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Geof Gray-Cobb [my late Father]


I am probably one of the very few who is always sad to see January leave. For years and years, I have enjoyed the opening of each year and the relaxation it brings.

This January particularly was incredible slow with reads. They started out at the beginning of the year back to back and then as the month progressed, and I assume credit card bills appeared, my kind of work diminished. However, my book sales were still incredible great, along with all the other creativity that works well with my books.


I wanted to mention this as I did not in the January newsletter. Why? I wanted to make sure I stuck to it LOL. Based upon the fact that 2019 was my Personal One year [my one season] that I wrote about strongly in last month’s newsletter, I started eating just plates of vegetables on December 23rd. It had to begin in my One Year as that is seeding. I ate 12 days of veggies. Lost the first 8 lbs that seems to come and go daily, determining what you choose to eat. Then my neighbor and I headed for a wonderful vegan meal at Loma House. Back to the veggies the following day for another one day and then my grandson and I headed for lunch at Cactus again. Back to my veggie days for another 8 days and then to The Moth with my friend Janice. That was my monthly review and it sits below.


‘Tis true what they tell you when you are young. The body not only changes, but weight refuses to budge. It did not matter if I ate just veggies or my normal healthy vegan food lifestyle. I maintained the 8 lbs off and every time I hit the next level to go downwards, I had a lunch set up, or some kind of food thing that took me back to the same weight I hit after 12 days of veggies. I noticed that I truly have to work out for my metabolism to shift. Now I hate working out. I always have, but the Universe always messed with me and showed me that as long as I worked out then I would remain slender. Now the Universe is truly messing with me as I not only have to work out to LOSE weight, I have to maintain a lifestyle of NO JUNK FOOD AT ALL. It’s probably also why I am never sick though.


My passport arrived early in the month. Brought to my door and signed for by me. YES!! All the money that I normally have spent on my cats has been saved, and right now, believe it or not, I have enough money for my first trip, which most likely will be Rome. I though tend to live in the ‘now’ so once the time comes that my loving, precious China, the last of the brood passes over to her brothers and sisters, I will make life changes then. Since her health is excellent I do not see this happening at all this year. PLUS!! The Universe would not allow me to travel in my Personal Two year that 2020 has brought into time frames for me.


What am I talking about? As you all know in January's Newsletter you had the math to be able to see what ‘season’ you too are in. I live my life like the Universe provides. Seasons are for all of non-man made life. Anyone who knows me will agree that my life just moves in one smooth movement. I always have enough. This year is my ‘soul mate’ year and along with the time frame of energy comes ‘let it come to you’. Now I, being the impatient person I can be at times, really have to remember this. And I do. When I am not hearing back from a show I say to self ‘it will come’. Then it does. All that I seeded last year will ‘germinate’ for me and by December 31st, 2020 I will be able to know what the next 7 years will bring me. It is as simple as that. Lay the foundation/groundwork at the correct times/ allow the Universe to work its magic for you/take the opportunities as they arise and work with them and success arrives. ‘Enjoy the journey’ is my motto now in life.


My GST [ a business tax] was filed for the last quarter of 2019 then my accountant dropped by and picked up all she needs to be able to do my business taxes. Based upon the fact that my book sales were extremely high I am going to be paying a wee bit more tax than usual. ‘Tis a fact that taxes come every year and this year I am happy to say I have them waiting to be paid.


January for me is starting to get things done. However, I have been working on the 5th book of my late Father and at this present time, I am waiting for the ‘proof’ book to arrive. I have all the PRE-sale orders ready to go as soon as I see that the colors of the cover are correct. I am in Chapter six of the LAST book I will be writing. I have taken all seven books of my late parents and am putting the ‘best of the best’ into this book, plus my own work.


I also revitalized my memoir ‘Then Now and Forever’ by VcToria Gray-Cobb. Everyone will get an e-mail on this, as it too is in the process of being shipped as a ‘proof’. It will be on Amazon by mid-February with the LAST chapter that needed to be added as to what ‘FOREVER’ would bring. Yes, the 2018 edition left readers without an answer. It will also be available in e-books.

So I was busy in the other areas of my work that I clearly saw needed to be added to my business portfolio. I also have to thank people who still support my late Fathers work.


You may notice that I am now using my full ‘born with’ surname. Gray-Cobb. I was forced to change my driver’s license to my full birth name in order to get my passport. Thus my registration and insurance naturally followed suit. I will now get my house and banking changed in the near future. That will update my credit area. So be it. I did though make sure that I seeded all of this under the correct time frame of the universal energy and thus it will all fall into place for me. Yours will too if you choose to take life as a joy, not a punishment.


Also, it created my Expression number that comes from your birth certificate name back to an 8. [The Harvest Number ] With VcToria Gray it was a 4. I believe I have built my ‘foundation’ as that is what the number 4 represents and I now move to allowing the Universe to send me my harvest.


I bought some beautiful glass jars to hold all of my different dried beans/peas etc. I tend to cook with dry as they last longer, do not have chemicals in them, and will not be contaminated by any metal from a tin. PLUS!! I save a ton of money on groceries. My Instant Pot does a marvelous job at cooking them. My big job this month was tiding the pantry and making it look GREAT. February will be the balance of the house, but I will talk about that next month.


That is that. Look to your own life carefully and take on what you enjoy. Life is only a struggle by your own beliefs. Know this, change this, and trust this.

Until next month I wish you all positive thoughts, and if you care to join in my ‘group’ meditation that I post on FB, the links are above. All done in your own home, at the correct time.

PS: For all of you who came to see me this past year, either here or at another show because I was not at BVJ I am back there this year. It has been taken over with professionalism and I have been asked back. Note how all the shows I do allow me to keep being in them based upon Universal actions. Thank you Universe and may this continue till 2028 when my intention is to retire from shows only. 



China: My last baby. Very healthy at 16 years of age and loves being the only cat.


Now the food: Raw food:$38.48. Tinned food came to $51.70. No dry food was needed. Kitty litter came to 19.95. Treats came to $10.50.


The total monthly cost was $120.63. I tell you it is SO cheap just to have one cat.


If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with the personality to the adult stage. Animals feel with unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a companion for life. They also need dental care, checkups, and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.

My Opinion This Month 

 I had Fostering as an opinion in mind to write about all month, and then the Coronavirus hit and I thought DAMN!! Look at all these people freaking out over a few thousand infections of what we are being told OVER AND OVER again is a mild flu-type thingy that yes, it is contagious but it is gone within a week. Most are at home under quarantine. That tells you something.

Plus an 11 million population? And people are freaking out about a few thousand who are sick and will recover.? Those who have died were sick, to begin with, they state this over and over. Weak immune system? Weak health.


Besides I think that all that is being freaked out about is how they are missing out on the invention of yet another vaccine that you will all be told is needed to contain this virus.

All shots do are weaken you against the next virus. If you do not believe me why do people become resistant to antibiotic shots when used for too long? All I ask is for you to ‘think’ not believe. Money is the gain here.


 I never worry about stuff like this. I have NEVER had a flu shot and deal with the public all the time and never get the flu. Why? My immune system is kept at 100% by the way I CHOOSE to eat. Yours would be too if you would learn that the body enjoys plant-based vegan lifestyles. You only have to go on any of the groups on FaceBook to see all of the aches and pains that clear up 100% when shifting your belief and allowing yourself to TRY it.


Believing that murdering animals is the enlightened way of life is pretty ignorant if you ask me. Besides I have yet to have anyone say ‘I tried it and it did not work’. People post their doctor's reports online with ‘before’ and ‘after’ and it is truly amazing when folks open their minds to ‘yup, let me give this a shot and see what happens’. BUT!! There are so many hypochondriacs out there and oh my “what would I post on FaceBook to get attention if I am not sick”. A very negative way of thinking. I find most people who cling to their illnesses are very unhappy in most of their lives as well. It’s a shame that enlightenment cannot be taught in schools.


Now onto FOSTERING animals. I am sick and tired of reading about ‘oh my boyfriend is allergic’ so ‘we have a free dog to give away.’ ‘Oh the baby is allergic’ ‘oh we are moving, and where we are moving to will not allow pets’. ‘Oh I cannot afford to feed this dog can anyone help me?’ WHAT THE HECK??


Giving an animal a life with you means a certain commitment. If you know from the start you cannot afford to feed the poor pet then FOSTER. You get all of the costs covered. If you decide to get a pet until you meet a ‘relationship’ then you are lonely. Fix that first, do not allow a pet to LOVE you unconditionally, and then ‘oh I have a mate now, you are not needed’ ‘who wants a free pet?’


I could go on and on about what people post online in regards to why they are getting rid of a soul who has done nothing wrong and has given them all the love they are able to. Then get kicked out and held in a cage, and maybe finding a new home and maybe not. If you cannot give up a timeline of love for a pet DON’T. If your credit is not good fix that so that when your new-found love gets sick you can afford unexpected vet bills with a credit card.


FOSTER if you are not sure that you can take on parenting for a pet. Although the pet will think it has found a home, at least the rescue will take him/her back and you will not be posting’ FREE come and get this.’


I am a GREAT pet parent. In fact, as many know I overindulge and spoil them rotten. I actually have held back on doing many things like vacations/renovations/new clothes and so much more so that they have a happy life. That is why I made myself a promise to give ‘me time’ at this stage in my life. I have one cat left who is 16 years of age and will be spoiled to the end and then I will do all of my stuff. It is called not being selfish. A trait animals taught me to let go of.


By the way, adopt or foster. Do not allow animals to be used for financial gain. A rescue will love you much more than a purebred that some people have chosen to impregnate an animal, force it through labor, and then taken its children away for material gain over and over and over again. It does not matter what your pet looks like, they will love you the same. STOP HELPI



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Are you a Rat? Rat is the first in the 12-year-cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. People born in the year of rat are generally born with the zodiac rat characteristics. They are believed to be very industrious and thrifty, diligent and positive.


You can do a google search for all that is written on the Rat as there are five different types on Rats depending on the year you were born.Here are some more neat things.Your ruling planet is Jupiter. Your western zodiac sign is equivalent to Sagittarius.

Lovers: best with an Ox, Monkey, or Dragon.

Friends: Tigers, Snakes, Dogs, and Pigs.

Enemies: Horses are the worst but the Rat just tolerates Roosters and Sheep.


FOR RATS: An ideal year for you to lay foundations in all areas that need growth.

For all other signs, you can look up what is best for you in the Year of The Rat.


I am a water snake so this year for me is all about finances and being in sync with nature.


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VcToria's AWESOME Vegan Kitchen
In case you are new to my Newsletter I just wish to say this "The first thing you eat in the morning feeds the brain". Remember this as you will find a HUGE difference if you start the day with a green juice. I have done this for decades along with 3-4 teaspoons of hemp seed. I am never sick. Into a Vitamix: 2 green chopped apples, 4-5 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 6-8 cups water. Blend on high for 2 minutes or until all veggies are juiced. ENJOY. PS: Keep the skins, seeds and everything EXCEPT the lemon skins on the veggies and place in Vitamix.  

What is seitan? Seitan is a popular vegan substitute for meat. It is made from wheat gluten and water and is often promoted as a high-protein, low-carb alternative to animal protein.

Now before you all think WOW this is great, I wish to tell you I am not an expert in using this way of cooking. However, I have made 'steak' and it turned out very well.The trick to seitan is using spices and tasty ingredients as it absorbs those.


On Face Book you can join seitian groups and see some marvelous pictures of foods. You can ask away for tips and virtually make almost any substitute meat, not only at a very low cost but it is also a much healthier way of eating. Besides that I am sure an animal will thank you.


1 cup cooked lentils [I actually used my left over soup from the recipe I printed here last month

6 tablespoons water

2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

2 tablespoons tomato paste

2 tablespoons soy sauce

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon chili powder

1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke [you can omit if you do not have it, but it is available in all grocery stores]

1/4 teaspoon black pepper


For the steak marinade:

1/4 cup water

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons soy sauce

1 tablespoon maple syrup or agave


To make the steaks:

Add all of the steak ingredients to a food processor and pulse to combine, stopping to scrape down the sides as needed until everything is well mixed. If you do not have a food processor you can first mash the cooked lentils with a fork or potato masher, then add everything together in a large bowl and mix well.


Turn the mixture out and begin to knead it together. It may be a bit crumbly at first, but keep kneading it for a few minutes until it comes together into a tight ball. Cut the ball into 4 sections, then use a rolling pin to roll out each section into 1/2" thick steaks. The dough will be very tough and stretchy, but just keep working at it until you get your desired steak shapes. 


Add several inches of water to a large pot with a steamer basket and bring to a boil. Put the steaks in the steamer basket/colander and cover with a lid. You can also use the Instant Pot on ‘steam’.


Steam for 25 minutes, flipping the steaks halfway through so they steam evenly. They will double in size.


Blend all of the marinade ingredients. The oil won't really combine, but that's fine. Remove the steaks from the steamer and coat in the marinade. Let marinate for a minimum of 30 minutes before cooking, or for as long as several days when kept in the fridge.

To serve the steaks: Cook as you would any actual steak. [If you still eat animals] Fry 2 minutes per side or cut a piece off and taste.These freeze very well and also cook nicely on a grill.


Next Month: I am not sure yet as I am doing a veggie thing eating wise this month as well:) However I have no doubt that it will be lasagna, as I making this for a friend who is visiting me for an exchange of massage and astrology charts.


THE MOTH CAFE 9494 Jasper Avenue - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada REVIEW WITH VcToria and Janice

Well first Janice and I had chosen January 5th for my monthly vegan review. Along came tons of snow so we chose to move it to January 14th. Well what a blessing that was, as the entire day was spent finalizing my book and had we gone for lunch I would not have had the time. When you finish up a large project you need quite a few hours to review all the tiny details that can make or break a book.

Having said that, along came Tuesday January 14th. Based upon some of my experiences of getting to a restaurant and finding it close I looked on line at The Moth. CLOSED on Tuesday. Wow I thought what is with these restaurants that close on Tuesday? Next I looked up Veggie House and again CLOSED on Tuesday. Next Watari: CLOSED on Tuesday. Need I say more? However, it was close to noon and Janice would be arriving soon, so I thought OK well we will go to Padmanadi’s. Not that I wanted to, I had already reviewed this restaurant. The phone rings and it is Janice running behind. LOL. The Universe sure helps me out, even with tiny details. I explain to her that all the vegan places are closed, and what the heck is Tuesday a vegan holy holiday for eating J She suggests shifting it to the 16th based upon the fact she is still home. Yes, I agree with a smile. Once more an important life matter came up. I helped someone with a cat that was successful. If we had gone, this poor cat would have spent yet another night in minus 35 and perhaps not survived.


Thursday arrives, The Moth is open and Janice arrives on the coldest day of the year. Off we go to fight the slippery roads, tons of traffic and all else that goes on with cold.

The last time I was at The Moth was just after they opened and it had been FREEZING cold inside. So cold in fact that the owners had handed out blankets for the customers. I never went back as spending money to be uncomfortable is not my cup of tea. I had hoped this has been rectified and asked when I called to see if they were open. The waitress informed that she had only been there a few months, but had not had any trouble with cold.


Upon arrival it was true. They had fixed the front pane glass and on top of that added pipes all along the ceiling that put out immense heat. It was REALLY warm, toasty and cosy. Janice and I were ecstatic.


The place is wide open with lovely seating, and once again a wonderful restaurant that does not seat you on top of each other. Great service and the food is very diversified with a ton of gluten free options. I am not a fan of gluten free at all. I actually find it pretty tasteless and since I cook I like taste within my food.


Never the less if you are gluten free so far this place has the most to offer in all of my reviews. Parking is fantastic, but it is situated quite far into the base of downtown. A good 45 minute drive or more for myself. That day, coming home, was an hour and a quarter based upon the roads.


I ordered a vegan Caesar. Loved it. Nice and rimmed. Next came samosa with tamarind sauce. I enjoyed the inside of it but I found the pastry to be sweet. Not a big fan of sweet pastry on a savory dish. Also felt the pastry could be softer. Gave it a 6/10.

For my main course I chose crab cakes Benny which is jackfruit with spinach, soft tofu and a hollandaise sauce. On the side I switched out the hash browns from spicy to garlic. The hash browns seemed to have been sitting or were over cooked but OK. I ate the dish and found it rated about a 7/10. I felt there could be a bit more of a fish taste, perhaps adding nori or a spice that would enhance the crabby taste.


Janice only had the leek and potato soup with garlic bread. She said it was excellent and very tasty, See pic along with my food.


Most of the deserts are gluten free. Based upon this I almost did not order. Plus you have to get up from being served and go to a glass cabinet to view the cakes. I was a little surprised at that. A quick write up of the deserts each morning and printed out would be nice for the customer. Finally I chose the carrot cup cake and ate a bit, but based upon them being in the fridge area they were not soft and flexible. Tasty, but not how I like cupcakes. I took most of it home and once it reached room temperature it was fine.


All in all I would recommend the place. It is more for people who reside downtown or do not mind a long drive to the end of Jasper Ave. 


I did enjoy the company and the outing, but the slippery roads made me know I will need to get new winter tires next year. My studs have seen their day.


NEXT MONTHS REVIEW: Seitans Disciples 10255 97th Street Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Chosen by Myself. Reviewed it in December with my friend Julie.


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