot I was in last year.


And that was my month that looking at the end will have two more reads and September will arrive in full force. I wonder what the next six months will bring? It looks like the powers that control us are hinting at another shutdown. It looks like the majority will allow this as it appears barely anyone will stand up for our freedoms. Sad as this is not a virus that kills everyone. It has a 99% recuperation and it does appear that no one cares about the economy and the future of your controlled life.


As September changes to Fall do remember that meditation is the action that connects us to our soul purposes. I know that at this time that many are under strains and a lot have no idea where the world will take us now, BUT!! Just remember that when you can connect to ‘self’ which is your own energy, you can shift these energies. That is all I can advise to many and I suggest you make a plan B in case your life does not allow you to return to what you want it to. For many, you may need to change occupations now. Meditation does allow the energy to change and attract newness. Do not be afraid to step through new doors that will be offered.



Do you know you cannot renew a passport right now? I will bet that until a vaccine is discovered you will not be allowed. And then? Well me thinks LOL, that with all of you who have allowed yourselves to be‘controlled’ so easily that you will not be allowed to renew it until you show your vaccine certificate. No certificate? No travel. That will move into chips for newborn babies and as the world changes all will be on a chip in your skin and move towards AI. [artificial intelligence] All because you will not stand up to the control that is gradually being added each day to your lives and you just trundle along nodding your head and being faceless.


As I keep pointing out the public is allowing this to happen. For such a deadly disease where are the bio-hazard bins?


I will cover Canada: Population 37, 894, 799 ONLY one percent [hat is thirty-seven million, eight hundred and ninety-four thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine.

Covid Cases: 127,074 in the country. One hundred and twenty-seven thousand and seventy-four.

Recovered cases: 113,093 in the country. One hundred and thirteen thousand and ninety-three.

Active Now: 4, 927 Four thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven. [out of the population, see above]

Deceased: 9,108 Nine thousand one hundred and eight.

Now pay attention: If 1%] died, the number would have to be 378, 947. Three hundred and seventy-eight thousand nine hundred and forty-seven.

And you are all following and allowing control in ALL areas. This is a disease that 99% and higher are recuperating from within two weeks. Just like the flu.


I can only say that I am glad I am on the age side of not having to be here to be totally controlled and ordered to submit.


Positive Thoughts to You All Always. VcToria.





China: My last baby. Very healthy at 16 years of age and loves being the only cat.


Now the food: Raw food:$56.88 Tinned food came to $82.60. Dry food was not needed. Kitty litter was not needed nor treats etc etc. 


The total monthly cost was $139.48.


If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with a personality to the adult stage. Animals feel with unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a companion for life. They also need dental care, checkups, and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.

My Last Book With Angel Cards

The Encyclopedia of Fifty Year Old Magic by Geof Gray-Cobb Maiya Gray-Cobb and VcToria Gray-Cobb.This book is on PRE-SALE right now.  The Encyclopedia of Fifty Year Old Magic by Geof Gray-Cobb, Maiya Gray-Cobb, and VcToria Gray-Cobb and Then Now and Forever by VcToria Gray-Cobb. Taken from Angels The Guardian of Your Destiny are the 122 Angels that surround this earth. 

I have created a book that allows you to find your Seven Personal Angels from the 122, based upon your day, date of birth, time, zodiac, and ruler of your zodiac. Not only that it also finds the seventh Angel who is the Group leader who takes care of the six Angels. 

NOT ONLY THAT but :) any time you do any type of work, whether it be healing of a client, a read, any magic work for yourself you can find the EXACT date, time, and zodiac cards to bring in the Angels who will work with your seven to create a power of strength. 

I have created a full-year program starting with you finding your Seven helpers and then setting up your energy to create almost anything. At first, we see if you have a bifurcated soul? Then based upon the Moon and Sun signs, you can sit with the book and set up the year program with all of the energies allowing changes and shifts to happen at the CORRECT time. Much like the Universe does with seasons. 

This is my last book and is unique in the way that is it programmed to work WITH Angel cards that you will not find anywhere else.  Angel Cards for USA and Canada  


I ship WORLDWIDE EXCEPT TO INDIA Please order from Amazon if you live in India.


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VcToria books her appointments around your schedule. The only time she will not book is first thing in the morning. The appointments are from 1 pm to midnight. Her office is located in the West End of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Home Office Appointments: Please look at my website for prices and the package of your choice before you call. Please note I do NOT do the mini reads at home that I do at the shows around town. Or out of town.


Please go to under the menu bar for all prices and descriptions of reads. 780-4817238 OR click here to go directly to the prices Prices of Psychic Reads


I have removed the link to the planets and void of course. If you wish to know the daily movements I post them on FaceBook under my business name The Alternative Universe. 


There are 12 houses in the 360-degree circle of your birth chart.


The seventh house is all about relationships. Here, when you look at the natal positions of the planets [where they sat at birth] you will have a good idea of what to expect from this area of your life. Do you have issues with all relationships? Do you crave another person? There are so many answers that will give you peace of mind from this area.


Now, as the planets move through the seventh house [transits] you have the opportunity to explore these areas and fix the issues if it is your own doing that prevents the balance of two people. 

I would say this house is one of the most pressing to explore. First, you have to love yourself and many do not. Until you allow this to be the first and foremost emotion you cannot love another as equal. This is where you will find out if you ‘need’ another person or ‘enjoy’ the other person. Need is NOT growth but adding ‘joy’ to yourself is. You decide.

Your birth chart shows this area and all that you can learn from it or ‘need’ to learn from it.

If you cannot read your chart I do offer astrology reads.


Next Month: 8th House.

Click Here to order Astrology Chart Orders

VcToria's AWESOME Vegan Kitchen
In case you are new to my Newsletter I just wish to say this "The first thing you eat in the morning feeds the brain". Remember this as you will find a HUGE difference if you start the day with a green juice. I have done this for decades along with 3-4 teaspoons of hemp seed. I am never sick. Into a Vitamix: 2 green chopped apples, 4-5 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 6-8 cups water. Blend on high for 2 minutes or until all veggies are juiced. ENJOY. PS: Keep the skins, seeds and everything EXCEPT the lemon skins on the veggies and place in Vitamix.  
Bread As Promised

This was the easiest thing in the world to do. If I had known eons ago how easy bread is to make, I probably would have got a bread maker 😊 but one is not needed for this recipe.


3 cups of all-purpose flour or bread flour of your choice.

¼ teaspoon dry active yeast [active is VIP to use] [do not use more than the recipe calls for]

1 ¼ teaspoon of salt

1 ½ cups hot water

In a bowl add your dry ingredients. Then stir in the hot water until all is combined. It will be a sticky nice round ball of dough.


Now cover the bowl with saran wrap or any plastic covering. Look at it 12-18 hours later and it will have risen nicely.


Lift the dough out and place it on a lightly floured countertop and form into a ball.


Take some parchment paper and place the dough on the paper and sprinkle a wee bit of flour. Cover with a cloth while you heat the oven to 450F. As you open the oven place the dutch oven or whatever you plan to use for cooking the bread into it as it heats.


Once heated remove the pan and place the parchment paper with the dough inside and cover it with the lid. Bake for 30 minutes. Remove the lid and bake for another 10-15 minutes till the top is golden brown.


TIP: Add a bowl of water inside the oven while cooking the bread to get a nicer softer cooked dough.


TIP: Cook this first then you can experiment by adding herbs, and tasty spices to each loaf. IE: Garlic, Rosemary, etc.



Next Month: Mushroom, veggie, and cheese puff pastry dish.


Nosh Cafe, Indian Bistro 10235 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, Alberta

These reviews are for Edmonton, Alberta Canada, and surrounding areas. Last month I told you all that I had reviewed all of the total vegan restaurants in the past 14 months or so. With the terrible actions of the governments shutting down ALL small businesses a lot of vegan restaurants did not survive. Plus some big chain restaurants too that surprised me.


As I said last month, now I would be reviewing restaurants that offer vegan options so I chose The Nosh, and off I went with my VERY enthusiastic neighbor who just LOVES getting out eating twice a month. Once we go for pleasure and once for the review.


Again a lovely day was upon us, we arrived, and with no mask hassles, we seated ourselves on the patio. I believe the owner served us and sorry if he was not LOL. Very good service and very attentive. 10/10 for the service.


The first thing you note is that they have vegan milkshakes. Mama Mia :) I was quick to order the espresso one and my neighbor ordered the chai. As he went off to make them we studied the menu and decided on our foods. He arrived back with our milkshakes and as I was telling him my order I took a sip of this delicious looking shake. As the taste buds took in the aroma and tingling of the mixture I slowly came to the realization that chai was a prominent taste coming forth. I looked up at my neighbor who was GUSHING with glee over hers as she tasted it. That is MINE I said and burst out laughing. We exchanged our milkshakes and as I took a deep gulp I said ‘mine is better’ and she agreed having had the sip that was allowed LOL. Therefore I am giving my espresso a 10/10 and hers a 9/10. I also ordered a second one it was SSSOOO delicious. I highly recommend the milkshakes if you choose to go there.


Next, we shared a plate of veggie pakora which we both agreed rated a 10/10. Moving onto our main courses I had ordered the veggie fried rice that I gave a 9/10 to. My neighbor had ordered the coconut soup which I gave a 9/10 too as well as her vegan chili chicken. Both her dishes were so spicy and had cilantro of which I am NOT a fan of at all. Cilantro ruins any dish as far as I am concerned. Funnily enough, people either LOVE or HATE it. I am in the hate category.


I ordered the butter chicken and found it a wee bit too spicy for myself, so it got an 8/10 BUT to my GREAT delight the Naan breads are all vegan and we ordered the garlic bread. That my friends I gave a 10/10 too.


Desserts were chocolate cupcakes or a version of them. I found them horrible but my neighbor loved them and took mine home with her. I like to melt in the mouth type of cooking for cupcakes etc. and these were solid and hard. Not stale at all, just cooked differently to my likening. I gave them a 2/10.


If you are vegan the menu offers a MASSIVE choice of dishes and I highly recommend either doing take out or dining in. They also appear to have opened up a pot store in the back alley. I do not do drugs but hey have a toke and then eat if that is your lifestyle. :) Knowing from my hippie days that pot makes everything taste YUMMY this is a perfect addition to any restaurant I think LOL. You will order double what you normally do. Enjoy if you choose to go.


Next Month: I will be covering vegan pizza on the patio I hope at Famosa. 


Phone Readings: VcToria offers phone reads by appointment. She books seven days a week from 1pm till Midnight. VcToria prefers to see her clients in person, but if you do not reside in Edmonton and are not in any of the towns she travels to, please do call for a phone read. Click Here  Phone or Skype Reads


House Parties: VcToria offers house parties catered around your choice. She can supply as many psychics as you need for your party. Click Here House Parties She also offers her services to corporate events. Click Here Corporate Events. If she is driving through your town you can also arrange a house party at that time. She will stop and do mini psychic reads for your guests. Please call to see when she is traveling and if she is passing your way.


Readings: VcToria offers five packages of readings. You may choose from a variety of Tarot Cards/Numerology/Palmistry/Mind, Body and Soul/Astrology Charts and the latest read The Third Eye. To view her packages please click on this link Prices of Psychic Reads


Clearings: Do you need your home or office cleared of bothersome energies? VcToria offers clearings of all homes and offices in Edmonton. If you wish to have a home or office clearing and she is passing through your town she will stop to accommodate you. VcToria uses her Fathers voice and direction to start the clearings. She then uses her own energy, crystals and smudging to clear and heal your home. You will also have a personal clearing. For more information or to book an appointment please call her. 780-481-7238.You may also purchase the protective/energy clearance CD that VcToria has always used, on the website store.  Remove Negative Energy. Note this is VcToria’s late Fathers original work.


Personal Clearings: VcToria will open up your chakras by activating her Reiki knowledge then ask your guides to be present. She will then smudge and clear you, speaking very clearly about removing energy as she cleanses. You will leave with your chakras balanced and your aura energy vibrating. As a physical body needs a bath or shower so the outer energy needs clearing every so often. Duration of personal cleanse 10-15 minutes. Only available in conjunction with a reading.

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