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As I left off last month, I was on my way to Grande Prairie for my last show of 2021. Even though, due to the lockdowns, technically it was only my 4th LOL. Man, oh man the weather gods were awesome. Roads were dry and a delight to drive up and the weather was so warm that I was able to upload and set up my booth in a sweater and jogging pants 😊 The weather held all 3 days of the show except for the last. Man, the temperatures dropped and I needed my ski mitts, hat, and coat to load. It was snowing quite heavily BUT luckily my wonderful baby China [for new readers she is my 18-year-old Siamese ragdoll cat] was with me so I had the hotel room booked and we stayed over and on Sunday drove home on GREAT roads once again. By the way, AWESOME show Grand Prairie and I will see you all next year. I left a cheque to assure myself booked in and with the same booth placement. There is also a high probability that I will be coming up in the summer. More on that later.


Then we moved into the busiest December I have had in years 😊  First while I was in Grande Prairie my bank called me. Now, this is quite amazing. My mortgage was due for renewal in April 2022. I had been thinking about this a lot as I expect rates to go up before then but kept hoping they would not. To my GREAT delight, the lady informs me that I can renew now and get a 2.60 rate for a 5-year fixed. I was hoping for a 6-year fixed but that rate was 3.08 for that extra year. Off I went and yes, the bank takes the mask exemption and I signed the papers and as of January 1st, 2022 this takes effect. SO HAPPY. She also informed me that they expect the interest rates to go up THREE times in January. I wonder?


Next, I had readings EVERY day whether it be in person [yes, I am still taking in-person nothing has changed] phone reads, or charts from my web store. EVERY day till the 19th I had business. AND!! Today [December 27th] my first booking of 2022 called and reserved. So, January 1st at 1 pm, which is the earliest I take clients, is now booked. :)


I purchased an upright freezer this month as in past newsletters I told you I bought 6 months' worth of food. Every time I cook, I make 3-4 dishes and place the extra in tin foil containers and freeze them after marking the date and what is inside. Now the freezer is all neatly arranged and so much easier to choose my food from.


Then I thought I had better see about my back tooth as the filling appears to be a little smaller than it should. I have no pain but I do try to save my teeth. Of course, a phone call is in order to find out what their protocol is, and only then will I decide if I will go. To my GREAT delight, they said ‘we are not allowed to ask you anything”. I kid you not. Off I went on the 16th and was maskless and UNhexed I was x-rayed, told I need a crown and that would save the tooth. However, he advised that I should also do the tooth beside it with a crown. Naturally, I will be sedated for this 😊 And after all the x-rays and views, etc., etc. the cost was $480. YUP!! And the estimate for the two crowns, sedation, and another mouthpiece as the one I have now will not fit after this work comes to $4833. YUP!! So sometime in March or April I will wander on over and get this work done and ask my neighbor to pick me up and drive me home. I know his sedations are wicked. COMPLETE blackouts for the entire day.


Next, I bought my son a Gift Certificate for a new restaurant I am sure he will enjoy it with his wife. This was for Xmas. He blessed me with two visits this month much to my delight. He is also off to Mexico on January 1st and I do sincerely hope he does not get stuck there. Although I suppose there could be worse places to be stuck. In case you do not know if you test positive with these fake tests you cannot board the plane. Yet strangely enough you may board with a vaccine passport and arrive with no other testing. YET?? Prior to leaving the country, you are vacationing in you need to test, and then landing in Canada you have to test. Seems it would be more sensible to test PRIOR to leaving Canada?? And upon landing?? However, I am not stupid enough to be part of this autohypnosis. More below in MY OPINION column 😊


Then I had my bottles picked up with the mobile van and a whole $8 was deposited into my account LOL.


On the 2nd visit with my son, I ordered his carnivore meal from Swiss Chalet and my vegan from Padmanadi’s. He bought me two bottles of black sambuca for Xmas. YUP!! The only liquor I really like. This will last me the entire year I am sure LOL. I am not a big drinker at all.


Then my neighbor came over on Xmas day for dinner. Honestly, she was a delight. Ate all the vegan food that consisted of turkey, mash potatoes, peas, roasted carrots, gravy, and homemade granola bars [see recipe area below]. 


Then a lovely chit-chat with my accountant to see what if any eligibilities are open and a discussion on my taxes and what I need to pay back to the company. Then she will drive over and pick up all my GST from the last 6 months and get my business and personal taxes done. Luckily, I am fairly intelligent when it comes to taxes and put a certain amount weekly into another account so I have her fees plus my taxes and always pay them promptly 😊 What a nice law-abiding citizen I am 😊 OK I giggle at that cos I choose what I do LOL.


NOW!! As promised let us talk about ‘seasons’. Every January I remind everyone about their own choice as to when they should activate certain areas of life so that they succeed. Look at nature. EVERYTHING in nature works on a schedule and thus we get to eat and live because of this. Focus on this now. Once agreeing with me now go to your own conception. You were once a seed about the size of an apple seed. Then you grew, just like the apple seed into who you are and the apple seed grew into whom it was supposed to be. An apple tree. And now during the correct conditions and time, the apple tree continues to grow and produce. BUT at the proper times. So, you should be doing the same thing.


HOW? Each person has a season devised from their birthday and month. [NOT their year] Link is coming 😊 We have nine of these seasons and each is a year long. I have been in my 3 Season. My creative year. So, what did I choose to create? First, I created all of Dad's work from his Hermetic Order of Campo Santo and turned it into Zoom classes along with the manuals. It cost me about $4000 to create. I built a new website, had my buddy, who of course I pay, set up the manuals on Payhip, bought all the books that Dad was using in his schoolings and whatever else it took to create. Within 3 weeks of launching, I had my money back. How? Because I used the correct season.


I created all that was needed for a comfortable home. A new furnace, air-conditioner, hot water tank, humidifier, upright freezer, 65” TV. Then I created an Airbnb but before I could do it properly, I had to get the basement done. So, it was done. New floor, litter boxes moved upstairs, new sheets for the bed, microwave for the guest's kitchen along with a mini-fridge/toaster/ cutlery, etc. Then I created the gym to be in nice spaces and easy to work out on. I moved the Nuga Best bed downstairs with the reflexology machine. Guests love my home and I am now getting repeats from bookings. BUT!! More so is the look at all of what I replaced and created and how ALL of these items have either gone WAY WAY up in cost OR are totally unavailable due to shortages that all these people are creating by keeping this farce going. But I sit and smile 😊


2022 is now my 4 year/season. The FOUNDATION year. What I have created will now be foundated. Just like the pyramids virtually indestructible. That is why I chose to start the Zoom classes this year. I created them in 2021 and now will foundate the works in 2022. However, if the Universe says ‘nope, this is not for you’ it will show this year and I will step back. But for now, I have enough students to go ahead. Not as many as I would have liked, but enough.


The mortgage that I wrote above is now being foundated in the 4-year. I will bet this rate will not be offered again 😊 And as the year progresses, I will look at what else I wish to add as a foundation. And of course month by month, I write about it in my newsletter.

Because I have been following my PROPER seasons for decades now and only seed/germinate/create/foundate/rest/home/inner work/harvest/wrap up at the PERFECT time I am blessed to have my life the way I want it. Anyway, here is the link if you wish to jump on the bandwagon and create a wonderful life for yourself. TRUST ME 😊 it works. Ask anyone who knows me.

Link>Your Personal Season/Year in Numerology Enjoy 😊


And that folks, brings me to the end of my longest Chat. Make GREAT New Year Re‘soul’utions and stick to them. Enjoy My Opinion column 😊 Positive Thoughts to You All till February.





I really thought I was going to start my 2022’s column with a nice chit-chat on how to be more responsible in a financial way. BUT!! No, it is not to be.

Here is the VERY strange thing indeed. How many of you recall hearing about B.1.1.529 quite a long time ago? In fact, if I go through my private texts to a friend, I believe I rolled my eyes at this many months ago BUT if you google this EVERY SINGLE article has November 25th or 26th !! stating “On November 26, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified a new variant, B.1.1.529, as a Variant of Concern and has named it .” almost like each article prior has been removed.


I call it the Moronic hex. Now, why did they rename this? And why, when it has been around for months in the form of a cold, have you all fallen for the fear ONCE AGAIN? I cannot believe how many people are OK with allowing themselves to be experiments. BUT I prefer this to the animals that are now being kept in cages and inserted with viruses and then tested upon. But once again the population does not seem to care about what is hidden from view. Yet most will call themselves animal lovers and have no guilt or compassion when it comes to eating them and allowing experiments to be subjected to their bodies day in and day out. Quite hypercritical if you ask me. But then most people are I find. Rarely do I find truly compassionate folks when it comes to animals. If you eat them do not call yourself an animal lover.

BUT 😊 I digress. Let me make this clear. First, if you can stand in line for some bogus test that clearly was created just as a normal cold and flu season would have begun YOU ARE NOT SICK. Secondly, this is the place where it spreads. Just like colds and the flu does every year if you are not healthy. The line ups, that the results of the numbers are coming from. SO WHY?? would you stand there for hours if the folks that are going to be positive because they have a cold are there too? Chances are that a week later you will have caught this cold too. I question the stupidity of people who do this but once autohypnosis has been programmed within a person's subconscious it is there for life. You do not believe me??


There is a wonderful person who does stage hypnosis by the name of Wayne Lee. What he does is bring people who volunteer up on the stage to make a funny show from their actions while under hypnosis. BUT!! The first thing he does is ask the people seated on the chairs on the stage “has anyone been on my stage before”? If anyone says ‘Yes, I saw you in Hawaii” or any other place that they were a volunteer he simply snaps his fingers and they go into the stage trance IMMEDIATELY. Know, since your subconscious is pre-programmed, it is there for life. I kid you not. Watch any of his shows. I know him personally and have been to his shows many times.


SO!! Here you are all preprogrammed and rushing off for the 3rd hex. How many times will you allow yourself to be hexed? Another big question is this? How come the PM of this country [Canada] has not ordered enough ‘at home kits’ for the entire population since this has been going on forever. I will answer that: because if you all had kits the fear-mongering could not continue based upon the fact some might be sensible enough to use them and not line up with the only place the so-called positive death numbers are coming from.


AND!! If this is not enough, can you not think of our future generations as many of you have kids/g/kids, etc. They will be paying for this in MANY years to come and poverty is the only answer. You are also causing EVERYTHING to be increased in price as you must know that when there is a shortage of things prices go up?? If not, look at food in Northern places where it is in short supply. Do you want food shortages? Do you want gas to be rationed? Do you want your heat supply to be rationed?


Do you know that on the USA Thanksgiving in California they shut the power off for 48 hours? Why? It was too hot and they were afraid it would start fires. I kid you not. Google it. OR here is one of the links>

You are allowing ALL controls to be a part of the future if you keep this nonsense alive.


PEOPLE?????? Why are you keeping this going? Now not to brag but in Sept/Nov and Dec I did 3 shows. Maskless as I have an exemption from a doctor. I dealt with thousands. People sat in my booth; they held my hands some hugged me at the end of their read. Others stopped and chatted, some just took info off my table PLUS I stayed at a hotel with no restrictions in all 3 towns and mingled with the staff, etc., etc. Have I gotten sick?? NO, I HAVE NOT. I remain UNhexed and look now it is the hexed we should be concerned about. As I stated when you all chose to be the experiment you were wiping out the immune system and it will now allow any TINY little thing to get by. Image what another 2 years will bring you?


WAIT!! It gets better. To make an excuse for all this they apologized for making the wrong flu shot for the so-called strain that will supposedly circulate this winter. BUT!! Wait they are still urging you to get it. OMG, can you not see how you are being played? Only the UNhexed are staying healthy.


Have you ever thought that with all the weather changes it is the body recreating itself with the new atmosphere for survival? THINK people THINK. Stop this madness or you will not be protected from what is to come. You need to allow this new immunity to build with the new atmosphere.


Now if you decide to TRY to re-build your immune system, I wish you luck. I am not a medical person at all and do not claim to be BUT if I can go out and mingle with thousands and remain strong and healthy why can’t you? The creator made the human body perfectly. All you have to do is take care of it. Maybe you will be judged for that once you leave it behind?? Ever think about that?


Plan 2022 with a positive firm planting of fully believing that you can make yourself strong and healthy. Then implement it. Trust me the taste buds change so as you leave behind trans fats and sugars and fried food not only will the energy change but later when you try them again you will wonder why you even enjoyed them. No one gets heartburn from a salad. A nice plain salad dressing, not the chemical-filled one. Use oil and vinegar or sprinkle the top with nutritional yeast. [ a GREAT vitamin B substitute]. Use magnesium in pill form. You may be surprised at how that shifts the aches and pains along with the most important fluid ‘water’. Drink 8-12 cups of water a day and interestingly enough weight drops off as long as you are not lying on the couch shoving FATS into your body and not caring.


I leave this column with ‘folks do your required diligence’ and ask yourself what is the end game? Look down the road. Google ingredients and what they do no matter how small they may be. Oh, and lastly?? Could it be that you have succumbed to this belief so much that you cannot see by breathing it back in nothing will change? All of a sudden cloth masks no longer work OH MY!!! Really? I have known that for 2 years and never plastered my face with one. BECAUSE I will not breathe back in what the creator wants us to breathe back out. Now you are being told they are not working!! YA THINK??? Let us not get all crazy now and rush out and buy stronger ones making sure you are breathing it all in 100% so more illnesses can be created. Why??? Trust me there will be another death-fearing virus for you all so that the 4th/5th/6th/7th/8th/9th 10th/ hexes have an excuse. How long will you keep doing this? The answer is to stand up for what you believe in. I know I am. Hexes do NOT work they are an experiment and sadly the truth is being shown now. Why a 3rd if they work?? They do not work.  Allow your body to change with the new atmosphere naturally. Just because they tell you to get hexed and use the hexed as an example of the lower symptoms [ha ha] does NOT make it true.




  In October I decided to stock up for six months on food/kitty litter/raw meat/treats etc for China. Why? Two reasons: it looks like I will be hunkering down till April in my abode due to the stupidity of those still running for tests and keeping the 'fear' going. The next reason is that food prices are going up considerably, again because of the people keeping this going we have a shortage of workers coming to help pick food, trucks not being able to deliver, etc, etc so I now have 6                                        months worth of food for China. And I called it correctly. All food costs are either going up or are non-existent.


 The Total monthly cost was $871.41. FOR SIX MONTHS. I also received a 10% discount from my pet store for the dry/raw meat and tinned.   So this cost is after the discount was applied 


That is for one cat I might remind people who are thinking of getting one. I am very lucky that as she ages, she is one of the rare cats that has stayed in GREAT health. 😊 I attribute this to good food, her daily exercise, and never having had any vaccines. Plus, the HUGE amount of love, I give her. 


 If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with a personality to the adult stage. Animals feel unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT   get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a life companion. They also need dental care, checkups, and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no-nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


 Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason, older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.


You may buy these books on Amazon or my website. You may purchase in a Kindle or hardcover or paperback on Amazon. If you do, there is no autograph on any books nor any Amulet Kits needed for The Mystic Grimoire. You will then have to purchase the Amulet kit from my web store on my website. Personally, it is quicker to order from my website and cheaper.


Having said that, on my web store you will receive an autographed copy, plus a wee channeled message, plus the Amulet Kit that is needed for one of the books.


What else is For Sale? I also offer FULL Numerology charts, FULL Astrology charts, Phone Reads, Skype Reads, my late Fathers CD's or MP3 files on Guided Meditation, Attracting Money, and Removing Negative Energy. Completed Pyramid and crystal to apply the magic to one of the books. Amulet Kits in black and white, plus color. Buy help for your spells and rituals.

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So, for a little change of character under the astrology: I thought I would flip to Chinese Power Animals. But first, let’s cover the astrological signs in correspondence to the Chinese Power Animals.

Aries: Rat     

Taurus: Ox

Gemini: Tiger

Cancer: Cat

Leo: Dragon

Virgo: Snake

Libra: Horse

Scorpio: Sheep

Sagittarius; Monkey

Capricorn: Rooster

Aquarius: Dog

Pisces: Boar


E-MOTIONS= Energy in motion.


Keep in mind these are NOT Chinese Years but Chinese Power Animals. 😊


Roosters are born in 1909 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 2017 2029

And a little about The Rooster.

The kidney is the meridian/organ for the Rooster. The kidneys are the blood filtration system. They function to maintain proper water and electrolyte balance. The kidneys regulate acid/base concentration and filter the blood of metabolic wastes, which are excreted as urine.

The Kidney meridian starts in the ball of the foot and moves all the way up inside the leg, up the torso, and ends in the chest. This meridian regulates procreative areas of the body and is responsible for short-term memory.


Negative: As a Kidney person you are motivated by ‘fear’.  You tend to be tired and procrastinate. You fear confrontations and will try to appease people. Those who are living other people's lives will tend toward chronic fatigue.


How to fix the negative: You need to eat nutritiously and keep the chi, the life force energy up. Examine what makes you fearful and decide how much validity there is to it. Then discard the rest. Bring yourself into a state of peace where you can take action to effect positive change in your life. Be aware that you are being motivated by fear all the time – by the media, insurance companies, government, and more. The Rooster takes this fear on more than anyone.

Having moved towards removing the negative the energy turns positive bringing with it feeling centered. Secure in your sexuality and you now hold it as a positive experience. You are heard by others and are open to the opinion of others. You wake up each day full of energy and call to others to follow your lead.


 Music to listen to for the Rooster/Kidney is all music by Beethoven.

Note: VcToria is not in any way a medical expert in any area. She is not prescribing merely commenting.


 Next Month: The Dog

VcToria's AWESOME Vegan Kitchen
In case you are new to my Newsletter, I just wish to say this "The first thing you eat in the morning feeds the brain". Remember this as you will find a HUGE difference if you start the day with green juice. I have done this for decades along with 3-4 teaspoons of hemp seed. I am never sick. Into a Vitamix: 2 green chopped apples, 4-5 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 6-8 cups water. Blend on high for 2 minutes or until all veggies are juiced. ENJOY. PS: Keep the skins, seeds, and everything EXCEPT the lemon skins on the veggies and place them in Vitamix.  
PS: You can also make a huge bath as this freezes well. Then just defrost each cup for a day. Make a monthly amount and stay healthy.
Jan 2022 kitchen.jpg

Chewy Almond/Cranberry Granola Bars


We all have a sweet craving once in a while Some more than others so we must look for healthy options rather than fattening high-calorie unhealthy options.



2 cups of rolled oats

1 TBSP almond flour

½ tsp cinnamon [I do not like cinnamon and found this much came through in the taste so my next batch I will omit this]

¼ tsp salt

1 cup of dried cranberries


1/3 cup brown rice syrup. I could not find this and chose to use maple syrup. [the real kind ]

3 TBSP almond butter [can be bought in bulk at Bulk Barn and is DELICIOUS]

1 TBSP coconut oil [I used the refined [that has no taste and is great in cheeses]  but next time will try the one with coconut taste]

1 TBSP coconut sugar

½ tsp vanilla extract

¼ cup rice crisps. [these Rice Krispies were nowhere to be found so I bought the brown crisps at Bulk Barn. They are a little harder]


Making the Bars:

In a bowl whisk together the rolled oats, almond flour, cinnamon, cranberries, and salt.  


Add the maple syrup/OR brown rice syrup or any other syrup you are choosing, almond butter, coconut il, coconut sugar, and vanilla extract to a saucepan and heat over med/low heat for 1-2 minutes until the syrup and oils have melted.

Pour over the dry mixture and stir. Add the crisp and stir again. Mix well so that it holds together.


Transfer mixture to parchment paper and lay flat in a pan. Cover with parchment paper and press down firmly flattening out the mixture.


Refrigerate for 30 mins and cut into bars. I found it very yummy and in my 2nd batch I did not make the topping. The longer you refrigerate the firmer the bars become.


TOPPING: [as in pic] You do not have to make this. I did for the 1st batch but not the 2nd.

In a saucepan add 2 TBSP almond butter and 2 TBSP cocoa butter.  Stir till butter is melted. Drizzle over COLD bars and add chocolate chunks/chips on top.

 Past Life for those who wish to know

PL Janu 2022.jpg

Please send in your e-mail if you wish to have a Past Life pulled. Just reply to this Newsletter. Only first name and last name initial will be published.


Please send in your e-mail if you wish to have a Past Life pulled. Just reply to this Newsletter. Only first name and last name initial will be published.


This month is for Deb W. 


Name of Card: Greek Painting.

Place: Ancient Greece held dominion over several Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries during the Hellenistic period. During ancient times Greece was bordered by Thessalia, Macedonia, and Ionia.


Time: This past life took place anywhere from 323B.C. to 146 B.C. The end of the Hellenistic period was promoted by the Roman ‘liberation’ of Greece. Your people were referred to as Hellenes.


I would suggest you read up on this time frame and perhaps do a past life meditation. You can google Brain Weiss on YouTube and he offers a free listen to an interesting past life hypnotic journey to be able to attain this. 


Today: You are an unusually sharp and inventive person. For you, life is an intellectual enterprise that needs to be figured out by rational thought and reason. Although you may have a refined or artistic nature, your active intelligence loves to analyze.


You are a fine negotiator and do well with persuading others. You express the highest powers of your mind in debating, teaching, or just talking. Thinking is a release for you. Your mind is always on the move so to speak and for this reason, you may have trouble sleeping or be disturbed by unusual dreams of searching for something you cannot find.


​You enjoy feeling healthy, strong, and alive. You believe the outside of your body reflects your inner side. It is important for you to feel attractive like a beautiful Greek statue.

You are turned off by people who have an unkempt appearance. You understand that the outer look reflects the inner look.


You most likely ask questions “why am I here?” and “what Is the meaning of all this?” As you grow older your intense questioning may relax but you will always tend to ponder concepts and ideas that most people never consider or imagine. It is important that you never feel bad about asking too many strange questions. Without people like you, humankind could never continue to advance.


You may love math or natural sciences. It is important that you write down ideas as they occur or they will vanish at the next turn of your thought process. You would do well to study languages, philosophy, medicine, or science. Your life among the Greeks has made you wise, with a special sense of reason and logic. In the Greek sense to “know thyself” is truly the sign of an advanced and beautiful soul.



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