On the Click Here >GIFT CARD you may enter in any of the Package Reads. Click Here for >Package One $150 Click Here for >Package Two $175 Click here for> Package Three $200 and Click here for >Package Four $275.

Do you want to send a Phone or Skype Read as a gift? Use the gift card for that as well. Phone or Skype Read

If you would like a Gift Certificate for any other denomination please email me and I will prepare one to be either mailed via post, emailed, or however, you would like to send it. I will fill it out for you, or you may fill it yourself. It will come as a PDF file if it is emailed.

If you wish to purchase anything from the web store you may fill in the shipping address that it is intended to be sent to.

Any other questions for any orders or gifts that you cannot figure out how to send, or wish to discuss with me please either email me or call me at 780-481-7238

You may also e-transfer if you do not wish to use PayPal.