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Geof Gray-Cobb [my late Father]


VIP: My shows start up this month and as promised I announce them here. I am in ‘Make It’. This is the only show for March that is local. Location: Northlands, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Date: March 21st/22nd/23/. Please google for the hours. I have an aisle booth so just look for the purple curtains. 

I have been asked when I will be doing my mini reads and here I am. For those who do not know, I ONLY do mini reads at shows and my full in-depth reads at my home office.


Next, sad to see my winter gone. I LOVE my home and the easy-going energy that is created daily by my actions. I have enough work, enough stuff around the house to do, and enjoy TV and book reading time :) I could honestly get used to living this way forever. However, I chose to have more of an exciting life and therefore will continue to do my VERY enjoyable choice of work till the end of physical time.


This month I actually found time to read two of David Baldacci’s books that had been sitting in the cue waiting to be read. PLUS!!

The 5th book, of my late Father, all revised and republished, that last month I mentioned I was waiting for finally arrived. It looked perfect and all orders were filled. It is now available on my web-store or Amazon. See below for more information on all the books. Keeping on the subject of books, I revised and added the last chapter of my memoir: ‘Then Now and Forever’ by VcToria Gray-Cobb. That too, finally arrived this week, and although there are two small errors in typos’ inside the book I am leaving it that way. Why? Basically it took 5 weeks for this book to get here. I was receiving orders and took a chance and ‘submitted’ it for approval to be distributed. If I correct the 2 small typos it costs an arm and leg. I will wait till they do that yearly offer of free corrections. Please feel free to order from my web store or Amazon. Again description is below.


I had a LOVELY February and I thank the Universe for that extra day. First, my friend Jackie came over on the 3rd and we traded a full astrology, tarot, etc. read for a body massage. The I made mid-day lunch and we ate and chatted. Took a full 51/2 hours!


Next, I had a meeting with a new guy who will be moving my website over to a word press later on in April. There will be nothing to worry about if all goes smoothly. All you will notice is an integration of my Then Now and Forever website and the alternative universe website. I will inform you all once it is up and running. No domain change in names but perhaps a reset if you have me in cache.


Believe it or not, February was busier than January. This is a first for me. Honestly, although many doubt vibrations come from names, I do not. Since changing my name back to my birth certificate name, as I mentioned last month, the vibration moves from a 4 to an 8. 8=Harvest, and as the vibration sets in the harvest of life increases. I have no complaints on this as I am saving for my rocking world travel. Although I do have to add that it is SUPER DUPER hard not to adopt another cat. But I will not allow this to happen [I hope LOL]


I took in a free presentation for learning, supposedly, video stuff. Not as informative as I had hoped, and upon trying out some of the places he recommended for Facebook ads etc. turns out they did not do what he told us. BUT!! I then called my web site guy whom I met up with again and he took me through the steps of FaceBook business manager and uploaded an ad. I now have the tools and knowledge to create more and see what comes from FB ads. I will wait till Mercury is no longer retrograde though.


Truly the month has flown by. As for the rest of it, I worked on the LAST book I will be putting out. The Encyclopedia of Fifty Years of Magic. As I was busier with clients than normal this book took a bit of a back seat. I will be wrapping it up by early to mid-March though. I did have a meeting with my design printer and the 78 cards with 99 Angels drawn and created are done. Yes, the cards are linked to the book, so that if you choose, you have visuals to work with. More on that next month. OH, each Angel is personally created to vibe with your birth data. You have seven Angels in total.


Tonight, [ I am writing and pre-programming on February 26th ] along with two of my g’kids I am going to visit the millionaire homes and buy a ticket. Then the

three of us will be having supper somewhere that will be decided in the moment.

That completes my month off, as I look back, positivity and joy. As I look forward I see that I am in all shows and just waiting for confirmation on one last one that notifies in April I think. Maybe before. Interestingly enough by March, I basically know all that I will be doing for the complete year, and then in-between when clients call, I set up the appointments at that time for the office work. I intend to have a GREAT summer because, as I mentioned last year, I gave up a lot of shows in 2018 leaving most of my summer days for me.


Oh yes, we had an awesome warm day this month and I took a long walk. My home has walking trails behind it, PLUS a block south, another gorgeous long walking trail that takes me to the woods, that then goes down to the Saskatchewan River. I walked along to the woods, then upon my return sat on the benches that are supplied on these walking trails, and meditated in front of a man-made lake that was iced over with beautiful white snow. Bringing in the warm vibration of the Sun, and programming immense feelings of satisfaction are a powerful way to feel the joy of life. I do suggest you put away the earplugs, texting, phone in general, and take a spring walk and be inclusive with nature. It’s a WONDERFUL feeling to be peaceful.


There is that old Buddhist saying ‘if you are worried about something, fix it. If it cannot be fixed, do not worry’. I live by this and never worry. Worry changes nothing and I learned this years ago. Plus it gives wrinkles LOL.


Wrapping up Chat now for another month. Enjoy the last of the cold if you live in the Northern hemisphere, or where winter is your season. Meditate daily to hear the messages of life, change your energy, and actually see the purpose of your own life.

Positive Thoughts to You All till next month. VcToria Gray-Cobb.


China: My last baby. Very healthy at 16 years of age and loves being the only cat.

Now the food: Raw food:$54.82. Since I just bought the 3 boxes that will last till April. Tinned food came to $66.77. Dry food came to 32.12.

The total monthly cost was $153.71. I tell you it is SO cheap just to have one cat.


If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with a personality to the adult stage. Animals feel with unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a companion for life. They also need dental care, checkups, and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.

My Opinion This Month 

Well once again as I watch the news nightly I shake my head at this 'fear' mongering. If you look up the stats for the winter flu season more than 18,000 people normally pass over. All of these have weak immune systems. If you do not eat properly then the immune system is not working at 100%. So instead of the coronavirus, I will talk about the flu. Why the coronavirus is such a big deal I have no idea. I guess someone out there wants the economy to feel the impact.


This month I read with absolute sympathy towards this personal belief. She is pregnant. Then got the flu BUT!!! dig this she thanked herself for getting a flu shot as she claimed the doctor said it would have been a lot worse. EXCUSE ME?? You got the flu shot and still got the flu? PLUS you're pregnant? Then she went on to say how the doctor had put her on some other 'supposedly' natural drug. It will be interesting to see if this baby as he/she grows, develops any asthma, OCD, and all the other symptoms these young kids are developing from the drugs that people are taking like candy. Plus the sugar they all are fed.


I am not a doctor, nor any other type of medically educated person. But I do know that I do not take medications of any kind and NEVER will. I accept passing naturally. I have never done a flu shot, why would I? If I do not get sick in the summer why would I in the winter? OH YES!! as I have written many times before, the reason people get the flu in the winter is simple. They do not go outside, have fresh air, or walk around.


Since my query is so simple? Why would you only get the flu in the winter and not the summer? Here is the answer.

Keep the same habits as you do in the summer months. Embrace outdoors. Now food? This plays a HUGE part in health. If you have not figured out that the brain is fed by what you eat, then you must be eating incorrectly.


If you are not open-minded enough to try vegan, or more in tune now, plant-based for 30 days to feel the massive health benefits then either you are a hypochondriac or are enjoying the attention you get when you talk about your illnesses. Either way, I think that still is a hypochondriac.



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There are 12 houses in the 360-degree circle of your birth chart.


The first house is all about you, your ego and who you are. Having said that though, it truly helps to have your exact time of birth. Why? This gives us your ascendant. The area that you will work with in life.

Think about it as your front door. it is the first impression you make on people. With the time of your birth this shows your ascendant and really programs the chart to allow the interpretation of who you truly are, and how you will use the conditions of life offered to you.


Now what planet rules your first house? This will tell us a lot about your physical energy and what you should use it for. What planets are in your first house?

The first house gives us a great understanding of you. How to see yourself.

My first house is large, covering Pisces and Aries and holds 4 planets. Mercury in Pisces, [which is why I talk a lot] Moon in Pisces which is why, if you know me well, I wear my emotions on the outside, the Sun in Aries, and if you do not know me well is why you think I am tough, brave and unemotional. That is because the Sun is the all powerful energy and allows one to mask emotions. Lastly Venus in Aries, although at birth it was retrograde, is why I like pretty things as in home etc.


This house, when I use all 4 energies in a 'positive' manner allows me to be the creative self I am now.


In my early years this house created my life to be an INNER emotional mess. Covered by the power of the Sun, so you had to know me well to see this. I wrote a book about that called 'Then Now and Forever' by VcToria Gray-Cobb. Available on Amazon or my web store.


Plus my Ascendant is Pisces and that rules your personality. Again you can see my creativity and emotions that comes from that.


As you view your first house take into consideration all that lives there. This is what you can use for your potential. This is who you 'can' become if you choose to use the energy of the planets at the correct times.


Take your chart and view the potential that has been set forth for you and create it. If you cannot read your chart I do offer astrology reads.


Next Month: 2nd House.

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VcToria's AWESOME Vegan Kitchen
In case you are new to my Newsletter I just wish to say this "The first thing you eat in the morning feeds the brain". Remember this as you will find a HUGE difference if you start the day with a green juice. I have done this for decades along with 3-4 teaspoons of hemp seed. I am never sick. Into a Vitamix: 2 green chopped apples, 4-5 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 6-8 cups water. Blend on high for 2 minutes or until all veggies are juiced. ENJOY. PS: Keep the skins, seeds and everything EXCEPT the lemon skins on the veggies and place in Vitamix.  

I chose not to do lasagna as I was not overly impressed with it. Last month I wrote that I was doing an exchange for a read and in return getting a massage and then making dinner. I used a gluten free pasta made from green lentils for my guest and added a home made mozzarella cheese that I made from tofu plus veggies. I was not a big fan although it was OK. Jackie ate it all so I guess it was not that bad LOL.


BUT!!! I am moving towards a plant based life style. Above is a photo of one of my dinners. In previous Vegan Kitchen columns I have posted how to cook chick peas from dried. Making your beans from dried is not only VERY cheap, but you do not have all the chemicals that are added to a tin to keep them fresh. I also own an Instant Pot that I find handy for the beans, but stove top is just longer and just as good. Any slow cooker would be great, as you can leave in the morning if you work, and come home to them all done.


The chick peas, if you look closely, are at the bottom of my veggies. I have carrots, turnip, brussel sprouts,cauliflower and lastly the very recognizable broccoli that sits on top. If you care to add nutritional yeast on top that is very yummy also giving you the B12. I like it as is as I love the taste of fresh veggies.

You do not feel any heaviness when you eat this way. The body is made to eat plants. Oh and of course the protein also comes from the chick peas and the veggies.


Next Month: I will find something very yummy as I am on my winter break and tend to be very spontaneous as I do not have to plan meals. 


SEITANS DISCIPLES 10255 97th Street  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada REVIEW WITH VcToria and Julie

This review was done in December. I lost my vegan review buddy and had hoped that Janice would be my monthly tag along girl, but even though she works with animals, she still eats them unfortunately, So her love of vegan is just not there. Taste buds will change when you let go of animal fat, but many are not willing to, or are just not ready. It's a shame as truly they do not know what they are missing energy wise.:) 


Since this February I chose not to go alone to eat, I am using times I did go out for reviews. It was always my plan as I knew that some months I would either not want to go out or I would be busy with shows.

In December Julie and I went to see A Christmas Carol at the Citadel. I chose the restaurant with the review in mind for a later date like now.

Seitans Disicples is in the same space as Peche Cafe. It opens at 5 pm after Peche Cafe closes. I reviewed Peche Cafe last year.


Above is the pic of the food that we chose. First I got there early and had a hot chocolate and the last chocolate cup cake. I have to say whoever makes the cupcakes got it down pat. YUM, soft, fresh and the icing was perfect. Apparently I took the last hot chocolate, as once my buddy Julie arrived she could not get one. She was informed that I got the last one. I do find that this place does not stock well. On a cold chilly night one would expect hot chocolate to be plentiful.


I ordered the 'fried chickun', the poutine and Julie had the wings. The last time I had been there I had also eaten the potato salad and highly recommended it to Julie. Sad to say, there must have been a change in the recipe or cook this time as the potato salad was not eaten by either of us.


Now the poutine I feel was well worth the trip :) However, I also make a mean poutine at home, and was really looking forward to the 'fried' chickun'. I guess I set my hopes too high. Back, many decades ago, I used to eat KFC. Yup, I think many of us vegans probably did as well. I had expected a tasty breaded crust with greasy yummy skin type stuff [maybe rice paper] wrapped around the seitan. It was not to be. I found it extremely tasteless and the seitan could be a lot more softer [kneaded and steamed] and with more seasoning and perhaps some apple cider vinegar to cut the taste of gluten mixed in?


The wings were OK, but clearly again the seitan could be a lot more appealing. Julie, my buddy, who eats anything, was not overly impressed sad to say. I always hope that non-vegan people will walk away wanting more. Anything to save animals but this definitely did not make a dent in her choices.


So far my late vegan buddy Jackie has been there 3 times and all of them have been disappointing to her. She has tried the early morning, [that brave girl] afternoon and with me in the evening. It is not to be. Now I tried it for the second time and another disappointment.


Is it because I cook? The reviews on the food are good so people are liking it. The destination is far out of our way and in a dark place at night. I notice though, that the Greek restaurant that was normally closing at night was open that evening that we went out. I wonder if, because Seitans Disciples are now opening at night, if other restaurants will as well. This could be a bonus for all.


I wish them well and I do add that Skip the Dishes is the place to call if you are in the delivery area. I am not, so I cannot even give it a second shot.However, if I am ever in the area after 5 pm I will grab a to go box of 'fried chickun' and see if it has improved as I always give things two chances.


I am however starting to work with seitan [see last months newsletter in my Awesome Vegan Kitchen column] and am going to put together the KFC spices and try that out some time this month in my own kitchen :)


NEXT MONTHS REVIEW: My neighbor will be coming with me to Watari's, the vegan sushi place on 124th Street. Expect a review of the Watari's next month.

Last year Jackie and I gave a RAVE review to the one Jasper Ave that opened with vegan only, but for some reason the location did not take off. That place closed and the 124th street remains with vegan and vegetarian.


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