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Comments before I start Chat 😊

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Onto Chat.

NOTE:  I will only be taking bookings via phone please do not email or text.

I LOVE January. Why? I look forward to January like a small child looks forward to Christmas. As I have written about in previous newsletters my year wraps up in mid-December with shows, zoom classes, etc., etc. Then, of course, there is the holiday season that takes place and then peace and tranquility arrive. And for me this year, that is the first 3 and a half months.

Talking about Zoom classes. I have made a decision. I am far too busy with my shows and in between the shows the office reads for those who want a package read. Last year I felt I was too busy. I will be putting my Zoom classes on hold till I retire from the shows. As anyone who knows me will tell you I only take actions in the correct season that I follow with numerology. Strangely I was going to drop shows at the end of 2022 BUT!! I got locked down for a full 2-3 years and chose to continue to the next correct season. That will be in 2027. [My 9 season] During these upcoming years I will work on the Zoom classes and set them up at that time.

Next, my oh my, I stuck to my DEEP clearing and arranging my home.  Starting with the bathroom and bedroom that are connected I threw out anything that I was not using, any clothes that had even the slightest holes in them, clothes that were too old, and more. I vacuumed the inside of each drawer and carefully replaced everything 😊 THEN!! I hit up the office that is next to my bedroom. I tell ya!! I spend a lot of time in this room working on my business, etc., etc. EVERY bill, paper, shop order, etc. was taken and shredded. I try to do this every year but the last two winters I was working on classes etc. so, this was a massive undertaking. Then I labeled all the files, stapled papers together, filed away the zoom classes, and tidied up. Moved the books to the library area and so much more. Cleared off the desk area and am now working on copying my passwords to one place. Once the upper part is done, I will move downstairs to the library area and kitchen. That will be done in February. I have given myself one part of the home each month till my shows start up again. 😊 Oh and of course, the carpet cleaner will come out and I will do the carpets. 😊

What else. I am sure you can tell by my writing that I LOVE the relaxation and going with the flow of wintertime. On the first day of January, I made my New Year Re’soul’utions as I do every year. Unlike many, I have never broken any 😊 As I mentioned last month, I entered Season 5. Now I spent the last four years paying strict attention to seeding/allowing germination of the seeds/creating and foundating all bringing me to the now. A year now of letting life flow and the Universe will take care of what I seeded. YUP!! And so far this month I have had just the right amount of reads here in my reading room. I do not do more than two a day and at times have had days off, but the income has been perfect.

This year is my saving year but not my miser year LOL. I have joined the seniors' ski club and intend to get out on the hills once again. More on that later once I attend an event. I have not gambled yet as I have been busy with the house. [the 5 season is the take-a-chance year on betting] BUT!! I do play the stock market so maybe that is considered gambling. My weight has stayed EXACTLY as I programmed it last year as a foundation 😊 All written on the first day of January as my intentions for this year 😊

I always find January 1st interesting as I always get a booking. And this year it did not fail. I was also booked for the 2nd/ and 3rd. On the 4th I did an early read [my early lol 1 pm] and then headed down to Padmanadi’s [our vegan restaurant downtown] for supper with a long-time friend whom I don't see very often. She bumped into me in December at the Fort Edmonton Park Market that I was attending as a vendor and suggested supper. You know I jumped at it 😊 Honestly looking at my appointment book I had reads almost every day till the 10th. That day I headed out to Tofield to my accountant to bring her my taxes. YUP!! I did my GST first thing this month, then paid the piper LOL and got all the paperwork together for her. Got the monthly groceries done that day as well.

Talking about groceries, my meals are CHEAP!! I talked about that last month and showed you all the dried beans etc. that will last me all winter plus some. Mixing up the meals I have thoroughly enjoyed cooking and tasting, and best of all saving so much. One cup of dried beans creates 3 cups of cooked. If you have an Instant Pot, use the pressure button for 6-7 minutes and natural steam. Meaning leave it till the button pops up. Turn off ‘warm’. But I still needed to get some groceries so this month I bought garbage bags, onions, 18 green apples, oyster mushrooms, tofu, 3 packs of toilet paper and ordinary mushrooms, mandarins, celery, 8 cucumbers, 25 lbs lemons, silk creamer, silk next milk, raw sugar, compostable food bags, and since I drink one cup of coffee a day and had run out, I ordered 5 bags from BC. I am fussy about my coffee 😊 All that comes to $258.64. With the stocking up of dry beans and veggies in December my grocery bill is less than $50 a week 😊

Moving onto my month I took my grandson Liam and his girlfriend Grace out for supper. As usual, my g’son chose Cactus. Surprisingly as so many people complain about the cost of living the place is ALWAYS packed. People in Alberta do not seem to be affected by a lack of money. OR!! They are simply allowing themselves to go into debt. Honestly, the bill for three people to have one good meal there was almost the same as my entire monthly food bill.  

And that so far is my month. Daily meditation in my massage chair. I have this super-duper AI newest on-the-block massage chair. I wrote about it last year when I upgraded the old one. Man oh man the programs and massage this new chair gives are incredible. Then I hit the ‘zero’ button and it takes me back into a bed-like pose and I meditate. I got the latest book from John Grisham ‘The Biloxi Boys’ for Xmas and am halfway through. My TV has been extremely pleasurable to watch 😊 I took a lovely winter walk last week when the sun came out BUT!! sadly, I have not been inclined to work out in my gym. I will change this mindset soon and get back to that. But perhaps with the ski club, I will get the working out that way 😊 UPDATE: I changed my mindset on the 25th and have worked out daily since then 😊 I do not know why I forget how wonderful the body feels after you walk/run/stretch and how well you sleep.

Talking about books, I normally do not read spiritual books. Why? Because I work in this area I do not want to be influenced by other people's thoughts or beliefs. When I meditate, I am told ‘you just enjoy life’ and that I am on the correct path now. To get onto my correct path I made all my own decisions. It is called intuition. Everyone knows when they are doing something wrong, feeling hurt, not enjoying life, etc., etc. At that point, we must search inside for the answers. For everyone, it is a different ride so to speak. BUT!! I digress as the subject is a book that had been mentioned to me many times. Titled ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ by Brian Weiss. Now funnily I have always, for years now, referred my clients to his free past life regression on UTube. Never thinking about that book. I heard it mentioned over 10 times in the past 6 months and purchased it shortly after Xmas. WOWSA!! I did not realize it was first printed in 1998. Then revised in 2008. For me, it was a sit-down read. Opened the first page and read it to the end. I was very impressed with the messages the patient Catherine received. These you know to be true. Oh, and by the way, it is a true story 😊 I highly recommend the book.

The newsletter was done in the first week of January other than this column. I think I will prepare another 6 months of it as I can do a lot of the columns in advance. This is how life goes when you take the personal seasons allotted to us all based upon your birth data and program the positivity they offer. I have programmed so much ‘get it done’ that it is now easy for me to take care of each day with joy and peace.


And as I sit here on the 29th making sure the newsletter is how I want it to be and then uploading it I think about life and how enjoyable one can make it when one follows their true beliefs and not the crowds. When one knows their true path then peace and tranquility bring life to you. But best of all I use gratitude towards the Universe, and I truly believe that is heard. One thing I never forget to do as my clients leave my home is to say ‘thank you, Angels’. I know I do the work but the gift of life is sent to me as I focus daily on making each day a joy. One of the things I tell people is this ‘ when you wake up you want to feel like you want to ‘get up’. Create your life to make this happen. Do not use ‘fear’ of the material to be your Achilles heel.

And as January is slipping away I stay in the same ‘joy’ moving into February.

Until next month I wish you all a positive month but remember it is how you choose to program the days it is not anyone else’s responsibility to do this for you.



There were so many things I wanted to talk about this month but the one that keeps coming to the forefront of my thoughts is why is there so much coverage about the flu? ALL are being named differently but yet the same thing.

If they covered good eating habits, how to exercise, links to meditation, and each and every day cover the way to feel joy, peace, and tranquility in life the way they set about scaring people life would be different for many folks. Autohypnosis is VERY real. When you hear something over and over you begin to believe it's true. How many times have people, as a child, been told things that they grow up fully believing? This type of programming never leaves.

Let’s start with Money Pox. Recall the WHO [world health organization] called this ANOTHER emergency or whatever words they use. BUT!!! Based upon the fact that scabs need to appear on the outside of your skin this type of fear-mongering and autohypnosis never took off because people could see no one was walking around with outer scabs. There were 5 cases OR so they said in Canada and the fear-mongering was off the charts. Then along came Kraken [ what a great name, yes if you keep believing this hype you will KRACK] Once they created another belief suddenly this major worldwide emergency called Monkey Pox completely disappeared yet it headlined the news for days LOL. PS: The word Kraken means ' a legendary sea monster' LOL.

Now let’s move on to eating. Once fast food drive-through places were invented in the late 60’s I believe then people started to get fat. We used to ridicule the fat. Therefore, most were not. Today you are being told it's, OK? Why? This is why the hospitals are overloaded. Being overweight causes diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, liver disease and so much more.

Exercise. Even a 30-minute walk a day is better than just sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Do you see fat hockey players? Ballerinas? Sports players of any kind? No, because they exercise.

Meditation.  I deal with a lot of folks who need this type of relaxation and inner-core touching. Those who choose to try 30 days, as I always suggest, have amazing stories to tell me the next time they come to see me. Worry and stress leave. Peaceful energy arrives and lives within you. Life is a joy to undertake.

If the news, social media, and the government would cover these areas the way they do with the fear-mongering poisons they keep saying are necessary, people's lives would change drastically as they would now be auto-hypnotized into believing good health was beneficial.


BUT NO!! if you do not know this the government supports all media and tells them what to report. Google it if you do not believe it. How many of you always say, ‘I do not trust the government’?? Most say this. Remember this when you are being fear mongered into the next lockdown. Remember here in Canada when, in the middle of the so-called LOL PLANNEDdemic, the PM called an election? He is so vain that he thought by handing out money you would all vote for him and he would have a majority. Well buddy you learned that you cannot buy the die-hards who see through your actions and control.

People, please wake up. Not only are thousands being told they have to pay back the money handed out but believe me from this point on all tax refunds and GST etc. just will not go back to you so do not think ‘oh I will just not pay it’. They also have the power to seize your bank accounts.

The cost of living has NOTHING to do with this so-called war in Ukraine. Google how many times Ukraine has gone to war, please. You will be surprised. Why it is being used as an excuse for the high cost of living is another autohypnosis technique.

The high cost of living was caused by a yearly illness that comes around every year and descends upon the VERY unhealthy and takes them out. Using this fear and autohypnosis it was surprisingly very successful showing that people are easily fooled. At least 90% of them. But now that 90% are walking around in fear of sudden death.

The unhealthy survive and the healthy are barely touched. Think about losing weight, eating properly, reading, or taking courses on how to maintain good health. If we all banded together like 90% did and wore the ridiculous masks thinking that was healthy LOL and instead ate properly we could stop this hospital overload. But people refuse to count calories, stop eating sugar and drive everywhere. It’s time to wake up and take charge of your own life and last, of all, get rid of our Prime Minister here in Canada.

Next month I will write about climate change I think ☹

May the strong survive.




As I mentioned last month, I stocked up to the end of March, but I forgot to get my poor baby Churo treats. These are tubes that she LOVES, of a smooth, obviously wonderful-tasting paste. 😊 I also noted I needed kitty litter so off to Pet Smart I went. 

Cat Costs: Churo treats were $48.28 as I bought the large size with 50 tubes. Kitty litter was $101.30 as I bought 4 large boxes and that should last me 3 months at the very minimum. She is in amazing health and no vets were needed either


The Total cost for January that will stock us till late March 2023 was $149.58. 

That is for one cat, as I feel I must remind people who are thinking of getting one. I am very lucky that as she ages, she is one of the rare cats that has stayed in GREAT health. 😊 I attribute this to good food, her daily exercise, and never having had any vaccines. Plus, the HUGE amount of love, I give her. 

If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with a personality to the adult stage. Animals feel unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT   get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a life companion. They also need dental care, checkups, and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no-nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


 Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason, older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.


You may buy these books on Amazon or my website. You may purchase in a Kindle or hardcover or paperback on Amazon. If you do, there is no autograph on any books nor any Amulet Kits needed for The Mystic Grimoire. You will then have to purchase the Amulet kit from my web store on my website. Personally, it is quicker to order from my website and cheaper.


Having said that, on my web store, you will receive an autographed copy, plus a wee channeled message and the Amulet Kit that is needed for one of the books.


What else is For Sale? I also offer FULL Numerology charts, FULL Astrology charts, Phone Reads, Skype and Zoom Reads, and my late Father's CDs or MP3 files on Guided Meditation, Attracting Money and Removing Negative Energy. Completed Pyramid and crystal to apply the magic to one of the books. Amulet Kits in black and white, plus color. Buy help for your spells and rituals.

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Screenshot 2020-09-24 112542.png

Now I will place the Moon signs and void of course Moon times so that people can use the times to create better movements in time. ALL emotions are felt by the Moon and when the Moon sits in certain signs the strengths can help one in the inner core.  I have also added the planets and when they move.

Use the void of course time to meditate.

Moon Placements and Planetary movements

February 1st, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 4.58 am MST and moves into Cancer at 1.11 pm MST.

February 3rd, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 11.19 pm MST and moves into Leo on February 4th, 2023, at 1.48 am MST.

February 5th, 2023: FULL Moon in Leo at 11.29 am MST.

February 6th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 7.15 am MST and moves into Virgo at 2.14 pm MST.

February 8th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 11.40 pm MST and moves into Libra on February 9th, 2023, at 1.47 am MST.

February 11th, 2023: Mercury moves into Aquarius at 4.22 am MST.

February 11th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 9.41 am MST and moves into Scorpio at 11.34 am MST.

February 13th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 4.52 pm MST and moves into Sagittarius at 6.31 pm MST.

February 15th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 6.06 pm MST and moves into Capricorn at 10.00 pm MST.

February 17th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 9.18 pm MST and moves into Aquarius at 10.35 pm MST.

February 18th, 2023: Sun moves into Pisces at 3.34 pm MST.

February 19th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 7.00 pm MST and moves into Pisces at 9.56 pm MST.

February 20th, 2023: NEW MOON in Pisces at 12.06 am MST.

February 20th, 2023: Venus moves into Aries at 12.56 am MST.

February 21st, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 9.06 pm MST and moves into Aries at 10.14 pm MST.

February 24th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 12.22 am MST and moves into Taurus at 1.29 am MST.

February 26th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 7.42 am MST and moves into Gemini at 8.48 am MST.

February 28th, 2023: Moon goes void of course at 6.07 pm MST and moves into Cancer at 7.40 pm MST. 

rabbit 2023.jpg

March 2023 column: What bugs me? [lol]


YEAR OF THE RABBIT in the Western Zodiac sign is Pisces.


The twelve animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac date back to the 2nd century AD.


The origin of the animal signs: Lord Buddha [although some say it was the great sage Lao Tzu] decided to give a party for his favorite animals. However, knowing that some were friends and some enemies he knew it would be difficult to get them all together. After much thought, the sage decided that he would name the years after the first twelve animals to arrive.

When the animals heard the news, they were very excited. Each headed out, all determined to be the first and thus gain the highest honor. At first, the Tiger had the lead with his great speed but his pace soon began to wane and weariness took over. With his great stamina, the Ox now took the lead and reached the feet of the sage and bowed low in gratitude that he would lead the order of the signs. But as usual, there is always a side step to things, and unbeknownst to the Ox the cunning Rat had taken the opportunity to hide in the Ox’s tail. Before the nose of the ox could hit the ground the swift rat ran up the beast's tail, across his broad back, and jumped off the end of his nose thus winning the race and becoming the first of the animals to bow before Buddha.

Buddha laughed so hard at the antics of the Rat  [sometimes called the Mouse] that he immediately awarded the first year to him and the second to the restful Ox  [sometimes called the Buffalo or Bull] with the tiger, rabbit, [sometimes called the hare] dragon, snake, horse, sheep [sometimes called the Ram or Goat] monkey [sometimes called the Ape] rooster [sometimes called the chicken or fowl] dog and pig [sometimes called the boar] following in that order.

The date of the Chinese New Year changes each year. It is set via the New Moon in either late January or February. This year it was January 22nd, 2023. So, as you read this it is now the Year of The Rabbit. [or Hare] Born in 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, or 2023 you are considered a Rabbit [or hare] in Chinese astrology. The sign of Virtue as it is called.

LOVERS: Love will be found with the artistic Sheep, the sensitive Pig, and the loyal Dog.

FRIENDS: the Horse, Snake, Ox, and Tiger are good friends of the Rabbit but for real appreciation, the best is always another Rabbit.

ENEMIES: the pretentious Dragon and the outspokenness of the Rooster horrify the Rabbit as the excessive charm of the Dog.

RULING PLANET: traditionally Jupiter [the ‘wood star’] but now considered to be Neptune.

LUCKY GEM: chrysolite

SYMBOLISM: The Rabbit represents longevity, virtue, and prudence.

THE YEAR OF THE RABBIT: After the up-and-down craziness of the Tiger, the gentle and refined time of the Rabbit will come as a relief to many. Peace should reign and may mark a time of reflection and harmony. Those who are always in a rush and never slow down will find frustration this year. Those who see the Universe as a miracle and beauty will enjoy the tranquillity. The Year of the Rabbit is also looked upon as being good for all family affairs and increasing the size of the clan. It is also a great item to invest in property with excellent results profit-wise. Arts, fashion, and media often take on a lot of change this year.

There is so much more to Chinese Astrology but I hope you enjoyed what I chose to post this month 😊 Please note that if you have any questions you can use the column below ‘Ask A Question’ for any advice or messages. That is free 😊



NEW CHANGES: I have added different reads now. In the ‘subject’ make note of this or in the email while replying. Numerology? Please give me your birthdate ONLY.

Medicine Woman’s message? This is a neat deck that I pull from.

Tarot Read? Give me the subject NOT a question; IE: business/love/spiritual path etc.

Past Life Read? Add that to the subject line.

This month is for Lisa E.

Name of Card: “Probe into the unknown “

Place:  This past life appears to have taken along the Ohio Valley and central Appalachian region in the United States. You appear to be part of the Adena Indians.

Time: Anywhere between 1,000 B.C and A.D 700. It also portrays you having a second life within the Hopewell Indian culture during this time frame.  

Today: As I chose this card for you it tells me that you are a person who loves to dream and investigate. You have a serious interest in the ancient world. Based on your very many interests you will go down many paths in life as long as you keep exploring. Stagnancy is NOT for you.


As long as you organize your thoughts and choose who you wish to work with you can attain much success with your ideas.


Every seven years you appear to have major changes handed to you. Note the restlessness you seem to feel every seven years. These changes each lead to positivity and creativity.


If you believe it, then know it to be true. Change is a dire necessity for you in this life. Change is growth and growth is change. Note that a lot of your thoughts come to life as the future arrives. 

What will make you Happy? Digging deep into your wise, magical, and strong self. You must never be afraid of your own power. Never allow those around you to suppress you. Once you learn to channel your power you can see the road ahead. 



VcToria's Information


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Readings: VcToria offers five packages of readings. You may choose from a variety of Tarot Cards/Numerology/Palmistry/Mind, Body and Soul/Astrology Charts and the latest read The Third Eye. To view her packages please click on this link PRICES OF PSYCHIC READS


Clearings: Do you need your home or office cleared of bothersome energies? VcToria offers clearings of all homes and offices in Edmonton. If you wish to have a home or office clearing and she is passing through your town she will stop to accommodate you. VcToria uses her Fathers' voice and direction to start the clearings. She then uses her energy, crystals, and smudging to clear and heal your home. You will also have a personal clearing. For more information or to book an appointment please call her. 780-481-7238.You may also purchase the protective/energy clearance CD that VcToria has always used, on the website store. Psychic Energy Remover. Note this is VcToria’s late Fathers original work.


Personal Clearings: VcToria will open up your chakras by activating her Reiki knowledge then ask your guides to be present. She will then smudge and clear you, speaking very clearly about removing energy as she cleanses. You will leave with your chakras balanced and your aura energy vibrating. As a physical body needs a bath or shower so the outer energy needs to be cleared every so often. The duration of the Personal Cleanse is 10-15 minutes. Only available in conjunction with a reading.

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