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Comments before I start Chat 😊

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Onto Chat.

NOTE:  I will only be taking bookings via phone please do not email or text.

SHOWS: For those who called or asked when I would be doing shows so that they can get a mini read here is Mays:

Fort Mc Murray: MacDonald Island Park, 1 MacDonald Dr. Fort McMurray Alberta.  Friday, May 5th, 2023, 1 pm to 9 pm. Saturday, May 6th, 10 am to 7 pm, and Sunday, May 7th, 10 am to 5 pm.

Local: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta: Dow Centennial Centre: 8700 84th Street. Friday, May 12th, 2023, 5 pm to 9 pm Saturday, May 13th, 10 am to 6 pm, and Sunday, May 14th, 11 am to 4 pm.

Where oh where did the winter months go LOL 😊 I swear time had changed in energy as the days fly by.

I started out my month heading to Bed Bath and Beyond to see what great bargains they may have as they are closing all their stores. HUGE disappointment. Shelves were basically bare and really nothing was a bargain at all. Now I know I said this is a ‘saving’ year BUT I did not say a miserly year LOL. I ended up buying 3 cooking pans that I did need since I did a deep cleaning/clearing on my kitchen and had thrown out 3 baking pans that had bitten the dust so to speak.

Now I have to say it is almost like the Universe literally takes care of me and says, ‘We know you are heading back to the shows, so clients that come to your office will drop in volume’. And that is what happened. I had an in-person read on the first day of April and a phone read on the next. Then EIGHT wonderful days of ‘do as I please’. On those days I read, and talking about reading I am as pleased as punch with the next two books I ordered by Vince Flynn. I finished up Stuart Woods {Chiefs] and then went back to the second book by Vince Flynn, Transfer of Power. I am now reading around chapter four. 😊

I also watched mindless TV plus some educational channels and of course the news. On Netflix, I watched Night Agent and really enjoyed it, but my top Netflix watch EVER is still Money Heist. 😊 BUT!! the month was not all relaxation. I shopped for Easter dinner as the g ’kids and their significant others plus my son were coming for that. And since I switched the subject to shopping let's cover the food, I bought this month. Along with the turkey I bought for the kids and son I also bought myself a vegan turkey. I bought a new type by Sol Cuisine, and I have to say it was excellent. What else? Plant-based dumplings as I have found these to be phenomenal in taste and could not do a better job myself if I tried making them, cocoa, vegan perogies that sadly will not be bought again, frozen corn, icing sugar, vegan cheeses slices, some Thai red hot sauce, raspberries, onions, shredded vegan cheese, puff pastry, rinse aid for the dishwasher, cauliflower, celery, cranberry sauce, 14 green apples for my morning green juice, Impossible burgers and the packaged meat type vegan hamburger, 4 lbs lemons, pine sol cleaner [however I was not happy with it] more raspberries, 2 silk creamer soy, 6 Silk Next Milk whole, apricot jam, 7 cucumbers, 10 lb potatoes and lastly I asked my g ’daughter to grab a HUGE bag of soy curls in Vancouver by Butler.

The total cost of the groceries was $340.72 BUT!! the soy curls from Vancouver that I also added a vegan steak to, the order came to $155. 00. I would not order the vegan steak again; it was terrible but the soy curls YUM!! I made a GREAT dish once I soaked them in ‘chikin stock and covered them in spices and fried them up. This bag is HUGE!! It will last me at least 6 months. Tucked into the freezer they stay fresh.

And that leads me to cooking, which I did quite a bit again this month. Adding to my frozen prepared meals so that I have the stuff to eat in my shows and when I am too lazy to cook. The wonderful chocolate cake that I have talked about is in this month’s vegan kitchen column below. No pic as I forgot to take one but know it is awesome 😊

G ’kids arrived from Vancouver and we used that time to not only celebrate Easter dinner at my house with a lovely homemade birthday cake that my g'daughter made but on Easter Monday before they flew back all four of them took me to Earls [yes the south commons one] for my birthday dinner. This time the pizza dough was in stock LOL [see last month's Newsletter for the story if you missed it] and I had that DELICIOUS vegan pizza once again. Plus two large bottles of mineral water.

Then I drove them to the airport where two left to head home and I drove the other two back to my son where G'son lives. His girlfriend still lives at her home 😊

Moving on to my actual birthday which was two days later [12th] I turned SEVENTY!! Yup, the big 70 is now headed into. My son and grandson took me out to Watari downtown where I enjoyed plum wine along with TONS of vegan sushi etc. Then home to the vegan cake that my son always gets me from Green Thumb bakery. I sliced that up and froze many, many slices. YUM!!!! Every time I take a slice out, I make a wish 😊 Gifts you ask? Oh yes, Gift cards total $300 that can be spent at Home Depot, The Bay, and one of them of $100 anywhere. THEN!! Yup, my dream gift. A telescope 😊 All put together now between myself, my son, my g ’son and lastly my neighbor 😊 As the night weather warms, I plan to sit outside and watch the stars and whatever else travels through the skies 😊

THEN :) my buddy Janice rang the doorbell out of the blue just before I was heading out for my birthday supper. In her hand was an AWESOME birthday card that sang to me about how great I am [lol] and supper at Padmanis with her and her husband. [to still be arranged] Most likely June.

Life continues and the shows were getting closer. My vehicle is a necessity not only for work but also for pleasure. So, it needs care. Off I went and got an oil change as it was due. Then I called my mobile tire guy who came to my home and switched out my winter tires for summer. Then a complete gas tank fill up and van wash.

A couple of reads showed up and then on Instagram I noticed a person selling Montreal bagels in the downtown market. I messaged her and asked her if they were vegan. She replied that except for being boiled in honey they were. I asked her if she would boil them in agave and if so, I would place an order. She agreed and I ordered two dozen. On the 16th I headed down to the market and picked them up. Sadly, just looking at them they are nowhere near Montreal bagels. I brought them home, froze them and I have to say once I heated one up to take to the show this past weekend it was OK. But I think sometime in June I may try my hand at Montreal bagels and see what I can create. And talking about creating I tried four times to make vegan white chocolate and each batch failed me. I tried four different ways following four different recipes taken from online and NONE created white vegan chocolate that I would want to eat. SO!!! if anyone here makes vegan white chocolate, please email me as I would like to place an order. 😊

AND!! Tax time arrived as it does every year. Death and taxes are two things guaranteed in this world. LOL. I had paid my business taxes earlier online as my accountant messaged me after she uploaded them. The business has to be paid earlier prior to personal. Then I needed to sign the papers so I took the great drive out to the country to her acreage.  Signed them and before I even arrived home CRA had sent me an email telling me they we uploaded. 

BUT!!!!! Due to some fraudulent use of my personal debit card a few years back [that was repaid by the bank] I have it set so that I cannot use it online for purchases or payments. After transferring my personal tax amount to my account from my business I knew I would have to go to the bank. A place I HATE as they have few tellers and think nothing of making us wait. So today [24th] I headed there and lo and behold there are 10 people in line and two tellers. AND!! LOL, we were ALL seniors, and everyone started shaking their heads at the slowness and talking amongst themselves about how terrible the service is. I piped up the loudest [those who know me will not be surprised LOL] and said ‘Yes, they really do not want us in the bank, they want everything done online’. The manager heard and jumped up from her chair, looked me right in the eye as if I was the only person griping LOL [I think she recognizes me from months gone by when I have done the same thing LOL] and stated “There are other ways to do stuff” “what are you doing” I say “paying my taxes’ to which she replies ‘you can do that on line’ to which I reply “the fraud on my personal debit made me shut down any online transactions’ and then she says ‘oh well then you can only pay them here ‘ to which I reply ‘exactly, and this is why we are all griping’. She still stares only at me LOL and I say, ‘Hey talk to them as well’ as I point and say, ‘We are all in agreement’. LOL, The manager says, ‘We have more tellers coming’ and I say ‘Great thank you very much' And she sits back down. But I am not done LOL. I look at my group of seniors and say to them ‘Hey all of you say thank you as well’ and in chorus the good people of my group who have griped and got me in trouble all look at her and say in unison ‘thank you’ very loudly, then we all laugh. And then more tellers arrive 😊 Don’t you love my stories? Oh, life is just a bundle of giggles sometimes.  

Now I mentioned last month I believe it was, that I had joined the Seniors Ski Club which also offers other activities. They had a newbie meeting on the 18th, and I headed down. I intended to sign up for the supper in May but looking at the menu and the $45 cost there was no vegan option. So, I found the person in charge of the meal and asked about vegan options 😊 Apparently I am the only vegan in the 1000 and MORE members although there are some vegetarians but only a few. Seems like a great bunch of people and the next day the meal person told me to add a note on my sign-up that I am vegan and apparently the club [they meet at a golf club called Woodvale] will accommodate. I will let you know next month how it goes. 😊

Then one last large package reading at my office and the following day I headed for St Albert to set up. I have to gush. EXCELLENT load in, an AMAZING spot just close to load in. Warm and toasty as I set up.  Then the show started at 2 pm on the 21st. To my GREAT delight, I had two of the very BEST vendors on each side of me that I have ever had. Holy cow, they got my sense of humor and one of them had a similar sense of humor. Man, oh man what a nice time we had. Then the Universe created a steady flow of clients all weekend. The chamber person in charge of the show came and welcomed me and told me how happy they were to have their first psychic 😊 Then they uploaded a pic of my booth on their website on FB. Tear down was GREAT, and I assured them I would be back next year, and I wanted the same neighbors 😊


And as today is the 25th and I am editing and uploading I will mention that yesterday I booked four new clients from that show.  

When I do shows I look for organization first. Easy setups and I expect, since I am paying for space, that all goes as we are told. I show up on time, and I expect my booth to be ready if that was what we were informed would happen, I then respect the organizer and do my part. I pay on time, show up before the show starts, have my booth ready, and I NEVER tear down before closing time. These are things that build a relationship with the show.

And then to celebrate the start of my shows I went to the drugstore and bought face cream, foot cream, foot mask [ultra exfoliating] shampoo, and some body cream 😊 I did put some into savings LOL but as I said before I am not miserly.

AND!! Today the 24th I am finishing up the Chat and uploading the newsletter tomorrow to go out on the 30th. Why? I leave this Thursday [ 27th] for Grande Prairie and will be returning May 1st. And so, for the next 3 days, I will prepare/pack and get ready to leave town 😊

Now what else? China [for my newbies she is my 19- and 1/2-year-old ragdoll cat] is fine. She is of course with me in GP if you are reading this before I head home. In good health and still almost as playful as a kitten. She loves me so much. Of course, I cannot take her to the local shows and when I leave for the hours it takes to work and get home, she does not leave my side. She purrs and follows me everywhere. Then at times, she goes into the yard, where SIGH I am so darn happy that finally she cannot climb/jump the fence and I no longer worry about her. I am sure she wishes she could still get out and walk the top of the fence all around the neighborhood, but I am happy she cannot 😊 She talks all the time just as the Siamese breed is known for and I swear she speaks English. At times I ask her a question and she actually has this sound that says ‘no’ quite clearly. I kid you not 😊

And the rest of my WONDERFUL free time was spent working out, I took two days off and the show days but other than that we did the 4.8 km walk on the treadmill, 160 sit-ups, and the inversion. Then upstairs to the massage chair and then remaining in the chair and taking it into a sleeping position I meditate and thank the Universe for the growth I had been given internally and the material that comes too, mainly in the way of money so that the comforts I choose to buy I can. BUT!! I also carry out the work needed to maintain the enlightenment of inner growth and the material work it takes to create the paper named money 😊 PLUS!! I started raking the leaves that I left for the tiny creatures of the world to burrow under during the winter months. However, April has been a wee bit cold so only about 1/8th of my yard is done. Now I am busy so most likely by the end of June it will be done, and veggies will be planted by mid-May. 😊

One last announcement 😊 While watching American Idol last night I received an email telling me I was accepted for the Edmonton Fringe YES!!! More on that as summer arrives in my future newsletters. BUT!! This is my BIG show and my absolute favorite. 😊

And I guess I will end on that note. I have started the new column, see below named ‘Spiritual Advice’ and have opened the first post with what I say needs to be a daily action. Meditation. You cannot open any doors till you learn to relax and open the window to the soul. Inside the soul door lies the magnetic field of energy that, once brought to the surface, creates peace, tranquility, and material needs. I hope you enjoy the new column. I never write about something I do not use, do, or have experimented with 😊

May you all enjoy the warmth and be thankful we are not in Thailand. Do you know they had a week of 54 Celsius YUP fifty-four. And for the USA readers, you’ll have to google that. Can you imagine breathing in that heat?  So, enjoy as I said and until next month shift the energy you do not want and create the life you wish to live. 😊




I am leaving up last month's Opinion column and in this first paragraph, I will add some more comments. Voting is May 29th, 2023 for the Albertan provincial election. Early voting opens on May 23rd, 2023.

NOTE: As soon as Danielle Smith said she would only be answering one question per person in the media and dropping the ‘follow up’ question idiot Notley piped up ‘Oh we will answer as many questions as you wish to ask’. HUH?? This is typical of her. If Danielle wants to use her time to make sure that all folks get a question as opposed to the select few I think this is fine. But no, Notley will pick on anything.

NEXT!! Recall when the seniors and lower income folks were issued [and still are receiving] $100 plus more per month for six months and Danielle put it under the provincial website? Notley screamed about this and said why did she not put it under the CRA [federal] and look at what happened. It was as simple as going to the registry office if you had no knowledge of the internet. My accountant was telling me how difficult it is for some to use the internet as they never taught themselves. Well, the problem was solved for all these folks because Danielle was smart enough to make it available to everyone.

Here are some more additions to the budget. Building a Stollery Children's Hospital. Modernizing the Misericordia Hospital. Planning a new South Edmonton Hospital. Redeveloping Gene Zwozdesky Centre. Planning Strathcona Community Hospital Expansion.

Next Funding 12 new school projects. New K-9 in Edgemont. Please google them as they are extensive.

Expanding Terwillegar Drive. Expanding Anthony Henday Drive. Yellowhead Trail freeway conversion. Eliminating the 50 Street at the grade rail crossing. Upgrading Ray Gibbons Drive. Repairing and upgrading the Citadel Theatre.

Lastly Deploying Alberta Sheriffs into Edmonton’s Inner city. Creating a Gang Suppression Unit to combat violence. Creating a Firearms Investigative Unit to tackle illegal gun violence. Planning Edmonton and Sherwood Park Courthouse facilities.

If you did not read last month's, please do so now 😊

If you vote Notley in you can be assured you will be masked up, businesses will close, and if you all recall she wanted to ship oil via TRAIN while she was in power. How many trains have derailed in the last few years??? And she wants to ship oil this way. WOW!! Think before you vote.  



PLEASE 😊 do not mistake Danielle Smith for Jason Kenney. That would be your first error if you are voting for the NDP or Liberal based on his performance or lack of popularity.

If you do not vote for the UCP then do not complain when Notley brings back masks and lockdowns for a lot longer than before. She will bring back online schooling and so much more when the next so-called virus will be used again to shut down the economy etc.

THINK on May 29th and please get out and VOTE. If not, do not complain.

The budget that just passed with the UCP was a great one. It covered ALL aspects of areas that asked for or needed a boost. BUT!! Note how Notley [NDP] criticized EVERY one of the passings? This is typical of her, seed doubt in your mind and tell you that she can do better. Yup, we all noted that when you were given your first four years and thanks you put us back in debt and really did nothing except UM and ER your way through lies and deceit. YUP !! if she wins she will join the ranks of PM Trudeau  [Liberal] who sounds like an uneducated bumster every time he UMS and ERS his way through his speeches and our mayor [provincial in Alberta] who literally stutters with UMS and ERS. We finally have a leader that can speak properly [Danielle Smith UCP] so PLEASE listen, learn, and understand that she will be the best leader for this province under ALL circumstances. Plus is a pleasure to listen to her every time she speaks with the eloquence of an educated person.

I can assure you that she will fight Ottawa for any stupidities that they try to take from Alberta. I can assure you that small businesses will not have to shut their doors. Gyms, massage therapists, events, etc., etc. will NOT have to close should we be under lock and key again. You will have a CHOICE.

Voting is important and I am always appalled at the low percentage of folks who do not bother to take 30 minutes of their day and vote. Then have the nerve to complain when they are not happy about their sector of life.

On May 29th, 2023 here in Alberta, Canada please get up that day and go and vote. Please for the sake of our province do not make a mistake and vote for the same person who ruined us when given, for the first time in history 4 years of power [that would be Notley ]. She lost because we all know that the NDP  are Liberals lovers. Vote NDP and you are voting Liberal. Look at who stands with Trudeau in all his decisions. None other than the NDP.

We would have had a federal election already if the NDP had not stood with him on his decisions. They traded off on making Trudeau agree to the dental plan. AND??? How was $600 helping?? A $600 trade-off for keeping a person in power who is ruining our country? See how this trickles down?

How many of you want Trudeau out?? Well if you keep the  NDP in power it might be forever. BUT!! I beg of you all for this provincial election give Danielle Smith the chance to prove she is the best person to keep our province alive and in its own power not under Trudeau’s federal power 😊

In case you do not follow budgets here is a small amount of what is helping you now and in the future, IF YOU VOTE: Utility bills all have $75 a month deducted, and have had this all winter, food bank donations 10 million plus another 10 million to match Albertan donations, [over 2 years] 6% increase for AISH, the child and family benefits, Alberta seniors benefits and income support for 2023. Our personal income tax brackets are indexed to inflation retroactive to January 2022, low-income transit passes, $600 over six months to seniors, families with each child under 18 plus ASIH, PDD, Income Support, and the Seniors benefit. Fuel tax relief. From January to June 2023, we are saving 13 cents per liter right now. Much much more will take place if you keep the UCP in power. 

Keep in mind the NDP AGREE with the carbon tax increases so if they are voted in your gas will skyrocket when the next two increases take place as these are federal increases all across Canada. 

THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU BELIEVE NOTLEY. Danielle Smith has already implemented these changes above in the budget and will continue to support Albertans and stand up for our province against Trudeau. Let's not have another 4 years of POOR leadership and greed. 

May the strong survive.




Cat Costs:  And off I went to the Tail Blazers for China's healthy food. This month for the tinned food I paid $97.30. She gets one tin in the morning. Raw meat that I have changed to a different brand came to $46.25. I also bought her some natural minerals that came to 33.49. Treats came to $10.50.


The Total cost for April for $187.54

If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with a personality to the adult stage. Animals feel unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and

maybe longer, do NOT  get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a life companion. They also need dental care, checkups, and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no-nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason, older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.

That is for one cat, as I feel I must remind people who are thinking of getting one. I am very lucky that as she ages, she is one of the rare cats that has stayed in GREAT health. 😊 I attribute this to good food, her daily exercise, and never having had any vaccines. Plus, the HUGE amount of love, I give her. 


I ship WORLDWIDE Except for India and Africa.

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Having said that, on my web store, you will receive an autographed copy, plus a wee channeled message and the Amulet Kit that is needed for one of the books.


What else is For Sale? I also offer FULL Numerology charts, FULL Astrology charts, Phone Reads, Skype and Zoom Reads, and my late Father's CDs or MP3 files on Guided Meditation, Attracting Money, and Removing Negative Energy. Completed Pyramid and Crystal to apply the magic to one of the books. Amulet Kits in black and white, plus color. Buy help for your spells and rituals.

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Home Office Appointments: Please look at my website for prices and the package of your choice before you call. Please note I do NOT do the mini reads at home that I do at the shows around town. Or out of town.


Please go to under the menu bar for all prices and descriptions of reads. 780-4817238 OR click here to go directly to the prices> PRICES OF PSYCHIC READS

Screenshot 2020-09-24 112542.png

Now I will place the Moon signs and void of course Moon times so that people can use the times to create better movements in time. ALL emotions are felt by the Moon and when the Moon sits in certain signs the strengths can help one in the inner core.  I have also added the planets and when they move.

Use the void of course time to meditate.

Moon Placements and Planetary Movements

May 1st, 2023: Pluto goes retrograde at 11.09 am MST. He stays in Aquarius till June 12th, 2023, and then moves back into Capricorn till October 11th, 2023, when he will once again go direct. Moves back into Aquarius in early 2024.

May 1st, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 5.53 pm MST and moves into Libra on May 2nd at 12.09 am MST.

May 4th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 3.17 am MST and moves into Scorpio at 8.32 am MST.

May 5th, 2023: FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio at 11.34 am MST.

May 6th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 8.38 am MST and moves into Sagittarius at 2.04 pm MST.

May 7th, 2023: Venus moves into Cancer at 8.25 pm MST.

May 8th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 2.28 pm MST and moves into Capricorn at 7.33 pm MST.

May 10th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 5.52 pm MST and moves into Aquarius at 8.05 pm MST.

May 12th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 9.15 pm MST and moves into Pisces at 10.39 pm MST.

May 14th, 2023: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY: Moon goes void of course at 8.56 pm MST and moves into Aries on May 15th at 1.56 am MST.

May 14th, 2023: Mercury goes direct at 9.17 pm MST.

May 16th, 2023: Jupiter moves in Taurus at 11.20 am MST.

May 17th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 3.10 am MST and moves into Taurus at 6.28 am MST.

May 19th, 2023: NEW MOON in Taurus at 9.53 am MST.

May 19th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 11.51 am MST and moves into Gemini at 12.48 pm MST.

May 20th, 2023: Mars moves into Leo at 9.31 am MST.

May 21st, 2023: Sun moves into Gemini at 1.09 am MST.

May 21st, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 4.12 pm MST and moves into Cancer at 9.28 pm MST.

May 24th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 3.12 am MST and moves into Leo at 8.35 am MST.

May 26th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 12.38 am MST and moves into Virgo at 9.05 pm MST.

May 29th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 3.46 am MST and moves into Libra at 8.51 am MST.

May 31st, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 8.53 am MST and moves into Scorpio at 5.45 pm MST.

 VcToria's Vegan Kitchen

This month is CAKE 😊 This cake is delicious and CHEAP to make. You may be surprised and happy that you no longer need to spend tons of money on creating something so simple. This is not an overly sweet cake, and you can add icing or as I like, spread some apricot jam on each slice or just as it is.

TIPS: If you wish to have it vanilla leave out the cocoa. [I prefer vanilla] If you wish to have chocolate chip make it vanilla with chocolate chips [that’s more expensive but you can get vegan chocolate chips]

Double these ingredients if you want a two-layer cake.



1 and 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour

3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder. [all cocoa is unsweetened] Do not use hot chocolate powder.

1 cup of granulated sugar. [that’s just plain white sugar]

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon Himalayan Sea salt [or salt if that is what you use]

1 teaspoon white vinegar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

5 tablespoons of vegetable oil

1 cup of water.

Preheat the oven to 350F. I always use parchment paper so nothing sticks, but you can grease an 8-inch square cake pan or any other kind of cake pan.

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Flour, cocoa if using, sugar, baking powder, and salt.

On top of the dry ingredients make three holes/depressions. In one hole pour the vinegar. In the next hole pour the vanilla extract and in the last hole pour in the vegetable oil. Now pour the water over all of this and mix well until smooth.  Pour the batter into your cake pan and pop it into the oven. Use the middle rack.

At 35 minutes check the cake. Slide a clean knife into the center and pull back. If it is clean the cake is ready. If not, do another 10 minutes and recheck. For me, my oven takes 50 minutes to cook this cake, but I use a meat loaf-shaped pan.

You can sprinkle icing sugar on top or make a nice icing. You choose.



NEXT MONTH: Panna Cotta. My version will be vegan, and you need to have agar agar on hand. You can purchase this on Amazon and get the one by Elo. Do not buy cheaply. Agar agar lasts forever and can be used in vegan cheeses and much more that I will post monthly 😊

VcToria's Spiritual Advice

I am choosing to start with meditation. I am always surprised by how many people do not choose to use this inner work to see and feel the benefits of this power that is created when you rest in silence. I believe the emotion 'of fear' keeps people in a holding pattern. 


Many say to me “I pray”. Praying is not meditation. Far from it. Praying is asking for things whether it be for yourself or someone else. Meditation is emptying the mind so that you touch the soul's energy.


I think the biggest error I hear from people who do try meditation is “I do not think I am doing it correctly”, “I cannot stop thinking” and many other excuses or reasons.

Let’s cover this: The monkey mind: This is when you cannot stop thinking about aspects of your life or things going on around you. This is normal believe it or not. How do you stop this? By realizing that it takes many months and even years to program your mind.

As you notice you are thinking about anything: IE: “I need to call the dentist” etc. just bring your mind back to either the breathing if you are using the breathing meditation, OR as I always advise beginners, use a ‘guided meditation’ and then you bring your awareness back to the voice. I highly recommend The Healing Waterfall Part One and Part Two. [that can be found on Amazon]


What will happen? Eventually, the ego [yourself that thinks only in the material world] will say “Oh you are only going for 20 minutes” and eventually the shift in your energy field will be relaxation as you settle into this realm of quiet. Some find it comes automatically. Others must force themselves to go to a chair and settle in. Others just talk themselves out of it. No matter what, as long as you practice this as a daily routine you will find life shifting. And it only shifts toward a positive light.


The hardest time to meditate is when you have talked yourself into believing you are depressed. If you can walk away from this hypnotic embedded emotion, you can and will bring yourself to the light. Many have chosen to remove the dark that they programmed into themselves and lifted themselves up to the life that is shown to them when they allow that door to open.

CLAIM: I need to add here that I am not a doctor or medical person of any kind. I am by no means giving medical advice. I am only writing advice that I have seen many take and have results.


Moving onwards: Try this for 30 days. Try fasting on some of these days. The more the body quietens inside whether it be the mind, or the organs that have to constantly work you will find the shifts.

Beliefs: Think about why you are here? I do not claim to be God or know what life after death is. I have never known anyone who has died and brought back pictures. I mean real photos LOL. I do not care how people choose to believe in life, why we are here, or even if they are atheists. It is not my place to judge. Most atheists though do not meditate although I have known a few who do for the tranquility that they feel.


I believe in life after death. In fact, I believe that what you call death on the material plane is actually the start of the birth back home to the newer realm that you have worked to deserve. Whether you have failed or passed, your energy has changed and it moves forward to the group that you are now a part of. That is my belief.


I do not believe Hitler and Mother Theresa reside anywhere near each other energy-wise on the other side. I believe that it is fairly easy to figure out why we are here. How? As above, the meditation actions open the first door and then the doors to all of the answers tend to follow. If you choose to walk the path so you find the answers. If you choose to use the above-mentioned fear to not walk through the doors, then life stays the same.

Then I believe when you pass over depending on the work you have done here, soul-wise, you graduate to the next level. As we learn about kindergarten, grade school, high school, college, etc so our awareness on the other side knows about the energy fields there. BUT :) as I always say to my clients "It will all make perfect sense at the end".

If you have chosen to take the lives of others I believe you head lower and have to work your way up the levels again. Meeting different souls who are in the same energy fields. Maybe you too will have to experience what you have done to others. 

Or if you simply refuse to make any effort to figure out life and stay trapped in the virtual material world then you just repeat the same scenario over and over which is why some people feel they have been there, done that, met that person in this lifetime. 


BUT!! You decide. Take the challenge of 30 days. Make a time if you have a hard time being spontaneous but whatever you do make sure it is a daily action. After 30 days you decide if you wish to continue. In the meditation ask that the doors of ‘your’ path open. When they do, and they will decide if you wish to walk towards the new energy. 😊NEVER use the emotion 'fear' to hold you back. 


Next Month: I will be covering suicide. Yes, a very spiritual act that sadly brings no joy.



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