UPDATE on The HERMETIC ORDER OF CAMPO SANTO: YES!! The Learn to Read Tarot Cards is DONE!! And up onto the DRM. This is my late Fathers sessions that he wrote and published in Starcraft, a magazine that was metaphysical in content back in the mid-seventies.


There are 17 sessions. The cost is $10 PER session or $100 for all 17. Now starting either September (2021) OR January [2022] I will be hosting ‘LIVE’ Zoom classes once a week for anyone who has purchased the sessions. These will be $20 per class and we will focus upon each session BUT with my expertise.

 I will guide you properly and teach you how. Anyone who has read with me knows I am quite experienced and if I may say so myself, since I have tons of repeat clients [not to brag but I speak the truth] am good at my job.


I am now in the 2nd edit of Neophyte and hope this will be up by the end of July.

I will be offering ALL 3 manuals Tarot/Neophyte and Novice at a one-time price of $250. This also comes with an offer of using Dads or my name if you wish to add this work to your own OR start your own business. More on that later once it is all up.


Everyone will get an e-mail once ALL 3 are ready to purchase.


SUGGESTION: Most of the 2021 festivals were canceled so anyone who wants the mini reads that I ONLY offer at them can if they like, put together a House Party. Know the prices are the same as the festivals. Link>HOUSE PARTIES


Now I know some of you are thinking ‘how is her poor toe’? [LOL] See last month's newsletter if you are new to my newsletters or did not read it. You may not believe this but it is still NOT healed. I finally called my doctor, who after 3 days called me back, and sent a requisition to the x-ray place near me. No, I had no issues not wearing a mask. They bitched a bit but still took me. Then the doctor ‘texted’ me lol on Saturday night and said it was fractured and I was to wear my walking boot outside and come see her in two weeks. That brought the date to June 21st. I showed up and not one peep about me mask-less. Not one. I waited patiently to be called and then was taken to a small room and again not a peep about my face when doc walked in. She treated me the same as she always had and I was told to go and get more x-rays since the pain under the toe has not subsided making it impossible to take my long walks. Again, got x-rays, and docs secretary called this time with fairly decent news. It's partially healed, keep wearing the boot outside and come and see her on August 3rd when she is back from vacation. I can only hope this damn toe is healed by then.

Hold onto handrails when you walk downstairs 😊 Also do not meditate and rush once you are done.


I am thankful that I had 40 meals prepared in my freezer as these got eaten while I rested. BUT!! the housework got put to the side. I have now hired a house cleaner who is supposed to come on the 30th for 5 hours, and then if I like her way of cleaning, I will keep her once a month. However, it will be 35C here that day, and although I live in a gorgeous home it is not air-conditioned. I love heat and hate cold air 😊 , However, this is VERY abnormal weather for Alberta and may hit 40C. I am hoping she still shows. UPDATE: Moved her to the 5th of July.


Next: Well, I am writing my Chat on the 26th but last night's news informed us all here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that YES, YES, YES this mandated by law for masks is being lifted along with our provinces restrictions. Please folks let's keep it that way? If you feel sick just rest like you would have done in years gone by with the flu. Only if you need a hospital then call a cab OR have someone drive you there. If you can stand up you are not that sick.

I cannot believe how people blame the government for this when clearly it's your own stupidity for rushing for tests that are showing a slow working immune system. BUT free money has enticed many over the last 16 months. Sad to say how so many do not put HEALTH before WEALTH.


My month? Socially Jackie came over just at the end of May [my newsletter was already set to go out so it was not mentioned] and although I forget what we ate I am sure it was good. 😊 Then I had quite a few days off. I always marvel at this. It gives me time to sit down with my Magic School [Campo Santo] and focus. Computer work for me is only done 3-4 hours a day. I cannot seem to enjoy it past that time frame. I also do not work well at night. The night is for rest, TV, and gazing at the stars on my lower patio till 1-2 AM. 


Then the reads picked up and for 6 days they were plentiful. June 11th brought my grandson's 22nd birthday. Off we went to Cactus (his choice) for his birthday for a mid-afternoon lunch 😊


Talking about Cactus, I will be there July 1st for our FREEDOM DAY plus Canada Day. Why? my good friend Jackie, whom I mention so often, is off to New York to live and marry. I am taking her for her going away dinner. With this heat, it is going to be AWESOME as we will wait for a patio table to be available and enjoy Zen rolls and sweet potato fries [baked in the oven] PLUS no doubt some cold, cold icy drinks. Then we will hug and she will drive away never to be seen in person again. I have no plans to move back east and all these rules and regulations make it a time of ‘Na, no traveling here’. 😊 Besides, I liken it to when I left Montreal. I speak to one person there. One of my best friends that we created hell together LOL. Other than that, I occasionally hear from a male friend but my life is out west now.


Looking at my appointment book I had a nice busy clientele month, but the SAD, SAD news was that K-Days was canceled and sold. I have no clue what the future will bring for me being a vendor there next year. I will focus on that in 2022.


Telus came and boosted up my internet speeds and my neighbor moved my 45” tv from my bedroom to the basement room so while this heat exists, I sleep down there in the cool, and once my 75” is bought [next week] that will go in my front room and the 55” that is there now will move to my upper bedroom.


Next, on the 23rd Jackie and I met up at Watari and celebrated with a shot of black sambuca that I had bought for myself and her for another dinner we had had this month at my home. One-shot each and then into the restaurant and I have to say Jackie’s appetite is back 😊 She ate and ate like it was her last supper. Which of course it was at Watari. They do vegan sushi by the way. Very yummy and they do not bitch about our faces 😊


Lastly, I have 3 people booked on the evening of the 27th and then the month is over. Jackie will be gone, my vegan eating out buddy, and either I find another person who thinks like me, or I save my money LOL.


China my 17 ½-month-old GORGEOUS ragdoll baby has now taken to leaving the yard again. She stayed home all last summer but now I think she is saying "WOW!! how come you never leave the house for long periods of time like you used to”? And I wait patiently while she takes her jaunts and then arrives back any time from midnight to 4 am announcing her arrival loudly. Then I lock her in and we sleep. I wish she would stay in the yard, but some folks will understand cats are one of a kind, and some like to roam. It does not stop me from worrying till she arrives back.


That folks’ was my month. I am waiting to hear from The Fringe and still do not know if it will be a go. I am also waiting to hear from another show that I have never been in because it was held at the same time as K-Days but I can hope. However, I am paid and accepted for Make It that for all the people who have asked if I am doing mini cheap reads as I offer at shows they will be back at this local show at Northlands, November 2021. I will also be in Lloydminster, Fort McMurry, and Grande Prairie. If you reside there you will get a separate e-mail letting you know the dates of arrival.


I am so hoping the public prevents more lockdowns by enjoying getting back to normal and remembering how controlling it can become when you cause numbers to be announced by the fear-mongering media.


May you have an AWESOME July and enjoy the heat. Remember last summer? People who rushed for tests caused us to be locked down? Appreciate the outside heat now 😊 See you all next month :)



China: Still in perfect health. Loving summer and her jaunts 😊 Has stopped waking me at 7 am much to my delight. Must be her late-night jaunts.


Cat Costs:  Cat litter was not needed. Raw meat came to $47.76. She is VERY fussy and likes to have a variety of different foods LOL. And of course, I oblige. I tried different raw food as I prefer her to be healthy but she eats about a tablespoon and the magpies eat the rest the next day. Not sure what I will do here, maybe try another brand.

Dry food was not needed and lastly, tinned food came to $60.94.  


The Total monthly cost was $108.70 Nice cheap month 😊



It has been an interesting time since March 2020 for many. There are two or three ways that people have handled this.


There were those who were unhappy with their lives up until they were forced to make changes. I am so tired of these people 😊 All I hear from them is ‘thank goodness for Covid, I was forced to make changes as I lost my job, found time to do what I love, etc., etc.”. WHY?? could you not do this before? Fear that is why. Now you know you can make changes I hope that the ‘fear' in you subsides and when you are unhappy again create the changes you know you can.


Now then there were the people who pivoted. I supposed I was one of those. I had created my life with EXACTLY what I wanted to produce. Readings are done after 1 pm so that my mornings were mine. Enough shows to build my e-mails and clients. A gorgeous house that I loved and the cats were truly happy to live in. My finances were fine.  Still are thanks to the Universe and my clients. BUT!! I pivoted into online work as I cannot depend upon festivals and shows anymore since they are the first to be locked down and the LAST to open. Even now in 2021 most large festivals chose to cancel. Why? It takes about a year in advance to make sure any LARGE show moves ahead successfully and many depend on volunteers.

So, I am in the category of what I always ask myself ‘am I happy and peaceful’? The answer is ’yes', but I had created my life that way PRIOR to jail-imposed rules. Now I am making sure that what I am building online is still making me happy and still within my expertise.


Then there are [yes still are] those who just took the government money and did nothing. Why? I cannot answer that as I am not a person without the will to try all things and if one does not work move on. Much like when I left Montreal and moved out west. For people who are just waiting this out, the hand outs will be stopping. Think about your life’s plans and start to move forward.


BUT!! What I truly hope you ALL learned was that health should come before wealth. I was appalled to learn that the average weight gain was 40 lbs [FORTY POUNDS] Why? You had all this free time to learn GREAT health habits, tune into online exercise programs, relax and truly get yourself in shape. However, it would appear a majority of people allow food to control them. Now take the reverse and train your mind to control the food intake. Ask yourself before you eat Is this good for your body? Start to worship your physical temple NOT destroy it.


Proven by these tests that showed a weak immune system. Then with a 99% recuperation, the world shut down because of bad eating habits.

Use the morning or your waking up time to take a green smoothie. The first thing you eat in the morning feeds the brain. Stay away from fast food there is no reason you cannot prepare healthy meals for yourself. Keep a snack in your vehicle so you do not succumb to hunger. Prepare sliced cucumbers, celery, carrots and keep them in the fridge and snack on that if you wish to while relaxing with a book or TV. OR while you prepare a healthy lunch/supper so you do not grab a cookie. In fact, keep cookies out of the home.


There are so many ways to stay healthy. Try plant-based. If you have not tried it, you have no idea how the body increases in energy. I am 68 and NEVER nap in the day. That is your body saying "I am not being fed correctly".  Stress weakens the immune system so if you are saying at this precise movement ‘HEY I know someone who died from Covid and he/she was in perfect health’ think about their stress levels. That is the main culprit to a weak immune system as I mentioned. How to fix that? Meditation. If you do not have time for a 15–30-minute meditation per day then you are under ‘stress’.


Do yourself a favor right now. Sit down and create a HEALTH BEFORE WEALTH list of to-dos. Suggestions? Wake slowly. Keep a dream journal. Green juice first thing BEFORE coffee. Drink mineral water. Cut out meat, and all-white bread, sugars, etc. Choose a time for meditation and stick with it. Take a 30-minute walk or some form of daily exercise. Still, feeling stressed? Then cut out what is causing that. Make changes when you are not happy. Choose to lose the emotion ‘fear’ and replace it with ‘life’. After all, you are not in this physical body permanently so there must be a reason we visit.


IT WILL ALL MAKE PERFECT SENSE AT THE END. So, do not mess it up and have to repeat it 😊 If you are not happy now why would you wish to repeat it?


VcToria is NOT giving medical advice. She is not in any way certified to do this. She is only suggesting what she has allowed being part of her life and has created almost perfect health because of these changes.

Positive Thoughts to You All Always, VcToria.




You may buy these books on Amazon or on my website. You may purchase in a Kindle or hardcover or paperback on Amazon. If you do, there is no autograph on any books nor any Amulet Kits needed for The Mystic Grimoire. You will then have to purchase the Amulet kit from my web store on my website. Personally, it is quicker to order from my website and cheaper.


Having said that, on my web store you will receive an autographed copy, plus a wee channeled message, plus the Amulet Kit that is needed for one of the books.


What else is For Sale? I also offer FULL Numerology charts, FULL Astrology charts, Phone Reads, Skype Reads, my late Fathers CD's or MP3 files on Guided Meditation, Attracting Money, and Removing Negative Energy. Completed Pyramid and crystal to apply the magic to one of the books. Amulet Kits in black and white, plus color. Buy help for your spells and rituals.

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Please go to under the menu bar for all prices and descriptions of reads. 780-4817238 OR click here to go directly to the prices> PRICES OF PSYCHIC READS


So, for a little change of character under the astrology: I thought I would flip to Chinese Power Animals. But first, let’s cover the astrological signs in correspondence to the Chinese Power Animals.


Aries: Rat

Taurus: Ox

Gemini: Tiger

Cancer: Cat

Leo: Dragon

Virgo: Snake

Libra: Horse

Scorpio: Sheep

Sagittarius; Monkey

Capricorn: Rooster

Aquarius: Dog

Pisces: Boar

Cats are born in 1903 1915 1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011 2023

And a little about The Cat or as some call it The Rabbit.

These are people who need to value their self-esteem. If, when they were young, they were called ‘worthless’ etc. then they need to erase the past and build the ‘now’. Build their self-esteem by knowing their worth.


Their digestive system is the area that needs to be focused upon. Cleanses and fasts are good to regenerate this area. If they allow ‘garbage’ to build up in the large intestine that causes many colon problems.


These are very clean people. Note how cats are always cleaning themselves. Now interestingly enough when a cat is sick, they tend to hide and stop cleaning their fur. The human cats as in this description do the same. If their self-esteem has been shaken or taken from them then they huddle down and hide from the world feeling ‘worthless or ‘ill’.


With their self-esteem intact, they tend to be overachievers and must learn to balance rest and work.   Listening to any music with the G major is extremely helpful. Try Vivaldi.


  • Each person has part of the Cat in their chart based upon the time of birth. I think that from now on I will offer to add this to my astrology charts when they are ordered on my website 😊


Note: VcToria is not in any way a medical expert in any areas. She is not prescribing merely commenting.



Next Month: The Dragon

VcToria's AWESOME Vegan Kitchen
In case you are new to my Newsletter, I just wish to say this "The first thing you eat in the morning feeds the brain". Remember this as you will find a HUGE difference if you start the day with green juice. I have done this for decades along with 3-4 teaspoons of hemp seed. I am never sick. Into a Vitamix: 2 green chopped apples, 4-5 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 6-8 cups water. Blend on high for 2 minutes or until all veggies are juiced. ENJOY. PS: Keep the skins, seeds and everything EXCEPT the lemon skins on the veggies and place in Vitamix.  

Chickpea Salad

Chickpeas.  You can either use canned, OR much cheaper and without chemicals added, are the dried chickpeas. If you have an Instant pot then set it for 45 minutes and if not, just simmer on the stove [after covering them with water] for about 2 hours.

Now basically you can use any veggies you like in a salad. But here is what I use.


3 cups of chick peas

About 10-12 tiny baby tomatoes. The sweet miniature ones

1/4 to 1/2 cucumber chopped

1 romaine lettuce chopped up

That is, it! Now just mix it up and then add as a dressing

2 teaspoons instant yeast

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons of truffle oil OR any type of oil you like. Olive, rosemary etc. You can add those separately and mix or mix them in a jar and dump on top of the salad.


 Please keep in mind that you can add red onions chopped. I just do not like red onions with chick peas. I find it takes away from the taste of them 😊 You can add fresh green beans, kale, fresh herbs from the garden, fresh peas, celery and truly anything that you like.

NEXT MONTH: Raw Green Pea soup that is to die for 😊  😊  



original (3)_edited.jpg

So interestingly enough I had no takers on sending me any books to review. So much for my meditation idea that popped up. Maybe it was just to promote my own. :)


August will host 'Your Past Life'. If you would like to be first in my August column just send me an e-mail with the subject: Past Life Column and add your name to the e-mail. I will only use your first name in the newsletter. UPDATE: I already have the first name for this thank you. If you wish to be on the list just e-mail your name with the subject.


This month I am covering the sixth republished book that I chose. This one was a mixture of the five books my late Father wrote PLUS the personal Angel names that came from my late Mothers book and my own added subjects.


Using your own birth date, birth time, day and sign you are advised of the names of your six Personal Angles PLUS the Group Leader. Use these to enhance all of your work as you lay them around yourself OR bed as you sleep to enhance the dream state.


Do you have a bifurcated Soul? Follow the instructions to correct this.


Need to reverse any energy? Astral travel? and so much more.


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