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Geof Gray-Cobb [my late Father]

Well, well, I have no idea where to start with all the news I have. Let me begin by saying that twice, not once, BUT twice I almost died this month. No, I did not get sick LOL.


I was coming off the 170th exit of the Whitemud behind a yellow taxi and we had a solid green light at the first intersection as you exit onto the side of the highway. Something made me glance left and although there was a line of traffic at the red light for them, on the left of that traffic was clearly an 18 wheeler coming at such a speed that I knew he would not stop. Had I not glanced left, and truly there is no reason to, I would be dead. The taxi obviously did not look left as he kept going and the truck missed him by, oh I would say, maybe an inch maybe less. Now meanwhile I had hammered down on my brakes, the ABS kicked in and I held my hands tightly on the steering wheel keeping the van straight. It slowed, but it does take time to stop. Meanwhile this truck that is VERY long is still in front of me. As this took place, as my van slowed, I knew that even if I tipped the back of the truck now I would be OK. Luckily if I can call it that, the truck did not slow down and passed me with a ¼ of an inch to spare as my van finally stopped.


Now I often write that I have no fear. I am not bragging. Fear is an emotion like any other. I have tons of other emotions but not fear. Someone asked me if my heart skipped a beat. No, I was perfectly calm and then hit the gas, as my light was still GREEN!! However, the taxi driver was not in a good frame of mind. He was waiting on the other side of the road. He had his window down and needed to talk. So I stopped beside him and he said “we nearly died” and then he said incredulously “the light was green for us”. I smiled at him and agreed. He was very shaken so I said ‘Listen we both lived, and now if the Universe really wants us dead we will catch the Corona virus” it was something I hoped would make him laugh and it did. Once he was calm I drove off after wishing him a great day.


Now my second brush with death was VERY strange. I keep my recyclable vegan cream containers and plant based milk and any other stuff in the garage. I take them all back once a year. I opened the door to the garage that is connected inside my house. Leaned in and threw the first container. All of a sudden my body started to sway back and forth and the next thing I knew I was in the air. Yup, as strange as it sounds I was. I came down with a crash, onto the cement garage floor, and the left side of my head, right above my eye, came in contact with the metal ladder I had leaning up against the freezer. Next my body landed hard on the right with the top of my right head connecting with the freezer and my right leg landing hard. Nothing broke, as I always say, a healthy, more towards plant based really keep the bones strong and this certainly proved it. However, I was a little stunned and slowly got up and went and sat on the couch while I tried to figure out what happened. I have never fainted before, so I do not know if that was a faint. All I know is that I had no control over my body flying in the air and landing like that. The stairs have a hand rail and I recall just reaching for it and not being able to move my arm. I was like outside this body and then came back into it in mid-air. Anyway I now have a black eye, bruises on my right leg that are as black as coal but otherwise I am fine. My eye sight was off for a couple of days but now it is back. Oh plus I had a lump above my eye the size of a small egg that went back down within two days. Strange huh?


And yes, once again there was no fear emotion. I think I was born without it. Maybe for a reason, as I needed to be able to shift this life tremendously when I was younger. I think if fear was my enemy I would not have been able to. So I thank the Universe for that.


So getting back to more news: I finished up my LAST book 'The Encyclopedia of Fifty Year Old Magic' by Geof Gray-Cobb, Maiya Gray-Cobb and VcToria Gray-Cobb. I also designed Angel Cards to go with this book and they too are done and up on the web store for sale. Right now I have a PRE-SALE on the book. That will go away within two weeks. The ‘test’ book has been ordered and as soon as it arrives, as long as I am happy with the cover, all my orders go out. The PRE-SALE consists of the offer of your Seven Personal Angels created from your date of birth and time to be printed in your book with the autograph and channeled message. Plus you will receive via e-mail, the three ‘cue’ cards that are needed to learn the astral traveling chapter. See my web store on the website to order, or below where I put a link.


Well before oh hell broke loose because 111 people have a very bad flu out of 3 million [yes Alberta’s population] I had two shows to do. Both of these were cancelled. Then both of my April shows were cancelled. I think the world has gone mad, but I cannot control it so I will do my best to get by. I have put my mortgage on hold for 24 weeks and with the income I have from my pension and mostly the book incomes I can survive till June. Then I will re-think things if need be.

The good thing is I do not worry about money. Somehow it always comes to me. I am not going to comment much about this so called virus. I have said time and time again that if people take the flu shots every year then they will not be immune to a bug that will arrive. I have never had a flu shot and never will. I trust that because of this I will not be attacked by this virus. I would love to see, after this is over, how many people that NEVER took a flu shot were sick? I doubt this will be a study though. Gad forbid the medical system stop getting funding. Now they have billions. Anyway words of wisdom are: ALL are recovering that do not have underlying health issues. A lot of people get pneumonia every year and pass from it. This is basically what this virus is. The media is not showing the amount of folks who have recovered so please do not let ‘fear’ be your guide. And lastly, if washing hands will stop this why is it still being passed around. I leave my comments as such with the fact I am not giving medical advice. As I am not a doctor or any type of medical professional. I am just stunned at a reaction to a bad flu. If you think crime was high when the oil sector laid off all those workers, wait till this is over. Look at China and how they are rebelling now. A country that has NEVER rebelled.


Now back to my conversation. The month had started out well. I had plenty of readings and as I wrote below, supper with my neighbor at Watari. I did a review of this fine restaurant. Actually looking at my appointment book and the beginning of the month I had TONS of reads here at my home office.


My granddaughter was over for quite a few days and I helped her get a thesis done for her schooling. Plus we pulled her RESP from the bank. Next I headed out to Tofield, about a 45 minute drive. I used  to live on my acreage there, and used an accountant that I have always been super-duper happy with and kept her services even when I moved to the city. She had my taxes ready and since the shut down was unknown at this point in time I paid my bill in full. I did not need to; I just had a lot of money left over from my winter savings. I also ‘thought’ YES!! I am going to be able to pay my taxes as well. Normally I do not pay them until the end of April after a few of my shows. Thanks to my books sales over the winter my income had been great. Now it was not to be. At this point in time taxes are on hold to be paid.


Then I headed over to my guy Todd, who creates the last bit of ‘needing to be done’ for my LAST book. In-between this shutting down of everything I was fortunate enough to have a printer who was open at all times. I completed the Angel cards, paid my bill and knew from the lack of clients and only ONE phone read that I was in for a hibernation of some sorts. And from the 19 th March I have only had one phone read. The rest of the time I edited the book as Todd sent it back after doing the upload, kept my daily astrological predictions on FB going and actually have had a busy month writing on all areas of website, book, Angel cards and lastly the newsletter that I am working on this fine Saturday March 28th.


Ahhhh yes, my tooth broke early in the month, my dentist scheduled the appointment for me on the Wednesday 25th and lo and behold the government shut down dentists on the 24 th. My appointment was cancelled and I have to keep my broken tooth covered with a lower mouth guard and will be first in line for new caps to be put on once this craziness is over.


Based upon what happened upon waking up in February with my cats side of her fur shaved and myself coming to in such a manner that I wondered what was up I had booked an appointment with my doctor just to see if I had taken on a heart attack. I really doubted it, as my cat was shaved in the funniest manner and fur that was not her color was on her body. I kid you not!! No I do not drink or do drugs. These things keep happening to me. Anyway my heart tests were 100% perfect and my blood pressure exactly, and I quote exactly where it should be ‘normal’ just more confirmation that a vegan plant based life style is the BEST for health. All my life before I went vegan I had very low blood pressure. Since going vegan over 20 years ago it has been ‘normal’.


PS; After reviewing last months Newsletter I did not share this episode with you LOL. OK I awoke with a massive noise, almost as if I was transported down to the bed. I had a massive pain in my left skull above my eyebrow. I lay still and tried to figure out what happened. I was going to chalk it up to waking myself up snoring BUT upon feeding the cat, her right side was shaved. She is a rag doll and has long fur. There is no mistaking lost fur. Now within this three by three inch patch was some fur that had nothing to do with her own coloring. However, before I noticed her shaved side I had booked an appointment with my doctor in case I had awakened from a heart attack. I decided to keep it as I had never had my heart checked. I cannot explain the morning of this, it took me two days for the massive throbbing to subside BUT upon looking in the mirror there were clearly three tiny pin pricks right above my left eyebrow. They cleared up in a week. I have pics of the cat plus myself :) I have only one explanation and that is an abduction. Choose to think what you like about this but it happened. I also was able to add it to my last chapter in my book. Funnily enough the chapter that was written in my book was done a couple of months ago, and I wrote about aliens and space ships. YUP!! And onward I go with 'chat'

TODAY as I write I am reminded that I have lived in this home, my dream home, for six years today. This time six years ago my granddaughter and I were moving here. She was helping me, not moving in with me.


My friend Janice came over for lunch and we read each other’s cards. I was truly hoping to have some sort of view of the end of this. However, my read to her covered other things that seemed to be of a greater importance for her to hear. Hers to me basically indicated the fall. I predict April.


Well I think that wraps up my month. Basically now, all of my busy stuff is almost done so I will get back to using my gym equipment in my basement, taking a daily walk and doing some yoga stretches on my hot mat. Yes, I have a Nuga Best mat that plugs in and creates heat under a tourmaline top. The cat LOVES it and now I will be sharing it with her. 


What else? I uploaded my Candy Crush game that I had deleted about a year ago. I am on level 2124 if anyone else around that level wants to try to beat me. LOL.


So all I can say is that I have to wait out this so called crisis,that for some strange reason is shutting down everyone’s life.  If I can give any advice do not waste this time. You cannot change what is happening, so see it this way. How many times have you wished for time off? How many times have you wished to work out, cook, write a book, meditate, fix up the garden, start a new health regime, read some good books, [I LOVE John Grisham, try one if you have not read any] and so much more.


The Edmonton Library has an on line free card to offer. With this it has the largest supply of things to read, do and create in Canada. Check it out. Lots of stuff for kids too.

Ride this out, if my business has come to a complete halt and yours has too; just know it will work itself out. My prediction was that it would go away in April. Many do not think this so we will see. I truly hope I am right but if not, we will all just have to rest, relax and please do not allow depression or worry to be your emotions. It will not change the situation.


I am done chatting, and as I said I had a crazy month along with everything else. MY Opinion column is below and I will write about shows and vendors. No, not health as most would have expected. LOL.

Positive Thoughts to Everyone VcToria.


China: My last baby. Very healthy at 16 years of age and loves being the only cat.

Now the food: Raw food:I stocked up last month. But I bought a bag of another kind just to she if she likes it Cost: 13.65 Tinned food came to $68.40. Dry food came to 31.50 I bought her some dried fish at T and T, and that came to $82.63. Yes I bought her a lot. I also bought some CBD oil that was available at my pet store. Cost: $35.90

Total monthly cost  was $232.08. I tell you it is SO cheap just to have one cat.


If you are thinking of getting a pet please know that from the cute stage, they grow with personality to adult stage. Animals feel with unconditional love from their souls. They get attached and used to their homes. If you cannot give up 12-18 years and maybe longer, do NOT get a pet. It is not a companion till you find a mate, have a child, decide to move to an apartment that will not allow pets, it is a companion for life. They also need dental care, checkups and GOOD food. Not this cheap, no nutrient food that I see so many people buy. Your pets will suffer later just as you would if all you ate was junk.


Look at rescue places for loving animals. These pets will not only be grateful, it's almost like they know you saved them and love and adore you for it. Think before you add to your life. Can you give this type of commitment? If the answer is yes then enjoy looking for your new companion. Think older if you can, for some reason older pets are harder to re-home and they are much sadder as they wait not knowing what it was they did to be removed from their homes.

My Opinion This Month  Vendor & Show Producers

I will not make this long, but I want to put out my opinion of businesses that deal with vendors. It always amazes me how the show producers of SOME shows do not value their vendors at all. Either they power trip by saying ‘oh you're blackballed when a question that they do not like is asked’ OR better still act like ‘I am so much better than you’. YET!! We are their bread and butter so to speak. 

If you point out that there would be no show unless the vendors signed up, it is almost a foreign thought. Having said that, we move to the shows that I personally have experienced being canceled on. Both my March shows that had two booked and then my April shows that also had two of them. All fully paid by myself.


Here is how two treated ALL vendors. They received an e-mail short and sweet, not going on and on about how terrible it is for themselves, no, they got to the point and asked us ‘would you like the money put towards the next show or a REFUND’? I replied that I would like a refund and was actually thanked by one of the producers for replying quickly. Both refunds were taken care of immediately. These two shows will have me for life as a vendor and I told them that upon my thank-you e-mail.


The next two shows. One I was a wee bit surprised at the non-refund question. BUT!! Any time I e-mailed them they replied and it was a nice conversation that ended up with me being refunded. I understood their point and they understood mine. What is my point? Some vendors do this to get away from kids while the hubby is home. Some do it part-time. A LOT of vendors have hubbys who support the home. 


Now to vendors like myself: I support MYSELF. Each time I pay for a show it means that I expect to get back my initial investment, plus make myself a salary that I consider nice enough to return to this show of choice. PLUS: when a show cancels it is not only that amount of money that the vendor has put out, it will be thousands for other shows as well. When you have to fight to get back the money it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Most vendors would not return to a show that kept their money.


Now lastly the show that ignored EVERY e-mail that I personally sent. I sent seven. Their initial e-mail as a mass e-mail, meaning it went out to all, ignored any reference to vendor’s payments. Their second mass e-mail also ignored vendors.


This is a show I will never recommend and thankfully before this Newsletter went out both a vendor whom I had suggested sign up, [who did and paid in full as I did] and I FINALLY received an e-mail saying we would get a refund within 5 days. Now I had sent 7 e-mails to this person. My other 3 shows were WAY bigger than theirs, and each one of them replied to me.


Their e-mails were long and whining about ‘oh I am doing all this alone’. Heck, I have run my business alone for years. I never ignore the client’s e-mails and my return rate for store items and business is almost 100%. The most common remark I get is ‘thank you for answering so quickly’ and ‘your customer service is great’. I refund if there is an issue and I HEAR my clients.


Now because I received the e-mail on Friday telling me I would get a refund within 5 days I am not naming this show. I was planning to but I will not.

I understand that many vendors have their own views on refunds and if you can afford to live without a refund then by all means that is your choice. BUT, all show producers should in the very first e-mail, ask what it is you want? For us to hold your booth money OR refund it? This clearly shows you are thinking and care about your source of income.


If you do not have the backing financially to put on your show then clearly you are using OUR money to create your income. You should not be in business as that tells you logically your shows do not allow a decent profit and you will always need to ‘borrow’ vendor’s money as it comes in.


What I have learned from this is: 3 out of the 4 show will have me as a vendor once this is over. I hope that as a vendor you look at how you were treated during this time and choose your own actions towards future shows. You now will find out who is professional and who is not.


LASTLY: To all the people who rushed out and hoarded food, TOILET PAPER, and whatnot, I hope you are ashamed of yourselves... However, this does tell us how most of the people will react when a truly MASSIVE problem hits the world. Once this is over, crime will rise and all this lovey-dovey stuff will turn to bankruptcies, job loss, and an immense amount of suicides. I find this very sad that people rushed out without a thought towards others. Those are the ones who say ‘it is all about me, me, and me’. I do not think the spiritual journey of life [that does end if you do not know by now] is here for you to hoard toilet paper. 


My Last Book With Angel Cards

The Encyclopedia of Fifty Year Old Magic by Geof Gray-Cobb Maiya Gray-Cobb and VcToria Gray-Cobb.This book is on PRE-SALE right now.  The Encyclopedia of Fifty Year Old Magic by Geof Gray-Cobb, Maiya Gray-Cobb, and VcToria Gray-Cobb and Then Now and Forever by VcToria Gray-Cobb. Taken from Angels The Guardian of Your Destiny are the 122 Angels that surround this earth. 

I have created a book that allows you to find your Seven Personal Angels from the 122, based upon your day, date of birth, time, zodiac, and ruler of your zodiac. Not only that it also finds the seventh Angel who is the Group leader who takes care of the six Angels. 

NOT ONLY THAT but :) any time you do any type of work, whether it be healing of a client, a read, any magic work for yourself you can find the EXACT date, time, and zodiac cards to bring in the Angels who will work with your seven to create a power of strength. 

I have created a full-year program starting with you finding your Seven helpers and then setting up your energy to create almost anything. At first, we see if you have a bifurcated soul? Then based upon the Moon and Sun signs, you can sit with the book and set up the year program with all of the energies allowing changes and shifts to happen at the CORRECT time. Much like the Universe does with seasons. 

This is my last book and is unique in the way that is it programmed to work WITH Angel cards that you will not find anywhere else.  Angel Cards for USA and Canada  


I ship WORLDWIDE EXCEPT TO INDIA Please order from Amazon if you live in India.


BOOKS: 50-YEAR-OLD MAGIC: Created by my late Father and now re-published by myself. Collector's items. Available in e-books as well on Amazon.


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Having said that, on my web store you will receive an autographed copy, plus a wee channeled message, plus the Amulet Kit that is needed for one of the books.


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Home Office Appointments: Please look at my website for prices and the package of your choice before you call. Please note I do NOT do the mini reads at home that I do at the shows around town. Or out of town.


Please go to under the menu bar for all prices and descriptions of reads. 780-4817238 OR click here to go directly to the prices Prices of Psychic Reads


There are 12 houses in the 360-degree circle of your birth chart.

The 5th house represents joy and happiness. It also represents creativity and for some children.


Now, what planets are in your second house? This will tell us a lot about how you handle money and all that you will attract.


My second household Mars and Jupiter in Taurus. I am blessed to not only have a 2nd house that is represented by the grounding energy of Taurus but to have the two natal planets that live there as Mars being the 'fire' and Jupiter being the 'expansion'. This absolutely guarantees me that my money will always be there BUT I also have the 'fire' from mars to create it.

Funnily enough, I have never been broke in this life. I have wasted money and been down and out with stupidity and actions that I probably should not have chosen. However, I have never ever found it difficult to rebuild.

Once finding my self-esteem, I found a wonderful, peaceful, solid side of myself.


As you view your second house, take into consideration all that lives there in the natal chart. This is what you can use for your potential. This is what you can create in the material if you choose to use the energy of the planets at the correct times.


Next look at the transits, the planets as they circle the areas of your natal chart. You will look to see where Jupiter is now. When Jupiter travels your second house ti gives you the opportunity to expand the material

Your transits always give you a splendid idea of when to activate the aspects of your life that you want to plan for the long term. IE: Opening a business and building it to succeed.

If you cannot read your chart I do offer astrology reads.


Next Month: 3rd House.

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VcToria's AWESOME Vegan Kitchen
In case you are new to my Newsletter I just wish to say this "The first thing you eat in the morning feeds the brain". Remember this as you will find a HUGE difference if you start the day with a green juice. I have done this for decades along with 3-4 teaspoons of hemp seed. I am never sick. Into a Vitamix: 2 green chopped apples, 4-5 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 6-8 cups water. Blend on high for 2 minutes or until all veggies are juiced. ENJOY. PS: Keep the skins, seeds and everything EXCEPT the lemon skins on the veggies and place in Vitamix.  

Funnily enough, I will be covering sushi in my kitchen column plus my monthly vegan review column.


Since you can put almost anything into vegan sushi I suggest you play around with any ingredients that you like and fit well together.


Here is the recipe for the rice first.

Buy a pack of sushi rice. This is the trick to good sushi. Follow the instructions on the package as you will note it requires a ½ cup of rice vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar mixed into it once it is cooked. This way it is PERFECT.

Almost any grocery store has roasted seaweed sushi nori in stock. At certain health stores, you can also buy the raw nori. Choose whatever you like. Lay the sheet vertical so that once you have rolled it, then a VERY sharp knife will do the work and cut it on the strips that are clearly showing on the nori sheets.


As you can see from my picture, I am a very poor cutter. Do not worry. It has to be broken to be eaten. Normally the end falls apart and the middle looks good. However, you can also buy a rolling mat at Bed Bath and Beyond. I do not own one, hence the bad rolling. But it tastes the same :)


Now once the rice is done I place it in the fridge till it is cooled down and able to be worked with. Normally I make it the day before and plan for sushi the next day.


Taking a tablespoon or so of the rice dump it on the nori sheet and spread it out about two inches high and all along with the sheet.


Now I like mango in my sushi. I normally lay mango, thinly sliced cucumber, thinly sliced avocado, and some grated raw carrot and then drizzle some tomato paste along with that. Then I carefully roll it up and wet the ends so that they stick together. Now once you have your roll this is VIP. Let the knife cut it.


Take a ‘sharp’ kitchen knife and lay it on top of the nori where you see a line. Move the knife back and forth without pressure. LET THE KNIFE DO THE WORK. This is the trick to cutting. If you push, pull, or tug the nori will stretch and your work will be in vain.


Other ingredients you may use are raw asparagus. Just lay it across. Mushrooms sliced thinly. Tofu fish cooked and sliced. Just have fun with this and experiment with all different kinds of fruits and veggies. ENJOY :)


Serve with wasabi. Always buy your wasabi at a Chinese store. T and T, or anywhere else where it is made correctly. Or powder that you can then mix yourself with just water. I buy the vegan soy sauce and just sit down sometimes with a glass of plum wine and enjoy it.  

Next Month: Not sure yet as all my shows were canceled and again I'll play around all month and choose a yummy dish to share.


WATARI 10108 124 St Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - REVIEW WITH VcToria and Kim my neighbor

Last year Watari opened an ALL vegan place on Jasper ave. Unfortunately, it was either opened at the wrong time or the location was not good. For whatever reason, it closed after being opened for only a short period of time.


However, the old Watari that has always been very popular on 124th remained and the Monday night, March 2nd that my neighbor and I were there it was quite busy.

However, the old Watari that has always been very popular on 124th remained and the Monday night, March 2nd that my neighbor and I were there it was quite busy.


I gave the old Jasper location a great review and I will be giving this Watari a fantastic review as well. I must have frequented the Jasper enough, as I was recognized by the waitress and as she approached the table she grinned and said "would you like a glass of your plum wine". I laughed and said, "yes, bring two, indicating that my neighbor would have one".


Make sure, if you are vegan or vegetarian to ask for the vegan menu. It is not set up in the regular menu. As you can see by the picture we ordered spring rolls, all the different kinds of sushi, and on top of that onion cakes. It is an 'eat all you can' for $33. They state a 2-hour window for eating but we definitely stayed longer than that and had no issues at all.

PLUS!! if that was not enough, the owner I believe, came over and handed us some free vegan food that was not on the menu.


I highly recommend this place if you are looking for GREAT service. Wonderful wine, do try the Japanese plum. Fabulous food, comfortable booths, and best of all seats are spaced nicely.


NEXT MONTHS REVIEW: I am hoping that amidst this turmoil I am able to go to Devon and give a review of Frickin Delights Donuts. If not, and places are closing I will shut down this column till things get back to normal. For now, though I think this place is open.


Phone Readings: VcToria offers phone reads by appointment. She books seven days a week from 1 pm till Midnight. VcToria prefers to see her clients in person, but if you do not reside in Edmonton and are not in any of the towns she travels to, please do call for a phone read. Click Here  Phone or Skype Reads


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Personal Clearings: VcToria will open up your chakras by activating her Reiki knowledge then ask your guides to be present. She will then smudge and clear you, speaking very clearly about removing energy as she cleanses. You will leave with your chakras balanced and your aura energy vibrating. As a physical body needs a bath or shower so the outer energy needs clearing every so often. The duration of a personal cleanse 10-15 minutes. Only available in conjunction with a reading.

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