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How was your month of May? Mine was fine, because  as I mentioned to a friend of mine ‘I am under none of these ridiculous laws’ and therefore have basically carried on with my life the way I have always done. The difference though is that I would never allow myself to work at anything I was not happy with. It appears many have and during this time they are saying ‘oh I did this and this and this’. I do not understand why, people who know they only have this life that is recalled with memory, why they would not have activated all that brings them joy prior? I do not get it. I do not understand why anyone would waste their time doing something just for money and not the love of the action that brings wealth.


So onward with my month. The only difference is that ALL my shows have been cancelled, and sad to say both of them that I applied for in Saskatchewan, with hopes they would be still going ahead also sent me an e-mail with cancellations.


However, I have a lot of clients and many did not forget me. I have had in person reads, Skype and phone in abundance. My book sales, that I am SO VERY HAPPY that I re-published, have sold well. The nice thing is that the income is always paid out 90 days later so basically I am receiving January/February and March income while I am at home.


I will not be taking off my winter tires as I am barely using my van and this is one of the financial savings I have chosen to make. I deferred my mortgage and, although I could clearly afford to pay it right now, I have chosen to save it in case September has changes in the shows. Then I would have the six months moving forward while life figured itself out again. I feel they are great choices for me. 


Next I decided not to do the front lawn and fence that was next on my 'to do' list. I just bought some solar lights for the pathway. I chose to plant kale, lettuce, tomatoes and other veggies in my garden. I went to the garden center and bought 9 bags of really good soil and over this weekend I will be replacing some clay areas with this and planting more. I hope I am not too late in the season. My apple tree has so far survived the winds and none of the flowery blossoms have been ripped off. Last year they all were and I had no apples. This year I am clearly getting a ton of apples. I may buy an apple press if I can find a good second hand one. Then I will make apple cider for the winter months :)


Well my May month started off well with clients. Then my son, who turned 49 this year HOLY COW!!! came over and I made him a birthday dinner as nothing was open at that time. Normally we go to The Japanese Village, but with all this control over businesses being allowed to take place I cooked for him and we ate on the patio.


I actually have had clients almost every day and I do thank the Universe for that. Mother’s Day arrived and once again my son came over with a lovely card and a FUTURE massage for me and a promise of a meal. Since ALL of the vegan restaurants for some strange reason have not re-opened we will be going to Cactus that has chosen to open up their patio and tables.


My neighbor came over for lunch and I made a vegan cheese cake plus onion bread [see recipe below] with tomatoes, avocados and my freshly grown sprouts that I do in jars.


Another friend of mine dropped over and we chatted on my patio mainly about the stupidity of the world. As she pointed out they recommend social distancing and the first thing that happens is the banks ALL close their branches expect for a few, creating LONG line ups outside and frustration on having to handle our OWN money. Next the grocery stores shortened their hours creating more people inside at the same time. Pure stupidity.


Now I was of the unfortunate ones that had to go to the bank to cash out my granddaughters RESP for her. First we had to use an IPhone with the activation and only then were we allowed to book in even though we had an appointment. NEXT we had to text the manager, and then the THREE security people out front asked us a series of questions: have we been to China lately? Do we feel ill at all? I kid you not. As my g’daughter then said ‘if someone’s lining up, do you really think they will admit to not feeling well?’


Next we were allowed in and told to sit at a table while the manager talked to us about our PERSONAL financials from SIX feet away. Then he asked if we had brought our own pens. GOOD GRIEF. Upon us saying ‘no’ he said well “wait here I’ll go and disinfect a pen for you” I KID YOU NOT.


The point is that almost everyone I run into is finding this ridiculous, but yet allowing themselves to follow the ‘RULES”.  Damn people if you boycott where they want you to wear a mask the businesses will have to allow this to drop. They cannot close ALL the businesses and I wish you would all stand up for yourself. Stop complaining about it and them succumbing to it. Let your hair grow, cut your kids hair, steer clear of Cosco and T and T till they are forced to drop the ridiculous rules. We are not mandated to wear masks and have our temperatures taken here in Alberta anyway, but I still see all the silly faces with masks that make them look ridiculous sitting in hair salons.


According to Kenney, who runs Alberta as our Premier, he will not be re-instating the health rules after June 9th.  GREAT. This will get Henshaw off our backs. When 98 % are recuperating and the 2 % are over 82 years of age we do not need to hear your nagging and dumb suggestions. After all your life has not changed has it? In fact I think you like the public eye and make up stuff just to stay there.


Anyway I have more to say under My Opinion column LOL. See below.


I am enjoying my time at home as I have made it VERY comfortable for myself. I do not have the emotion 'worry' so all is great with my inner core of being. I am meditating daily, watching a lot of TV but not enjoying the finales that are being created with Zoom. IE: The Black List. The Housewives. Etc.


I have ordered all of David Baldacci’s books that I did not own. Also by accident I ordered a John Grisham book. I think the Universe is showing me that since I have read all of Baldacci’s books it is time to go back to John Grisham.


China my almost 17 year old cat is fine. She is showing signs of tiredness now, but on the positive side she is not leaving the yard for her long 3-6 hours walks that were her natural nature until this year. I also see it as I am all alone and she is the only cat left so she may feel like she has to stay with me for most of the time. If that is how she feels I am fine with that LOL. Now I sleep deeply instead of keeping myself half-awake waiting for her to return home.


So as we move into June I assume it will be much the same as May. I will continue to work on my garden, watch TV, read books, pay attention to the market and go for walks with my grandson who about once a month comes over and we take a long walk down into the woods and at other times I go by myself.


Have a wonderful and positive June. I am posting daily astrological forecasts on my FaceBook for The Alternative Universe in case you wish to read them. Otherwise enjoy the rest if you are one of the people who will have to wait for Phase Three to know if you are even able to go back to work. 

My Opinion This Month



Let’s quickly cover 2003 when SARS arrived. They were working on a vaccine and then WOWSA the illness they named SARS just upped and disappeared. Never to return and they stopped looking for a vaccine. Google it if you think my facts are wrong. 200,000 died and not one business shut down.


Essential businesses in the government’s eyes: Marijuana stores, liquor stores, recycling depots, bottle recycling depots.


Closed: Gyms, massage therapists, dentists, and ALL areas of health.


Stay home for two weeks they said first of all. ‘Oh look how obedient you all are. Now let’s shut down your sources of entertainment. All festivals canceled in MARCH when most were taking place in August. HMMMMMM????? Now oh good, you are still at home? Let shut down all small businesses and let’s not let anyone eat inside a restaurant. 


77 days later: Oh good you sheep are still listening? Now let’s let them out and they will not care how we control them. You may eat in restaurants now but the place can only have 50% capacity. Oh, you may go for walks now but stay away from everyone. YELL about your business and life and let everyone hear as you remain 6 feet apart..


Now, what is so different now that we had to close the world down? YET???? Our airports are still open and people are still landing everywhere.


A quarantine of 14 days is still being told to everyone, but no one follows up on this to make sure it is taking place. BUT hockey is so important that Kenney has sent a letter to the Federal government asking that they be exempt from this requirement. HUH??? Then truly it is not necessary right? After all Italy and Spain have opened up with no quarantine required.


Oh, we know nothing about this so-called virus but we have tons of ‘rules’ for you to follow. 99% are recuperating but we will only tell you about the 1% deaths say the media.


Can you say stupid? Unless you all stand up and say ‘we will boycott any businesses who do not return to normal’ then this will stay like this. Why boycott businesses? Because they, the taxpayers will be forced to stand up to the government and get things open to 100%. BUT as long as you wear the masks, answer questions, allow your temperatures to be taken, hand over personal health information and so much more, NOTHING will change and ALL businesses will fail unless they are large and most likely import from China. IE: Walmart. 


You need to be saving your money right now. You are all allowing this to take place and it will get worse. Once the hand-outs stop, trust me, you will see an economic fall out for a lot of you. Stop being selfish and get back to normal. If you get sick know that 99% recover. Most likely you will too. Stop handing over your DNA when you have a sniffle. We sneezed and coughed prior to this fear-mongering.


TRUE STORY: I posted this on FaceBook but here it is for you. If this does not make you think long and hard then I guess you are enjoying being isolated. My neighbor is a front line worker at one of our hospitals. Back in March she woke up with a sore throat and called into work and they told her to isolate. This was on a Monday. On Thursday they called and she had an appointment for a test on the Sunday with a drive-through. Still isolating by the Wednesday she received a call that it was ‘NEGATIVE’. Back to work she went. Her monthly report came out and upon reading it she was listed as a COVID 19 SURVIVOR!!!!! No, I am not making this up, nor kidding. She went to her superior to ask why; since her test came back negative, she was listed as such. THE ANSWER: “Well you had a sore throat for a day and these tests are 30 % [YES, THIRTY PERCENT] INACCURATE she was told so she may have had it” was the reply.


OK???? So how can the numbers be correct worldwide? They cannot be. Stop adding to them. If you feel a little off remember to rest and make sure you really need to add to the numbers as this is what is controlling all the stupidity in shutting down the world and the media LOVES to hype this up.


Has anything positive come of this? Yes, even though this was well known before. The senior homes will be taken better care of, but if you took care of your elderly parents yourselves most of this would not be happening. Listen to them when they tell you something is wrong. It is not like we have not seen the abuse many times over the years and nothing was done then.


But that is all. We are back to plastic bags and worst millions and millions of rubber gloves and masks will now be overrunning the garbage dumps. Birds will be pecking away at them. Rubber does not recycle nor do the masks. And to top it off they do NOT do anything for you except have you breathe back in the air you are supposed to be breathing OUT. That is how the body is created. Breathe in and breathe out. Purify. Not poison yourself.


Kids are being forced to learn online. How do you enjoy looking at a computer screen all day? PLUS any of the answers can be googled not allowing any learning of any kind.


Nait and Grant McEwan will now be putting 80% of their schooling online. How educated will these people be?


Did you really think the graduating high school kids enjoyed standing in front of a computer screen and being told they had now graduated? And making them dress up? PLEASE. Graduation is a rite of passage for youth. Ruined because everyone took to ‘ooh we are so inventive’.


Crime is higher because masks are allowed.  Not only that encouraged. Wait till you are a victim of a crime and you cannot describe them.


Oh, I am sure some of my friends could add a LONG list of negativity BUT the best is the added Covid 19 charge at some businesses. Remember ALL  business purchases are tax-deductible so that is double-dipping and if you boycott the greedy ones they too will have to drop this excessive charge PLUS stand up to the government.


I leave you all to seriously think about life and how you wish to live.



Positive Thoughts to You All Always. VcToria.



China: My last baby. Very healthy at 16 years of age and loves being the only cat.


Now the food:

Raw food: None needed. Tinned food came to $61.80. I bought her some more dried fish on Amazon as you cannot get into T and T any more without waiting hours outside. I am also boycotting ANY stores or businesses that are demanding you wear a mask. T and T are also taking temperatures even though they are not medical advisors.

The cost for the 3 100 gram bags was $85.05. Kitty litter came to 23.09,


The total monthly cost was $169.94. For me a very cheap month.


If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with the personality to the adult stage. Animals feel with unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a companion for life. They also need dental care, checkups, and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.

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I have created a book that allows you to find your Seven Personal Angels from the 122, based upon your day, date of birth, time, zodiac, and ruler of your zodiac. Not only that it also finds the seventh Angel who is the Group leader who takes care of the six Angels. 

NOT ONLY THAT but :) any time you do any type of work, whether it be healing of a client, a read, any magic work for yourself you can find the EXACT date, time, and zodiac cards to bring in the Angels who will work with your seven to create a power of strength. 

I have created a full-year program starting with you finding your Seven helpers and then setting up your energy to create almost anything. At first, we see if you have a bifurcated soul? Then based upon the Moon and Sun signs, you can sit with the book and set up the year program with all of the energies allowing changes and shifts to happen at the CORRECT time. Much like the Universe does with seasons. 

This is my last book and is unique in the way that is it programmed to work WITH Angel cards that you will not find anywhere else.  Angel Cards for USA and Canada  


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There are 12 houses in the 360 degree circle of your birth chart.

The 5th house represents joy and happiness.It also represents creativity and for some children.


Why do I say 'for some'? children can be a joy to some and not to others.


If you have an empty natal 5th house you tend to be very lucky and have some what of a gypsy spirit. interestingly enough I have an empty 5th house in my natal chart. All my life I have been very lucky with money and have followed my heart not foundation. I have always seen life on this planet as temporary and have never been attached to material.


NOW!! I enjoy material but have let go of it many many times to follow my gypsy spirit.

Now maybe many will understand the 5th house. If you have planets residing there at birth then these planets and their energies will activate the areas of 'joy' for you.


if you have an empty house then as the planets wander through in transits the energies will activate what you can receive as the offering.


If you cannot read your chart I do offer astrology reads.


Next Month: 7th House.

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VcToria's AWESOME Vegan Kitchen
In case you are new to my Newsletter I just wish to say this "The first thing you eat in the morning feeds the brain". Remember this as you will find a HUGE difference if you start the day with a green juice. I have done this for decades along with 3-4 teaspoons of hemp seed. I am never sick. Into a Vitamix: 2 green chopped apples, 4-5 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 6-8 cups water. Blend on high for 2 minutes or until all veggies are juiced. ENJOY. PS: Keep the skins, seeds and everything EXCEPT the lemon skins on the veggies and place in Vitamix.  

I have never done this bread in an oven so if you do not have a dehydrator and wish to see if it will dry in an oven just know it will not be considered raw.


3 cups of thinly sliced onions

3/4 cups of ground flax seeds

3/4 cup of ground sunflower seeds

1/2 cup Brags soy seasoning

1/3 cup olive oil.


Mix all of the above in a large bowl. Take your dehydrator sheet and spread the mixture evenly upon them. The thicker you make it the longer it will take to dry. Set the dehydrator at 95F and let the bread sit for 24 hours. Flip and dry for another 24 hours.

Before you put it into the dehydrator run a knife down each 2-3 inches creating squares.


OVEN: Please do not blame me if it does not work. Above 95F enzymes die so that is why this will not be considered raw as the ovens lowest setting is 175F. I would set it for 5 hours and check OR look every hour and if it is dry on top flip it and keep checking till it is dry.


Next Month: Same as last month. Not sure yet as all my shows were cancelled and again I'll play around all month and choose a yummy dish to share.





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