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Onto Chat.

ANOTHER crazy busy month yet fulfilling when you do your passion.

This month around the home I had a guy come in from crystal glass to measure my kitchen patio door windows as I am fed up with the inner blind hanging halfway down. HOW??? Is it that they design blinds to fit in between the glass and then when the string breaks you must replace the glass???? The most ridiculous design ever. If you are ever looking or thinking of getting these blinds in between glass DO NOT!! The string will wear out and as I stated you cannot just change the blind you have to replace the glass. I have 4 of these doors and only one needs to be replaced but then the door beside it will not match so I have ordered the glass for two doors and that should be here by the end of October. Then I will install blinds outside the glass. Since the kitchen doors are identical to the lower front room doors, I asked my son to switch out the doors for me. That he did and now I will not have to rush to install blinds as you cannot see into the lower part of the house 😊 Plus while he was here, he set the timer on patio lights and moved some heavy stuff for me in the garage 😊

My outdoor fountain arrived but I have not had time to set it up or even open the box, but it sits ready to be put together in the hallway. My landscaper completed the front area with brand new soil and lo and behold this week the bulbs arrived. She will come next week and plant my spring bulbs and with hope, the summer ones will have arrived 😊 Pics of the front next spring when the flowers bloom.

Can you say busy reading-wise?? I was solidly booked every day plus had two house parties. Along with that on Tuesday evenings I am teaching Numerology that filled. I had a 10-person cap on it as it is very interactive. On Wednesday nights I am teaching Novice and all the Neophyte students signed up for the last sessions of which there are 16 weeks and then they will be initiated into The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo. In between that I did take 5 days off on purpose and had my hair done, cleaned up the garden a wee bit, still tons to do out there, and made some food dishes to freeze. Plus of course, made time to relax as that is important to self-care.

I then went to Devon to finally have lunch with a friend. She lives on an acreage and has these bird feeders installed up the trees so the cats cannot lunch on the birds. I had a bird’s eye view [lol] of the feeders while I ate. I kept mentioning how beautiful her birds were especially the black and white one with a redhead. I said to her I did not have those types of birds. I only have sparrows and an occasional bluebird. WELL!! Lo and behold the very next morning at my bird feeder is the black and white bird with the red head 😊  I could not believe my eyes. He has stayed and is now around every day. I took it as a sign that when you admire something verbally it tends to show up in your life. Magic, I call it 😊

NEXT!! Talking about magic!!! LOOK Pierre won the conservative leadership just like I knew he would and TURDEAU dropped the mandates. ALL OF THEM!! Yes, you run you coward ‘cos we all know that Pierre will win in 2025 and our freedom will NEVER be taken away again. I know you think that by 2025 we will all have forgotten that the rest of the world dropped masks on the planes etc. etc. and now you have but I will NEVER forget. Many will not either you tyrant. I need not go on. You have already convinced so many to inject the poison into their bodies and WHY??? So many did and I cannot understand why. Not one person can tell me the ingredients when I ask them. Yet they will look at the ingredients on the labels of their foods but not question a life-altering serum that was mass produced and used as an experiment. Oh well, ‘tis your life and I said from the beginning that I would have no sympathy for those who would not stand up to this. How many ‘sudden’ deaths have now been shown? How many athletes cannot play due to heart issues? Even in schools, they are testing kids for these heart issues before they can join any team. Shame that so many have ruined their kids too.

And I continue on in life pure-blooded, and as I say to many “of all the people I know I sit with thousands of folks over the summer/interact with many and have hugs given to me/handheld for palmistry and so much more. I am in festivals where 300,000 [yes three hundred thousand] people or MORE attend and I mingle with all as I walk about. Have I gotten sick??? Not even a twinge. A complete farce or con as I called it and now those immune systems are compromised it looks like the poison is needed every month. And people took it ‘cos they were afraid of dying!!!!! Now everyone is. Strange but true”.

Next, I had my neighbor over for lunch and then off to Fort MacMurray. One of my all-time favorite shows. I LOVE the drive up there. I love the way the leaves on the tree change color and best of all the weather was amazing. Unpacked and set up in short sleeves. The new hotel that I chose was AMAZING. The hotel that I had stayed at for at least 10 years 3 times a year lost me as a customer. New manager/ TERRIBLE service trying to book. Be careful when you hire managers ‘cos many do not care. [the hotel that lost my business was The Podollan in FM]

Drove home this past Monday [26th] but before I did my low tire light went on while I was driving to the show on Sunday. Well, guess what?? My new hotel was one block from Kal Tire. I drove over there before I left FM and in minutes had my tires checked. Air inflated them back to 36 PSI and on my way I went. The light went off all is well with my van 😊 Just how the Universe treats me. Meditation is the key to the UNstressful journey 😊

And home to cooking up four meals yesterday of kidney beans/impossible meat/curry powder and spices plus coconut milk. Took some and made some curried rice and enjoyed it. Froze 4 meals. NOW!!!!!! My weight. This I cannot believe. Having supper with my son he remarked that as soon as one goes back to regular eating one will gain the weight back. But with me, it was NOT so. I did not try very hard this month to lose the 8 pounds BUT!! 2 more left. I am so happy. In Fort Mac Murray I had cravings at the hotel and bought a LARGE tin of chips and 2 chocolate bars. I also ate a large salad at the show from the restaurant there plus the food I brought with me. I truly thought I would be back to 150 but I jumped on the scale and lo and behold with clothes I was still 144. I celebrated lol with a LONG massage in my new chair and a wonderful meditation. This morning I was 142. Means I have 6-7 lbs to go. I am aiming for 135. I look GREAT with a flat stomach and feel GREAT with a lighter body. Never again will I go above 145. Or should I say 140 once I hit 135.

And talking about food still, this month’s groceries came to $363.17. As you can see with dried beans etc. food is a heck of a lot cheaper. Less than $100 a week. This month I bought a 3-liter tin of cold pressed virgin olive oil as I ran out, some gnocchi with truffles as I was over at the Italian Centre, and I have to say that place is AMAZING. Also picked up 4 cauliflower, tons of Brussel sprouts, shitake mushroom, romaine lettuce, a jar of baby dill pickles, some nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, celery, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, gardein chicke’ nuggets, potatoes, turnip,  at least 7 packs of rice crackers, cashew milk, vegan ice cream, celery, dates, kale, 25 lbs lemons for my monthly green juice to be made and frozen, 9 cucumbers, silk creamer, and I thought I would try the Very Good Butchers [a vegan butcher out of BC] steaks since they supply our grocery stores now. I ordered them about 2 years ago and did not like them and sadly still do not. There is a spice they use that I cannot stand to eat. Lastly, I stopped at Bulk Barn and got some dried yellow split peas, some vegan bouillon cubes, coconut flakes, raisins, and cranberries. I use the pulp from the 10 apples I juice each day from my apple tree to make dehydrated cookies with coconut, raisins, and cranberries. And that was my food intake.

This month no cheating as I will reach my goal. In my Numerology Personal Year [season] is the 4. This is my foundation year. Hence in a nutshell ‘what I foundate is like the pyramids, virtually indestructible. That is why I started my Zoom classes this year, got the garden done, foundated my body weight, and lastly added another eight shows to my schedule. By December 31st I will know what to keep.

I have been asked a lot if I am doing another Tarot class next year. I am not sure. I have had an exceptionally busy year and am still doing massive amounts of work/shows etc. I am leaning towards having the winter off and doing nothing [my nothing LOL] I will announce it in November's Newsletter. BUT!! I am also leaning towards having the Tarot class and adding one of the sessions to a Tea leaf reading course. I would then offer this session free to my students who took the Tarot and took the test and were certified. I will mull this over 😊  

And that was my month with my daily walks being kept up. China is PERFECT other than a wee bit of constipation and life is perfect. Oh yes, I got my maple tree in the back yard all nicely trimmed as well 😊 and the house was kept up within reason 😊 and TV was watched as my relaxing time. The Amazing Race Canada ended and I have to say it's one of my favorite shows. I have traveled Canada a lot and the show brings back many memories when I watch. I am pleased to see Amazing Race that now travels the world started off in Munich, Germany. Love the Angel that sits above that city. AND!! All my favorite Fall shows are starting so a wonderful winter is appearing before me 😊 I know it's not winter yet but funnily enough, my last action with the Zoom classes finishes on 21st December and my last show finishes on December 18th. Yes, I extended them this year. And although I really preach to live in the now, I do on occasion look ahead at the time I will have off 😊

People do not forget that you oversee your own life. We are born alone and die alone. What we do alone for ourselves is the enlightenment we feel. I do not claim to know what the other side brings but I do know it will all make PERFECT sense. I know I will be leaving a robotic world as I predicted many many years ago and next month, I will talk about this under MY Opinion column.

Enjoy Fall as the leaves change color. Look to your inner self and change as nature does. Bring peace and enlightenment to you and you will see the Universe send you miracles. Change cannot happen with resistance. Until next month I send you all my positive thoughts. Use the Full Moon to reverse negativity. Falls on a Sunday in Aries 😊 See below for the dates.



Absurdity Observer

Some Of The Most Absurd Things That Have Happened In Recent Weeks 

• Quadruple vaccinated Joe Biden experiences symptoms and  tests positive for COVID-19.  It was nearly exactly one year ago when Biden announced that “You are not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

• Article titled “Increasing SARS-Cov2 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths among the vaccinated …” (Emani et al.) finds “the vaccine effectiveness (VE) for the third dose was negative since December 20, 2021, with significantly increased proportion of SARS-CoV2 cases, hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated; and a decreased proportion of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths among the unvaccinated.” They concluded, “There is no discernible vaccine effectiveness among ≥18 years of age, vaccinated third dose population since the beginning of the Omicron variant surge.” These findings are consistent with Ontario data. •

Shortly after alternative news sources, like Druthers, published that Ontario Public Health’s data was showing an alarming trend of the “triple-vaccinated” getting COVID-19 at rates of more than double that of the “not fully vaccinated,”  Ontario Public Health removed publicly accessible data on the vaccination status and COVID-positivity status of Ontarians. •

Article titled “Duration of immune protection of SARS-CoV-2 natural infection against reinfection in Qatar” (Chemaitelly et al.) finds that the effectiveness of primary infection against severe, critical, or fatal COVID-19 reinfection was 97.3%  irrespective of the variant of infection or reinfection, with no evidence of waning.” •

Tens of thousands of farmers have gathered from all across the Netherlands to protest government policies  that are deliberately shrinking the farming sector, impacting the livelihood of thousands of farmers and the food supply of literally hundreds of millions of people. Meanwhile, here in Canada, the same “climate crisis” playbook is being used (perhaps in an attempt to have farms fail, allow for land to be purchased by billionaires, and control the food supply.) Trudeau instigated a 30% fertilizer reduction policy while still allowing Glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in Canada, to poison our country.

• A new UN report shows that a record  345 million people are acutely hungry  and are ‘marching to the brink of starvation.’ In early 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the figure was 135 million. • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada announced that the federal  government is investing up to $8.5 million into what will be the world’s largest cricket production facility. The government said the investment to Aspire (London, ON) was “to support the building of a commercial facility to produce cricket protein.” •

3 young doctors working at Trillium Health in Mississauga,  Ontario (Dr. Sawicki, Dr. Segall, & Dr. McKenzie)  die of “sudden and unexpected” causes  over the course of just one week, the same week a marathon runner and well-known doctor at a different hospital also in the Toronto General Area, (Dr. Hannam), died unexpectedly while out for a morning jog. •

“Deaths of unknown causes” is now Alberta’s #1 killer. According to Alberta Health’s data (open., unknown causes of death have increased approximately 2.4 times in 2021 compared to the previous year. A few months ago, a pathology study by Dr. Bhakdi & Dr. Burkhardt showed ~93% of people who died of “unknown causes” after being vaccinated had “clear evidence of vaccine-induced autoimmune-like pathology.” The autopsy study was done on 15 patients who died (from 7 days to 6 months) after receiving the COVID vaccine. These were all cases where the officials ruled death was NOT caused by the vaccine. They discovered that in 14 of the 15 patients, there was widespread evidence of autoimmune tissue destruction (via killer lymphocytic infiltration) in ways that have never been described in the medical literature before the COVID vaccines. The heart was attacked in all 14 cases.  •

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern.  The decision was announced July 23 after WHO convened its second emergency committee where WHO’s own expert panel voted 9–6 against the emergency declaration. WHO chief overruled the panel and declared an emergency. The two-dose repurposed smallpox vaccine, Imvamune, has begun its roll-out in Canada. •

Mastercard, in partnership with the UN, to start measuring the carbon footprint of your purchases.  The new CO2 monitoring credit card, called “Doconomy,” is designed to stop working (& put you into a financial “lockdown”) when you hit your “carbon max.” •

Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology article (Seneff et al.) finds that “vaccination induces a profound impairment in type I interferon  signalling,” which hinders one’s immune system and “has diverse adverse consequences to human health.” The study also found vaccination has “potential profound disturbances in regulatory control of protein synthesis and cancer surveillance.” •

Health Canada authorizes use of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in children 6 months to 5 years of age despite a CDC study (April 26 MMWR, Clarke et al.) finding that, as of February 2022, over 75% of children are carrying antibodies from previous infection and there is perhaps a perfect recovery rate in these children. The true recovery rate is unknown due to Health Canada not separating the data of those who were hospitalized or died “of” COVID vs “with” COVID. On June 15th, a Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory committee meeting noted that 1 in 83 Moderna vaccinated infants experienced a severe adverse event and 1 in 71 Pfizer vaccinated infants experienced a severe adverse event (see Dr. Jessica Rose). •

Toddlers’ speech and motor skills have dropped sharply in the wake of the pandemic, official data show. The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT), Assessments show that one in five children are not meeting expected standards by age 2½, with referrals to speech and language therapy doubling since the pandemic. Communication skills suffered one of the most significant falls in performance. •

A study done on neighbouring North Dakota school districts titled “Association between school mask mandates and SARS-CoV-2 infections” (Sood et al.) finds  “no significant difference between (cumulative) student case rates while the districts had differing masking policies.” •

 It’s no longer just a COVID thing. After installing various checkpoints between provinces over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and creating a “Red Zone” in Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy, Canada’s normalization of checkpoints continues.  Police checkpoints covered Whitby, ON in late July during a meeting of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle club, where they checked ID’s. •

Freedom Convoy organizer Pat King is finally granted bail after 150 days in jail. Meanwhile, Tamara Lich,  another Freedom Convoy organizer who was arrested and held for weeks without bail, has been arrested and jailed without bail again for allegedly violating “no-contact” bail conditions placed on her after being charged for her role in February’s demonstration. •

Disturbing study published to the Lancet and reviewed by  Virology (Adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and measures to prevent them  by Yamamoto) finds “immune function among vaccinated individuals  8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID vaccine was  lower than that among the unvaccinated”. According to the European Med Agency, “frequent booster shots could adversely affect the immune response.” •

Explosive data from the Department of Defense DMED database of 1.4M active duty DoD servicemen shows shocking increases in medical conditions from mRNA “vaccines”  after the military demanded injections for all service members. The data, obtained by 3 courageous DoD whistleblowers and shared by attorney Tom Renz and senator Ron Johnson, showed the following: 487% spike in breast cancer, 551% spike in Guillain-Barré syndrome, 269% spike in myocardial infarction, 468% spike in pulmonary embolism, 291% spike in Bell’s palsy, 437% spike in ovarian dysfunction, 279% spike in miscarriages, 680% spike in multiple sclerosis, 664% spike in malignant neoplasms, plus other condition increases.

May the strong survive.




Cat Costs:  Tinned food was $52.70, and I just stocked till the end of the month again.  Raw food was $23.85, and treats came

to $66.65 as I buy her the pack of 50 Cat Churu. Her dry food that I coincidentally bought at the vet's as I was looking for her tuna laxatone came to $48.62. This dry food she LOVES and it has a ton of fiber in it and she appears to be going to the bathroom more than once every 3 days now. This makes me tremendously happy.

The Total Monthly Cost: for September was $240.44. I will be stocking up in late October or maybe late December for the winter.   

That is for one cat, as I feel I must remind people who are thinking of getting one. I am very lucky that as she ages, she is one of the rare cats that has stayed in GREAT health. 😊 I attribute this to good food, her daily exercise, and never having had any vaccines. Plus, the HUGE amount of love, I give her. 

If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with a personality to the adult stage. Animals feel unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT   get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a life companion. They also need dental care, checkups, and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no-nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


 Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason, older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.


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Screenshot 2020-09-24 112542.png

Now I will place the Moon signs and void of course Moon times so that people can use the times to create better movements in time. ALL emotions are felt by the Moon and when the Moon sits in certain signs the strengths can help one in the inner core.  I have also added the planets and when they move.


Use the void of course time to meditate. 

October 1st, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 3.46 pm MST and moves into Capricorn on October 2nd at 1.38 am MST.

October 2nd, 2022: Mercury goes direct at 3.07 am MST

October 3rd, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 9.49 pm MST and moves into Aquarius on October 4th. 2022 at 4.20 am MST.

October 5th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 4.46 pm MST and moves into Pisces on October 6th, 2022, at 6.47 am MST. WATCH for heavy dreams this night.

October 8th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 5.10 am MST and moves into Aries at 9.57 am MST.

October 8th, 2022: YES YES YES Pluto goes direct at 3.56 pm MST

October 9th, 2022: FULL Moon in ARIES at 2.55 pm MST

October 10th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 8.02 am MST and moves into Taurus at 3.04 pm MST.

October 10th, 2022: Mercury moves into Libra at 5.51 pm MST

October 12th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 3.42 pm MST and moves into Gemini at 11.08 pm MST.

October 14th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 10.11 pm MST and moves into Cancer on October 15th at 10.11 am MST. [an EXACT 12-hour void of course]

October 17th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 2.56 pm MST and moves into Leo at 10.45 pm MST.

October 20th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 4.35 am MST and moves into Virgo at 10.25 am MST.

October 22nd, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 12.17 pm MST and moves into Libra at 7.24 pm MST.

October 22nd, 2022: YES YES YES Saturn goes direct at 10.07 pm MST.

October 23rd, 2022: Venus moves into Scorpio at 1.52 am MST

October 23rd, 2022: Sun moves into Scorpio at 4.36 am MST

October 24th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 6.36 pm MST and moves into Scorpio on October 25th at 1.18 am MST.

October 25th, 2022: NEW MOON in Scorpio at 4.49 am MST

October 26th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 10.27 pm MST and moves into Sagittarius on October 27th at 4.55 am MST at 5.15 pm MST.

October 27th, 2022: Jupiter moves into Pisces at 11.10 pm MST.

October 29th, 2022: Moon goes void of course at 7.10 am MST and moves into Capricorn at 7.21 am MST.

October 29th, 2022: Mercury moves into Scorpio at 1.22 pm MST

October 30th, 2022: Mars goes retrograde at 7.26 am MST

October 31st, 2022: HAPPY HALLOWEEN. The Moon goes void of course at 9.14 am MST and moves into Aquarius at 9.43 am MST.

green juice.jpg
VcToria's AWESOME Vegan Kitchen

Following last month with more of ‘what I eat’ as I am still 8 lbs away from my goal. The first 10 days this month after I dropped the 10 lbs last month I ate normally just to test if the 144lbs that I had dropped to would stay. IT DID!!! Now I am focusing on the last 10 lbs and will decrease my food as I did with my experiment. You would think as we got older, we would be rewarded with a higher metabolism but NOT so 😊

As I point out to everyone the first thing you drink/ or eat in the morning feeds the brain. I have for YEARS drank green juice before anything. I do not have ‘fog’ as so many do in the morning. This green juice freezes well so spend a couple of hours making one month's worth. Use organic lemons and know they freeze in the ice cube tray exceedingly well.

Thus, you can make fresh lemonade any time you like OR add a cube to your water bottle.

Take a 30-day experiment here and tell me how you feel. PLUS, it washes out the digestive system that so many need to clean. Remember the 33 feet of the walls of the digestive system allow the nutrients that feed the skin/bones/blood etc. through. If it is blocked with the dry fecal matter this cannot happen properly.

RECIPE: 1 cucumber 🥒 2 large green apples OR 5-6 smaller ones of any kind. [right now I am using mine from my apple tree] 5-6 stalks of celery and ¼ to ½  cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. If you froze the juice then 4 ice cubes.

Depending on your blender: I have a Vitamix and HIGHLY recommend this type. You can pay monthly if you order directly from their website.  Into the Vitamix add the apples/celery/cucumber and lemon juice. [I chop them up in roughly 5 chops.] Add 6 cups of fresh water and place on high for 2 minutes. Take jars [as in the pic] and make your monthly supply. Place in the freezer and take each jar out about 3 days before you finish one jar and defrost in the fridge. I put mine in a jug once it is defrosted.

Any other type of blender: You may have to chop your veggies up much smaller and then add water. Either way, blend them DO NOT juice them. This way you have ALL the nutrients not just the juice and no pulp. If you do not find your blender works well buy a Vitamix if you can [well worth it] or do the veggies in a juicer and melt the lemon ice cubes while you do this and then add the lemon cubes. Stir and drink.

ONE cup of this WITH an ounce of apple cider vinegar BEFORE anything else every morning without fail will create a VERY healthy inner self and note that you will never get sick.

 Past Life for those who wish to know

October past life 2022.jpg

Please send in your e-mail if you wish to have a Past Life pulled. Just reply to this Newsletter WITH the subject matter 'Past Life Name Pull'. Only first name and last name initial will be published. This column has been very popular so please be patient. I put the names in the order in which they arrive. I only do one person per month 😊


This month is for L. Hurl.


Name of Card: Hebrew High Priest meaning 'Spirit of Ambition'.

Place:  Pinpointing the exact area is difficult since much of history was spent in captivity throughout the Middle East. [PS: If your LP or Expression number in Numerology is a 5 breaking ONLY from a 14 here is the time your freedom was taken from you.] Called persecution.


Time: I pinpoint this to 587B.C, and take it to another half-century. Jews were enslaved during this time.


Today: If you have had the Hebrew High Priest chosen by me as your past life symbol you are an energetic person with a clear sense of direction. You have a strong sense of individuality and are willing to work hard for whatever you deserve in life. You realize that whatever is worth having is worth working for in your opinion.

Luck is not really what comes to you in this lifetime hence the need to work with a great amount of mental and physical energy without complaining.


You may take your life seriously, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. You are verbally strong and not afraid to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. You thrive on clearing the air and normally do not hold any type of grudge. You are ruled by the planet mars. Keep in mind that your first impressions are usually correct


You may turn away from the broad-minded religion and spend a large part of your life as an agnostic. The concepts of submission and obedience are not quite your cup of tea. More than likely you will turn to spiritualism rather than religion as it is today.


You should try your hand at writing or researching.


What will make you Happy? Pulling this next card for you indicates that you show great creative potential. However, you must turn inward to create this.

Look at your life and make sure that your escapist activities are not too much television or biting off more than you can chew.

You must spend more time on personal reflection Especially if you see the same problems cropping up again and again. If you choose not to spend the time and put the effort into reflecting on these problems and correcting them you must face the fact that they will probably never be solved.

As I say over and over again to many people in order for growth and change to occur you must seek your peace and happiness inwardly. Then and only then can the outer life, the material, and the people around you, be changed.



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