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Onto Chat.

AND!!!! Here I am on my 10 days off. I always take 10 days off once my long and busy outdoor festivals end. Know that I am booked solid from September 1st to the 13th. Then I will take another break and head to Fort McMurray on September 22nd for the trade show. Back on the 26th and will take another break till October 1st 😊

WHEW!! What an insane time I had this month. Left you all off in mid-July when I headed for K Days. As I mentioned BVJ, and K Days ran simultaneously on the last weekend, so I had my backup psychic take over for 2 days at BVJ and 2 days at K days. Thank goodness that will not happen for another six years. When Heritage Days fall on the first Monday of the month this happens. Major storm at BVJ and my tent flipped. Thus, we moved inside. Seems some vendors thought that by opening my tent the wind would blow through it and they destroyed the frame doing this. I let it be, a new frame is just a business expense and I do not need another one till next year. Both shows were great but running together limits the income BUT!! The Fringe made up for that. PLUS!!! It appears that my backup psychic was tested throughout this time frame. How? She had Thursday for BVJ. Once arriving she had to move the tent as none of the vendors were happy with being placed on the side of the building. She handled everything like a champ. 😊 THEN!! She had Saturday at BVJ and lo and behold arrived to the flipped tent. Again, she handled it like a champion and moved everything inside and set up. Her brother was there, and he loaded the tent and frame into his truck and drove it to my garage for me, and put it here. I sat in K Days and did not worry one bit. I thanked the Universe for showing me that she could handle any crisis. Now I know any time I need back up she will be there.

And so it went. Between K Days and the Edmonton Fringe, I had some time off so after picking up K Days on the Monday with BaBa [my backup psychic] we sat on my patio and settled all the finance area then I drove her home as her car was acting up. Then I rested 😊


Tuesday I headed to the printer for my new sign as for some reason the new one he had made melted at BVJ. I kid you not. It buckled on one side only and then the handle broke. He replaced it with a nice metal one that stood the time test wonderfully in the Fringe. Wednesday my accountant stopped by to pick up 6 months of GST and I had also booked one reading. Thursday, I had a large read booked and then my son and I got together and headed to Watari for supper. A great place for us as he can eat his fish dishes and I can eat vegan and enjoy each other’s company. THEN!! I was smart enough to rest as I knew the Fringe would be insane.

However, I had been dying to take in the St Albert market as I had heard so much about it. It did not disappoint. HUGE!! I must say the weather was awesome and the design of this market is superb. I walked down one side of the vendors and then back up the other side. Met a few I knew and stopped to chat. Bought some veggies and why I bought sourdough onion cakes I do not know. I hate sourdough bread and have no idea why I did not think of that. And no, I do not like them. I bought some vegan cheese, but it was baked feta. I thought it would go well with my Greek salads, but it was not at all good. I threw it out. I make superb vegan cheese and once back on my regular food will create some brie 😊

Still resting and then went for a lovely facial with my European girl that I wrote about in other newsletters. I also paid for my g ’daughter as she was coming up for her birthday just before the fringe started. Grabbed the last of the needed groceries and on August 9th headed to the fringe, that this year supplied tents, so I did not need help and set up. Home to rest 😊

My g ‘daughter was supposed to arrive on the 10th but first, her flight was delayed, and then for some reason, because she did not check in when she arrived or some nonsense I will never understand, she was refused boarding. She called me in tears, and at first, I looked for flights leaving Vancouver for her but they were way too expensive at the last minute. She went back home and flew in the next day getting on in Vancouver where she had no headaches. [she had tried to board in Abbotsford]. Landed at 8.30 am and we drove to my house where I gave her gifts and cash plus paid a bit down on her education loans.  Then drove her to her facial and dropped her off. Knowing the fringe was starting at 6 pm and wanting to be there at 4 pm I jumped into bed and the Universe pushed me into a deep sleep. Which for me was AMAZING as I never nap during the day. I could not even if I tried. I never feel tired until around midnight. I liken it to my food intake 😊

Fringe started and we had eleven days of AWESOME AMAZING weather with not a drop of rain. People came out, vendors were busy, and let me say this with an AMAZING vendor coordinator the Fringe was a HUGE success. Wrapped up on the 21st and as I stated, I took ten days off that I am enjoying as I type.

After the Fringe BaBa came and helped me load up on Monday. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant to eat and enjoy a patio lunch. To my great delight, she ordered vegan. I really enjoy friendships where they respect my choice of food. It is hard to eat while watching dead animals on another person’s plate. I try to avoid it. Then we went and had vegan ice cream for dessert and each of us headed home. Then I rested!

Got all the MP3 recordings out to the people who chose to record them that way at the Fringe. Then I typed in all the emails I take for my monthly newsletter and sent out the Numerology Zoom class information. Glad I did as it intrigued some and the class is almost full.

BUT!!!!!! As I stated prior, I was on soup and salad that I kept up on my days off other than supper with my son and lost 10 lbs. THEN!!!! Nothing. I sat for 11 days at the Fringe and nothing. The weight stayed at 144. So, I decided that once the fringe was over, I would just eat fruit. Off I went to the grocery store and bought just that. However, the body stays HUNGRY on just fruit. I added my seaweed crackers and still, NOTHING changed. In fact, I gained 2 lbs. So off I went yesterday for the start of the daily walks. Now still at 144lbs I am hoping with the walks it will drop to the 3 in the middle 😊 BUT!! I caved yesterday and cooked up one of the frozen sourdough onion cakes which are how I know they are not what I would buy again. More next month on the weight loss 😊 and yes, once I get there, I will eat off smaller plates and most likely do fruit every other day as that drops weight like crazy BUT I feel like I am starving no matter how much I eat. However, I know I can handle one day every other day 😊

Talking about food let me look at my monthly bill. Keep in mind that I was very disciplined with food these past weeks. Buying this month mandarins, onions, cranberries [that are always added to my salads] celery, 4 boxes of fresh dates, green apples, green onions, tomatoes, lemons, vegan ranch dressing, soy cream, 3 packs of romaine lettuce, vegan cheese, oat milk, mushrooms, baby carrots, vegan Caesar dressing, bananas, pears, cherries, bleach [to wash my recycle bin] mangos, nectarines, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon and lastly 2 large toilet paper. Total Cost: $301.16 Keeping in mind that I stock up on dried food a lot. My salads contain chickpeas, cranberries, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and dressing. My soups were creamy mushroom [made with coconut milk] vegetable soup and lastly lima bean and carrot.

AND!!! I must talk about what is now referred to as a ‘Karen’. Every show I have one or two. Since my reads are mini reads, I do quite a lot of folks daily. Some walk away going ‘WOW’ others tip me, others book full reads at my office. Some even message me with lovely compliments and thanks. None rush to go online and gush. BUT!!! The ‘Karens’ do. I kid you not. Within 10 minutes of any ‘Karen’ that I have chosen not to read and ALWAYS refund they rush to FB or Google and write with passion and anger about how I was so-called ‘rude’ to them. These self-entitled people are incredible. Instead of just thinking ‘oh she refunded me, she must not be a scam artist’ NO!!!!! they never look at how I must have to talk for hours and think wow and she still has her voice. NO!!!! Last one I had as I am not going to bother posting about them all but basically it is always the same. This last one came in sat down paid. Wrote her name down and how she paid. Asked her to hold the crystal and told her to shuffle, think of her questions, and place the cards down on the purple plate. Took her crystal and told her to pick it up again once she placed the cards. I even have these instructions on a nice little stand written in large bolded red and point it out to them. HARD to do??? Apparently not as hundreds have no issues. But this ‘Karen’ was just staring at me when I had pulled in the energy. So, I said, ‘are you not listening?' and she says ‘NO”!!!!!!!! So, I say, ‘look I prefer to give you a refund because if you do not do your part, you will not have a good read and are wasting my time’ She still stares and says ‘you are making me nervous’. At this point I say again why not take a refund then’. She says ‘yes, give me a refund’ I do, and they always storm out. Then whoever was with her walked back to my tent and I see her take my information. FIVE minutes later and I kid you not, my email alerts me, and there on FB is a long rambling post about how I made her mother cry, etc., etc. FIVE MINUTES LOL!!! Instead of just enjoying the rest of the festival these ‘Karens’ go and post on your business pages. Then the next day more of her family members posted. These people were not even there!! May the negativity be returned in other ways is how I project back. Yes, I have other stories!! Most are the same. Never bother to read the information while they stand there and then ask what I do and truly get upset when I just ask them to leave. Scammers would not do that. BUT!! Oh, one more I’ll post about as I have to say she took the cake so to speak. First, she STOLE the crystal that I give to people to hold. She kept moving around while I was reading and in the middle of me channeling her dead father [that is very rare at a festival/tradeshow] she leans over to pick up her coffee. I kid you not. I stop the read and say ‘could you please keep still this is serious work’ she FREAKS out, jumps up starts screaming her head off and literally making a massive scene, and storms off with my crystal. Then posts this long rambling insane post on my FB business page. The next day she deletes it LOL. BUT!!! Can you believe this? I looked her up and she is a general manager of a restaurant Buffet to Go in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Funny how people who work with the public cannot understand others who do. 😊 There you have a couple of amusing stories 😊

99% of the time the people I read are wonderful and enjoy me. If they all posted like the ‘Karens’ I would have pages of kind words. BUT!! I have never needed recognition and do not ask them to review me. The Universe treats me like gold and truly sends me a GREAT life.

Next, I headed down to Canadian Tire and bought a small carpet spot cleaner. I have a large carpet cleaner, but it will not do the stairs and the couch. I now have clean stairs and best of all a nice clean couch. The machine worked really well for that. I have also been dying to have an outdoor water fountain and have not found the time to go and search for one. Yesterday I found one on Wayfair so ordered it and it should be here in 3-4 weeks' time. Discounted from around $700 to a little under $300. I will let you know how I like it once it arrives and is set up.

OH, OH OH the biggest treat I gave myself this summer was my upgrade to my massage chair. I always have a good massage chair in my home. About 10 years ago I upgraded to a better one and gave the one I had to my son. I named this chair Fred 😊 My clients loved him. Whenever two people come together one sits in the chair and the other reads in my reading room. Then they switch out. This year at K Days I was opposite the truly UPGRADED massage chairs. These have AI [artificial intelligence] and once seated in them I was like HOLY COW!! Feels like real hands and the programming and upgrades had to be bought. So yes, I bought the chair. They delivered it 3 days after K Days ended and put it together. They took Fred apart and placed him in my garage where it will be gifted to my g ’daughter once their place is available that they are waiting on in Vancouver. I named my new chair Henry 😊 I LOVE him. I sat in him every day prior to leaving for the Fringe and since then have sat every day and tried out all the programs. He is so comfortable I have made that my meditation chair after the chair finishes taking me to a relaxing state. Since I have been working the shows no client yet has tried him out, but I am sure two people will arrive soon 😊 I have chosen only to book single reads up to October. One per day till the shows are over.

And today, Sunday the 28th of August I am wrapping up ‘chat’ and then heading for lunch with my grandson Liam and tomorrow night another supper with my son Emmett. Then I am booked every day till the 14th of Sept as I added another read yesterday for a person who had received a gift certificate for Mother's Day. Now I am not booking reads till October. Tuesday nights I am teaching Numerology and Wednesday nights I teach Novice the continuation of Neophyte [beginners magic] and all students will be certified and inducted into The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo. Will I be teaching Zoom classes in 2023? I have not decided yet and will post it in December’s Newsletter 😊

And that wraps up the summer 😊 I can promise you all several things as I have journeyed through the changes. Choose a vegan/plant-based lifestyle. Your energy shifts to a MASSIVE lightness and intuitiveness. People ask me how I know things. I attribute it to my food that the body needs NOT what most addict their taste buds too. Think about what goes on behind the scenes to get dead animals to your plate. OR what goes on to get a NON-needed plate of cheese, butter, or glass of milk? Enough videos are out there. Imagine if there was a planet that did this to you.???

Next: It is not hard to meditate. You sit and close your eyes and STOP all that will mean nothing to you once the physical passes on. BUT!! What will mean something is the soul energy that survives and how you programmed the shifts. Meditation opens the doors to change in this direction and lo and behold the Universe sends you a life that is simply AWESOME. Material arrives in the form of money and as long as you do not get attached it multiplies. Hold on to it and it runs away. Ask anyone who knows me, I never hold onto anything material. And it keeps coming back multiplied 😊 BUT!! I put the energy into life, and always say thank you. I have never not thanked the Universe after a client arrives for a read.


What else? Take a daily walk OR if it is winter work out at a gym or if you have space [which you will if you follow your true path with instructions above] build a gym in the space. LOVE yourself and know this. You are born alone and die alone. What you choose to do in between will be shown to you once you pass on. It will all make perfect sense then but take no chances and enlighten your path. Do not keep it dense.

Positive Thoughts To You all till next month. PLEASE read the next column and for those still not awake please WAKE UP NOW.



Information on The World Reset.

The United Nations and the world economic forum are pushing the great reset very hard onto our children around the world.

It is out there for everybody to read but I see that many have not bothered to take on the research so each day I am going to post ALLof the 17 resets.


Goal One  No Poverty


Poverty alleviation and social protection


UN Solutions


1} AI [artificial intelligence] – enabled digital footprint for credit/mobile money access.

2} Blockchain digital identity solutions enable economic identities, including for refugees.



1} Everyone will receive UBI income along with a fixed amount of carbon credits.

2} AI will analyze a person’s social credit rating through his or her digital footprint on Facebook, Twitter, etc.}.

3} Collect information about individuals through blockchain technology to monitor and measure their background, skills, bad habits, and behaviors.

4} The same system is used in China which began as Zhima Credits developed by Ant Financial to assess customer credit–worthiness. Ant Financial {formerly Alipay} is Ali Baba’s finance company. Alibaba is a strategic partner of the W-E-F and its founder Jack Ma is part of the WEF Board of trustees.

5}In a circular economy, resources will be rationed.


If you do not wake up now and stop falling for this pre-planned poison that you are allowing into yourself and not only that into your kids this is your world for the future. I suggest you wake up


Goal Two. Zero Hunger


“Access to food, improved nutrition and food – production security”


UN solutions 


1} Low-cost, low-end GHG emissions synthetic proteins.

2} AI, [artificial intelligence]sensors, and blockchains to illuminate spoilage/loss in the food value chain, including smart food storage.



1} Replace even more real food with synthetic lab-grown edibles.

2} Produce cheap GMO food for consumption.

3} Insects will become part of the daily staple for protein input.


VcToria Comments: Look at this link> Proof is in the pudding so they say: Here is a link>

And this is the government that the majority voted back in. Fools that you are. May you enjoy your insect dinners.


Use technology to monitor all processes that handle food, ideally resulting in zero waste. This includes monitoring sensors inside waste bins, storage units, and refrigerators that report your consumption habits to a blockchain. 


Worried yet? And it is all there under the great reset for you to read. Took the poison just to travel or OBEY?? Covered your face because you were too scared to not stand up?? You started the reset.

Goal Three.  Good Health and Well-Being


“Advancing global health for all ages, and healthcare services”


UN solutions 


1}Smart homecare, smart wearables, and virtual healthcare assistants.

2}Monitoring and predicting health metrics and disease, including smart implants and wearables.



1} Get diagnosed by a telemedicine AI doctor and have your body monitored via implanted biometric sensors.

2} Corporations will assign you biometric sensors and AI fitness coaches to monitor and modify your “well-being” for productivity.

3} Your medical history records will be tied to a blockchain via an ID passport.


Goal Four. Quality Education


“Inclusive access to education, quality of education and learning facilities”


UN solutions 


1}AI-driven assessments to enable the delivery of continuous feedback

2} AI-designed digital curriculums – teaching plans and content across devices



1} Upskilling and reskilling for a new life-long learning gig economy.

2} Leave the learning to an AI machine. The AI never gets tired and will nag/nudge you until you give up or your behavior is modified

3}Education will be a remote online life-long training in STEM and accredited with blockchain-based micro-badges and credentials

4} You’ll be able to level up in the new system based on your social reputation score.

5} Never mind that kids will no longer need to study music, food production, cooking, building, crafts, repairing, mending, healing, etc. Self–sustenance will be delegated to synthetics and AI.

6} A child’s career path will be determined from the outset and guided by AI biometrically. 


Victoria Comments: Now can you see why all this was implemented? This was the scare tactic that they created so that you are all prepared for your downloaded learning. Look at everybody that succumbed when schools closed, universities closed, and everybody who went online downloaded the programs, and studied.


That’s all the government needed to see that you would all obey as you now have the tools already. Ask yourself at this point why you are continuing to bend over and obey. You can join the people who have stood up all this time and taken the inconveniences. All of the enjoyment you took while you rushed to get the poison will not be available to you anyway SO why not stop obeying now? Give it thought. 

Goal Five. Gender Equality


“Facilitating gender equality, protecting and empowering women and girls”.


UN solutions


1} AI-enabled real-time gender data analytics.

2} AI to identify unbiased selection to support inclusivity.



1} Gender identity is ignored. Replace human intelligence with an AI to avoid incorrect judgments.

2} Analyze data to identify and correct unbalanced gender representations.

3}Teach women/girls to have fewer/no kids {for population reduction purposes} and get them out into the gig workforce working on STEM-related projects.

4}Teach youngsters to abandon their gender identity and take on transhuman genetic sexual identity for better infusion into the gender-blind metaverse.


Goal Six. Clean Water and Sanitation


“Access to and sustainable management of water, and water sanitation”.


UN solutions


1} AI-enhanced scenario modeling for water infrastructure risks and performance.

2}Smart water -infrastructure predictive maintenance.



Monitor all water systems and ration out according to GHG {green house gas} emissions {due to GHG/carbon footprint during production and transport of water} and carbon credit allowance.

Goal Seven. Affordability and Clean Energy


“Adopting sustainable energy, and energy – system optimization”


UN solutions

1} 4IR {The 4th Industrial Revolution} enabled decentralized and coordinated energy-grid management, including IoT, {‘Internet of Things’ please Google this} AI [artificial intelligence}

2} Smart infrastructure for operational efficiency and maintenance.



1} Monitor all energy systems in homes and corporate buildings in real-time.

2} Replace all combustible vehicles with electric, making it illegal to have outdated gas-powered cars.

3} Require older trucks to upgrade to their engines or buy electric vehicles.

4} Expect to see your electricity turned off if the carbon allowance max is surpassed.

5} Expect to see towns, cities, and states institute brownouts and blackouts in order to meet regional carbon offset quotas.

6} Expect fewer cars on the road and more scooters and bicycles instead.

7} Expect to see fuel become prohibitively expensive and scarce.

Goal Eight. Decent Work and Economic Growth.


“Sustained and inclusive job creation and productivity and improving worker's rights”.


UN solutions


1} Robotics for process automation for increased productivity.

2} AI-enabled digital support hubs for workers.



1} Replace workers with robots and AI.

2} Move people, hooked into their VR/ AR/XR headsets into the metaverse, where the future work domain will mostly reside.

3} Use AI to guide the remaining workforce with corporate rights, rules, and regulations only.

 4} As regions are sold off by the state to corporations and become privately owned, expect to become a “citizen” of corporations living and working under corporate rules with corporate “workers rights.”


Goal Nine. Industry, Infrastructure, and Innovation


“Building inclusive, resilient and sustainable infrastructure and industry”.


UN solutions

1} IoT-enabled tracking and optimization of industrial machinery.

2}Robotics for manufacturing and construction process automation.



1} Create smart cities, industry, and infrastructure fully automated for production with robots and AI, while monitoring all processes and people, and making people more and more irrelevant.


Goal Ten. Reduced Inequalities


“Facilitating equality and international collaboration”


UN solutions

1} AI-enabled digital footprint for mobile money access.

2} Next-gen demographics data analytics



1} Analyze data to identify and correct unwanted differences between countries and regions.

2} Bring developed nations down to near poverty, while raising developing nations up to slightly above poverty.

3} Using blockchain, AI, and social-carbon ratings, set up short-term gig jobs in a race to the bottom economy. 

Goal Eleven. Sustainable Cities and Communities


“Building smart, inclusive, safe and resilient urban systems”.


UN solutions

1} Sensor-based grid and AI-based urban network management {pollution, waste, water, energy }.

2} Next-gen satellite, drone, and IoT land-use detection and management.



1} Develop Smart Cities with real-time monitoring using AI, drones, and satellites using 24-hour surveillance cameras with facial recognition, biometric sensors, and self-driving cars.

2} Less privately owned cars on the road.

3} Everything is connected via wireless 5G and 6G IoT and IoB.

Goal Twelve.  Responsible Consumption and Production 


“Supply-chain optimization and sustainable consumption patterns”


UN solutions

1} AI and IoT-enabled consumption and production data analytics.

2} AI-optimized logistics and distribution networks to minimize cost, emissions, and waste.



1} Monitor and analyze everyone’s consumption habits in order to lower each person’s carbon footprint.

2} Food and water are rationed based on carbon allowance and social credit scores.

3} More consumption of fake lab-grown meat, bugs, and GMO food.

4}Trash bins fitted with sensors monitoring waste and punishing those that throw away food.

5}Toilet bowls monitoring and measuring contents of excrement.


VcToria Comments: Note Number FIVE: OK truly you need to wake up here and NOTE that all cities are doing monitoring on this so-called danger of the planned demic. [plandemic] This was, and still is a trial run to have all of this in place so as each shift is implemented it works. WAKE UP. Can you not see how this fear-mongering, shut down of a disease that was never a killing machine, unless you were unhealthy, has all the workings of this reset? If not, you must be blind.  


Goal Thirteen:  Climate Action


“Combating climate change and its impacts.


UN solutions

1} Earth management big data platform e.g. monitoring carbon emissions.

2} Smart and transparent land-use management.



1} Build a global panopticon for monitoring all natural life and life processes on earth using satellites, cameras, IoT sensors and devices, robots, and AI.

2} “Investors” buy up all public/private property, land, and homes.

3} Sequester earths C02/GHG {Green House Gas} and store it for carbon-credit sales and market exchanges.

4} A circular sharing economy is created.

5} Creating “biodiversity” by genetically modifying all lifeforms' DNA for biodiversity resilience.

6} Carbon and life processes become the new global currency.

7} With the manufactured threat of climate disaster looming always, almost everything will be blamed on “climate change” and just keep draconian measures in place in perpetuity.

Goal Fourteen: Life Below Water


“Conserving and managing the use of marine habitats and resources.”


UN solutions

1} Habitat monitoring and analytics {e.g., monitoring pH and pollution}.

2} AI-enabled data platforms to monitor and manage fishing activity and compliance.



1} Monitor and restrict access to the open seas, lakes, and rivers with sensors and satellites and penalize those found guilty of illegal activities.

2} Feed the population genetically modified farm-bred and lab-grown fish instead.

Goal Fifteen: Life On Land


“Protecting and restoring terrestrial ecosystems”.


UN solutions

1} Real-time habitat and land-use mapping, monitoring, and detection of illegal or adverse activities.

2} 4IR-enabled wildlife tracking, monitoring, analytics, pattern forecasting, and real-time detection, e.g., disease, animal capture.



1} Monitor all forests and penalize those found guilty of illegal activities.

2} Restrict travel of the population in natural land habitats.

3} Use satellites, drones, robots, IoT sensors, and AI to monitor all tokenized assets in natural forests.

4} Remove humans from natural land habitats and into smart cities.


Goal Sixteen: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions


“Promoting peaceful society, building effective institutions”


UN solutions

1} AI-enabled identity tax fraud identification {using browser data, retail data, and payment history }

2} Blockchain-enabled citizen loyalty and reward platforms.



1} Every person on the planet will have a digital ID passport in combination with various biometrics data on a blockchain.

2} Social-Carbon Credits will be used to create obedience to authorities and punish unwanted behavior. If you comply, you’ll receive rewards. If you do not, you’ll be penalized, punished, or cut off from society.

3} Track and trace everyone using real-time geo-location data and 5G-connected cameras.

4} Everyone will be subject to geo-fencing for control of movement and travel. Those that do not comply will be restricted to quarters or have all “benefits” on the blockchain turned off.

5} In a tokenized society, where all of the earth has been tokenized, where UBI [universal basic income] is tokenized, cash is gone, 24/7 surveillance of activities is present, and everyone is monitored on an AI-powered blockchain, everyone will pay taxes on every transaction in real-time. There will be no exceptions (unless you’re a billionaire}.

Goal Seventeen: Partnership For The Goals


“Building sustainable global partnerships”


This last goal is not included in WEF‘s table of 4IR solutions, but both the UN and the Group of 20 (G20) are being strengthened at a rapid pace, and the 4IR solutions for each goal that was introduced before the 2019 G20 Summit are strikingly similar.

In addition, a number of technologies are listed that are in a development phase that could potentially be used to meet the goals. Here we find, among other things:

1} Genetic rescue and genome modification for endangered and extinct species and resilience {meaning GMO}.

2} Low-cost, low-GHG emissions, synthetic proteins {AI and synthetic biology} for lab food.

3} Decoding well-being and longevity using AI and sensors for personalized health maps and sequence genomes and phenotypic data.

4} Gene editing {CRISPR Repetitive DNA sequences, } to tackle “human diseases” driven by a gene mutation. Google CRISPER. [repetitive DNA sequences]… and much more. All tech “solutions” that can and will be used for good and bad usage {weaponized} to control humans further while enriching the controlling “investors”.

May the strong survive.




Cat Costs: Tinned food was $40.14, as I just stocked till the end of the month. Raw food was $21.00, and a few treats came to $29.70. Kitty litter was stocked up with 4 boxes and came to 96.56 and lastly, the dry food that she LOVES ran out and the 3 lb bag came to $43.05.

The Total Monthly Cost: for August was $230.45. I will be stocking up in late September.     

That is for one cat, as I feel I must remind people who are thinking of getting one. I am very lucky that as she ages, she is one of the rare cats that has stayed in GREAT health. 😊 I attribute this to good food, her daily exercise, and never having had any vaccines. Plus, the HUGE amount of love, I give her. 

If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with a personality to the adult stage. Animals feel unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT   get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a life companion. They also need dental care, checkups, and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no-nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


 Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason, older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.


You may buy these books on Amazon or my website. You may purchase in a Kindle or hardcover or paperback on Amazon. If you do, there is no autograph on any books nor any Amulet Kits needed for The Mystic Grimoire. You will then have to purchase the Amulet kit from my web store on my website. Personally, it is quicker to order from my website and cheaper.


Having said that, on my web store you will receive an autographed copy, plus a wee channeled message, plus the Amulet Kit that is needed for one of the books.


What else is For Sale? I also offer FULL Numerology charts, FULL Astrology charts, Phone Reads, Skype Reads, my late Father's CDs or MP3 files on Guided Meditation, Attracting Money, and Removing Negative Energy. Completed Pyramid and crystal to apply the magic to one of the books. Amulet Kits in black and white, plus color. Buy help for your spells and rituals.

To order anything please click here Web Store for The Alternative Universe


VcToria books her appointments around your schedule. The only time she will not book is first thing in the morning. The appointments are from 1 pm to midnight. Her office is located in the West End of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Home Office Appointments: Please look at my website for prices and the package of your choice before you call. Please note I do NOT do the mini reads at home that I do at the shows around town. Or out of town.


Please go to under the menu bar for all prices and descriptions of reads. 780-4817238 OR click here to go directly to the prices> PRICES OF PSYCHIC READS

Screenshot 2020-09-24 112542.png

Now I will place the Moon signs and void of course Moon times so that people can use the times to create better movements in time. ALL emotions are felt by the Moon and when the Moon sits in certain signs the strengths can help one in the inner core.  I have also added the planets and when they move.


Use the void of course time to meditate. 

SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 11.22 am MST and moves into Sagittarius at 4.39 pm MST. NOTE: If you are in the MST do meditate at VC point of entry.

SEPTEMBER 4th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 7.51 pm MST and moves into Capricorn at 10.03 pm MST.

SEPTEMBER 4th, 2022: Venus moves into Virgo at 10.05 pm MST

SEPTEMBER 6th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 3.43 pm MST and moves into Aquarius at 9.41 pm MST.

SEPTEMBER 8th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 6.34 am MST and moves into Pisces at 10.42 pm MST.

SEPTEMBER 9th, 2022: Mercury goes retrograde at 9.38 pm MST and stays that way till October 2nd, 2022, at 3.07 am MST.

SEPTEMBER 10th, 2022: FULL MOON in Pisces at 3.59 am MST. NOTE: All those who sent donations last month will receive the removal of negative energy as I sit and ask under the Full Moon. Moon goes void of course at 6.29 pm MST and moves into Aries on September 11th, at 12.47 am MST.

SEPTEMBER 12th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 10.53 pm MST and moves into Taurus on September 13th at 5.39 am MST.

SEPTEMBER 15th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 6.59 am MST and moves into Gemini at 2.16 pm MST.

SEPTEMBER 17th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 3.52 pm MST and moves into Cancer on September 18th at 1.59 am MST.

SEPTEMBER 20th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 9.57 am MST and moves into Leo at 2.38 pm MST.

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 5.07 am MST and moves into Virgo on September 23rd at 1.53 am MST.

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2022: Sun moves into Libra at 7.04 pm MST FALL EQUINOX

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2022: Mercury [retrograde] moves back into Virgo at 6.04 am MST.

SEPTEMBER 25th, 2022: The Moon goes void of course at 6.49 am MST and moves into Libra at 10.43 am MST.

SEPTEMBER 25th, 2022: NEW MOON in Libra at 3.5 pm MST

SEPTEMBER 27th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 10.21 am MST and moves into Scorpio at 5.15 pm MST.

SEPTEMBER 29th, 2022: Venus moves into Libra at 12.58 am MST.

SEPTEMBER 29th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 3.20 pm MST and moves into Sagittarius at 10.03 pm MST.

VcToria's AWESOME Vegan Kitchen

In case you are new to my Newsletter, I just wish to say this "The first thing you eat in the morning feeds the brain". Remember this as you will find a HUGE difference if you start the day with green juice.

I have done this for decades along with 3-4 teaspoons of hemp seed. I am never sick. Into a Vitamix: 2 green chopped apples, 4-5 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 6-8 cups water. Blend on high for 2 minutes or until all veggies are juiced. ENJOY.


PS: Keep the skins, seeds, and everything EXCEPT the lemon skins on the veggies and place them in Vitamix.  


PPS: You can also make tons of this and freeze it so that you just take it out and let it defrost for a day. 


PPPS: One shot of apple cider vinegar every morning on an empty stomach will stop you from ever getting sick if you are not already UNhealthy. It also builds the immune system properly.


dates sept new kitchen.jpg

Since I am in my VERY busy season, I rarely try new dishes BUT!! If you are following my ‘chat’ you may have recalled that I decided to do soup and salad while at my 10-day shows. Focusing on losing 20lb. How I got up to 154 lbs I’ll never know. Ok, I do know LOL. I ate more calories than I burned and once you hit over 50 years of age fat burns slowly. So, you need to work out more plus cut your food by a third.

I digress and now move onwards. I have a sweet tooth.


I was going to post the banana and maple syrup that I often ate but once I moved to soup and salads and have lost 9 lbs already 😊 I realized that I should change the way I eat sweets. So, I bought dates. Now if you have never eaten dates try them. Chock full of minerals and best yet they taste like caramel.

 Past Life for those who wish to know

Sept past life_edited.png

Please send in your e-mail if you wish to have a Past Life pulled. Just reply to this Newsletter WITH the subject matter 'Past Life Name Pull'. Only first name and last name initial will be published. This column has been very popular so please be patient. I put the names in the order in which they arrive. I only do one person per month 😊


This month is for Bonnie M.


Name of Card: Renaissance Angel meaning of the card: “I question while I create." Your Angel was painted by the Renaissance master Raphael. This is an Angel I actually use in my magic ceremonies :) [New and Full Moon] 

Place:  Nothern Italy, extending down to Rome. 


Time: The High Renaissance [the time in which Raphael's angel was painted] is dated around 1492. Do Google this time and the painter. 


Today: Since you have chosen the Renaissance Angel for your past life symbol you are versatile and most of all curious – forever asking one more question. You wish to express yourself clearly, but with a unique or artistic vision. You perceive a deeper nature in everything, which you yearn to unlock. Often, you are unable to relax, and your nerves tend to be unsettled. Your mind spins out of control, putting your body in a state of constant turmoil. Because of this, you may suffer from stress-related illnesses as your body reacts to these inner conflicts.


You are interested in philosophy and mysticism. Your view of mysticism is revealed through an interest in the higher laws of theology, poetry, and Platonic philosophy. The idea of these celestial beings and heaven intrigues you. You may not be particularly religious in a traditional sense, but you are interested in the roots of Christianity and intrigued by the life of Christ. Pagan ideas are also a source of intrigue, but you are not one to focus your interests too intently in any one direction. You want to leave yourself open to consider many possibilities.


It is essential that once you start a project you finish it. Especially if you are an artist or a writer.


You are easily stimulated by any creative opportunity. However complete freedom of expression is a must. You cannot excel or feel good about yourself when you’re trying to conform, and this is a big problem for you. You are never one to follow a crowd. You are not especially rebellious or subversive, but you only know how to do things your own way. Just remember that when you refuse to fit in you can only stand out.


What will make you Happy? You are feeling solid and sure of yourself, but the raw energy you are generating needs to be carefully channeled and placed in a structured environment. You are on a powerful horse, but you are riding without using the reins. The horse is taking you to many exotic places, but you are not in control. Now is the time to gather your forces and hone them to a keen edge. Unless you focus your power, you will have many interesting experiences but still not achieved the things you desire. Learn to discipline your energy.



VcToria's Information


Phone Readings: VcToria offers phone reads by appointment. She books seven days a week from 1 pm till Midnight. VcToria prefers to see her clients in person, but if you do not reside in Edmonton and are not in any of the towns she travels to, please do call for a phone reading. Click Here >Phone or Skype Psychic Readings

House Parties: VcToria offers house parties catered around your choice. She can supply as many psychics as you need for your party. Click Here > HOUSE PARTIES She also offers her services to corporate events. Click Here Corporate Events If she is driving through your town you can also arrange a house party at that time. She will stop and do mini psychic reads for your guests. Please call to see when she is traveling and if she is passing your way.


Readings: VcToria offers five packages of readings. You may choose from a variety of Tarot Cards/Numerology/Palmistry/Mind, Body and Soul/Astrology Charts and the latest read The Third Eye. To view her packages please click on this link PRICES OF PSYCHIC READS


Clearings: Do you need your home or office cleared of bothersome energies? VcToria offers clearings of all homes and offices in Edmonton. If you wish to have a home or office clearing and she is passing through your town she will stop to accommodate you. VcToria uses her Fathers' voice and direction to start the clearings. She then uses her energy, crystals, and smudging to clear and heal your home. You will also have a personal clearing. For more information or to book an appointment please call her. 780-481-7238.You may also purchase the protective/energy clearance CD that VcToria has always used, on the website store. Psychic Energy Remover. Note this is VcToria’s late Fathers original work.


Personal Clearings: VcToria will open up your chakras by activating her Reiki knowledge then ask your guides to be present. She will then smudge and clear you, speaking very clearly about removing energy as she cleanses. You will leave with your chakras balanced and your aura energy vibrating. As a physical body needs a bath or shower so the outer energy needs to be cleared every so often. The duration of the Personal Cleanse is 10-15 minutes. Only available in conjunction with a reading.